Why do my eyes water when I wear makeup – How To Stop It

Why do my eyes water when I wear makeup
Why do my eyes water when I wear makeup
Why do my eyes water when I wear makeup

It could be pretty frustrating to finish wearing your makeup, and fixing your eyelashes, only to discover your eyes are watery. Have you been there before? Guess what, you are not alone in this. What you should know is that there are different reasons why your eyes water during or after makeup, and this could ruin the whole look. 

Sometimes, allergens in the air could cause your eye to water during make-up. Watery eyes could be due to an infection of the cornea or eye strain. 

The first thing I want you to find out is why this occurs frequently. A lot of people have visited Optometrists and asked “Why do my eyes water when I wear make-up?”.

I will give you all a few reasons why your eyes water when you wear make-up. You will also learn a few tips on how to prevent and stop this situation from occurring.

5 reasons why your eyes water when you wear makeup

Different factors could cause your eyes to tear up when applying make-up. It usually starts with irritation in your eyes before tears begin to fall out.

  1. Irritation from dusty weather.
  2. Watering from dry eyes.
  3. Styes 
  4. Rub on your eyes
  5. Allergy

1. Irritation from dusty weather:

Due to varying weather conditions, humidity can produce tears that do not lubricate the eyes. These tears can easily drop off when you wear makeup. 

2. Watering from dry eyes:

If there is an imbalance in the layers of tears, your eyes will find it difficult to hold the tears. This condition can result in your eyes tearing up when you wear makeup.

3. Styes:

Styes are bumps that grow on your eyelids due to the clogging of oil glands. This can cause a lot of irritation and make your eyes watery. Seeing a doctor might be recommended as styes can irritate you to the point of severe pains.

4. Rubbing your eyes:

Particles, specks of dirt, and even contact lenses in the cornea can irritate your eyes during makeup. If you have had these problems for more than two days, it is advisable to see a doctor. 

5. Allergy:

Allergies can be one of the most uncomfortable symptoms—itching, redness, swelling, and watery eyes. These allergens can also make your eyes tear up when you are wearing makeup.

So many other factors can cause irritations which will eventually lead to watery eyes when you wear makeup. Pink eyes, Inflammation of the eyes, Aerosol-related watering could be some of the reasons why your eyes water when you wear makeup.

Watch a DIY Fix To Watery Eye During Makeup | Video

How to stop your eyes from watering when you wear makeup

If you have been able to identify the cause for your teary eye then you are on the right track! I have compiled a few tips that will help prevent your eyes from watering when you wear makeup. 

  1. Use an eye drop when you want to apply makeup.
  2. Buy hydrating eye products.
  3. Avoid shiny makeup.
  4. Use fragrance-free make-up products.
  5. Under-eye primer can stop watery eyes.
  6. Keep your makeup brush clean.
  7. The use of Hypoallergenic makeup is recommended.

Although, there might be other remedies that can solve this situation. However, the solutions listed above are some of the most common ways to address watery eyes during makeup.

1. Use an eye drop when you want to apply makeup:

An effective eye drop will help you dry up the tears in your eyes. It is advisable to apply the eye drop just before you start your makeup. If you do this, you will less likely have irritation or watery eyes after makeup.

2. Buy hydrating eye products:

Products like Aloe vera and B5 are good moisturizers. They keep the eyes from getting dry or red and avoid watery eyes.

3. Avoid shiny makeup:

Glittery and sparkling makeup products like mascara and eye shadows. They can fall into your eyes and cause inconveniences that will result in your eyes watering.

4. Use fragrance-free make-up;

Makeup products that come with a lot of fragrance can cause a lot of discomfort to your eyes. It is advisable to use fragrance-free makeup because they are more friendly to your eyes. 

5. Under-eye primer:

Primer is not only used to prepare the skin for makeup. These products can be helpful for people with watery eyes. Under-eye primers are very effective for avoiding watery eyes when you wear makeup.

6. Keep your makeup brush clean:

keeping your makeup brush and kits clean is a general necessity. If there are specks of dirt on your brush, they can fall into your eyes and irritate you causing you to tear up.

7. Use of Hypoallergenