Why does my foundation crack? (Make-up Guide)[2022]

Why does my foundation crack

 I started the beautiful morning, taking time to apply makeup to my face. I step out of my house looking chic and ready to take on the world, confident in my looks. A few hours into my day, I feel a liquid-like content running down my face. I put my hands on it, and then I come off with my foundation in liquid.

Why does my foundation crack? (Make-up Guide)
Why does my foundation crack? (Make-up Guide)

Gosh! Apart from ruining my looks, it was so embarrassing! When my foundation cracks or runs, I have to look for the nearest restroom to adjust my look. But then, what adjustment can I make? I either wipe the makeup off my face, which will cause a lot of questions from the people around, or use more powder, making the makeup look cakey.

Ever been in this situation before? Then this article is for you.

Why does my foundation crack?

Could it be poor or amateurish skills? Yes, it could be. Makeup is an art that everyone should learn. While we would not all be professional makeup artists, we must learn how to apply makeup to our faces properly. When you slather too much foundation on your face without thought to the creases or contours of your face, a cracking foundation is unavoidable. Sometimes, it is not using too much foundation; it applies the foundation wrong in the makeup process.


Who do I blame? My skin, my cosmetic products, or my skills?

It’s a nightmare to experience a cracking foundation on one’s face because, like a faulty foundation affects the entire building, it affects the overall makeup look. When my foundation cracks, my face looks like my makeup is breaking into segments. Otherwise flawless makeup begins to look like costume makeup for weird ones in extreme situations or like the painting by a toddler in favorable situations. 

Can the products I use cause foundation crack? 

Sub-standard products produce sub-standard results. If the cosmetic product you use as a foundation is sub-standard, the foundation will most definitely crack. Sub-standard products do not mean cheap neither do standard products mean overly expensive. Buy good products for your makeup kit to avoid cracky foundation and avoid skin reactions that are byproducts of using sub-standard products.

Can my skin type cause foundation crack? 

You are probably thinking out loud. “My makeup skills are top-notch. I do not slather too much foundation on my face nor do I use sub-standard products, can I blame my skin type for my foundation mishaps?” Yes! Sometimes, it is not your lack of skills, but it is the dryness or oiliness of your skin. That is, your foundation cracking may be due to the moisture or lack of it on your face.

Does the weather affect my foundation?

Generally, makeup products do not respond well to weather extremes, that is, scorching weather or freezing weather. It is the same with foundation products and their application.


How do I fix my look without wiping the entire makeup when my foundation is cracking?

It would be a total disaster to experience a cracking foundation, but the good news is, there are quick fixes to it. In other news, you can correct the cracks in your foundation without wiping off the entire makeup. 

If the cracks in your foundation are due to your dry skin, you can quickly moisten your face with a prep complexion spray and pat your face with your makeup sponge, and you are all good to go.

If oily skin is responsible for this crack, gently mop your face with a dry tissue, and you are all fixed up. If neither of these works, you might have to wipe off the entire makeup and reapply it.

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Common Mistakes that can cause cracked foundation

If you want to avoid having a cracked foundation after you have applied your makeup, avoid making any of these mistakes underlined below:

  • Having no idea about foundation application

Imagine a child with no knowledge of art given a paintbrush; what do you think he would do? Splatter the paint all over the canvas, of course. It’s the same thing when you take your foundation tube, squirt out the liquid and apply it all over your face without properly massaging it into your skin.

Suppose you use a powder foundation, and then you dab the powder all over your skin with zero coordination. The foundation applied in this manner is sure to crack and crack disastrously. You can watch videos of professionals to help with applying foundation on the face correctly and put the lessons to good use.

  • Your face is not well moisturized.

I know having dry skin is not your fault. You may have learned to live comfortably with it, but your foundation does not understand such sentiments. Applying foundation on dry skin without first moisturizing the skin is a mistake that would affect the flawless look you are trying to achieve. 

You may be thinking you do not have dry skin, but your foundation still cracks. Foundation cracks can also result from oily skin. It could be because of the oil (oily skin) and water (water-based foundation) mixture. Oily skin cannot sustain the even tone needed for a smooth and lasting foundation.

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  • Your foundation color does not match your skin tone.

What is your skin tone? If you look at me with a blank stare and have no idea your skin tone, you just found out why your foundation has been cracking. You should not just walk into a store and buy any foundation product off the shelf. Skin tone varies depending on your race and genes. It may either be deep, medium, or light, or a mixture of these tones. Whatever your skin tone, there are matching foundation tones.

  • You apply any foundation type that you can lay your hands on

Whether it is a gel-based, cream-based, or liquid foundation, the type you use matters a lot. In choosing the type of foundation to apply to your face, you should give maximum consideration to your skin type. Using an oil-based foundation on oily skin means preparing for a foundation disaster.

  • You apply powder on your foundation in all seasons.

We had earlier pointed out that temperatures affect beauty products and, more specifically, foundation. The amount of face powder you apply to your foundation should not be the same in summer and winter! During winter, notwithstanding your skin type, your face gets dry and stiff from the cold. Applying powder over your foundation in that condition could cause it to crack more easily.

  • You are not using the right tool to apply your foundation.

To properly apply foundation to your face, you need to have the right set of brushes. Using the wrong brush to apply foundation can cause a high possibility of cracking your foundation due to its inability to evenly massage the foundation into your skin. Every Makeup brush set comes with a couple of brushes specifically for different uses. The proper use of foundation brushes can reduce foundation cracks.

  • You are not buying the right products.

Sometimes, the reason for the crack in your foundation is as simple as you buying the wrong products. When you purchase substandard products, your makeup suffers the effect, and even your skin is at risk of infections and diseases.

How do I properly apply my foundation to avoid cracks?

I initially listed some mistakes that can cause your foundation to crack. So then, how do you apply foundation to avoid cracks? I’ll point out a few ways to avoid cracks and achieve a flawless foundation.

  • Wash your face with a gentle and mild soap.

This washing would serve two purposes, remove the residues of any previous makeup and make your face clean. I also advise that you exfoliate your face at regular intervals, perhaps once in a week or thrice in three weeks. Whichever schedule you choose for your exfoliating routine, endeavor to be consistent.

  • Moisturize your skin.

I do not mean using or buying just any moisturizer. No! The type of moisturizer you should use is dependent on your skin type. You’ll find different moisturizers that are suitable for different skin types.

  • Choose foundation types that are of good quality and best suited to your skin tone and type.

You should seek the advice of a professional cosmetician to help. Making an educated and informed choice will save you the grief of a cracked foundation from a mismatch of skin type and tone products.

  • Apply foundation on your face with the right tools.

Once you get the first three steps above right, you can apply your foundation on your face with the right tools. It is best to use a damp or soaked sponge to apply the foundation on dry skin and foundation brush on oily skin. You can’t go wrong if you decide to use your fingers to apply the foundation, irrespective of your skin type. Did I mention that you should apply the foundation to your face and neck for a perfect look? Did I not? Forgive me.

  • Blend the foundation well

After you have applied your foundation, take the time to blend it into your skin. You can use a blending sponge to achieve this. Try not to drag the sponge or brush, instead use the dabbing method. Do not do this in a rush; take your time.



Is a sticky foundation the same as a cracking foundation?

Technically, No. However, a sticky foundation will cause noticeable patches in your makeup, resulting in cracks. So, while they may be different in causes, they have the same outlook.

Is my foundation the reason for my makeup splitting on my face?

Yes, it could. If the foundation is faulty, what would hold the makeup together? If your foundation is flawed, it could cause your makeup to split on your face.

How do I identify the best foundation for my skin tone?

When choosing a foundation type or shade for your skin tone, it is best to consult a beautician with expertise on the subject. But if you do not have access to one, you can always test the foundation shade against your neck or jawline; if it matches, you have your foundation shade. The proper foundation will not turn your neck or jawline into a darker shade, nor will it give it a whitish shade; it would blend perfectly into your skin.



A properly applied foundation is necessary for a perfect makeup look. Knowing this prevents problems of cracks. Asides from the mistakes that cause foundation cracks, we also included some remedies to help. I hope you found this article helpful. Let us know if the tips help!

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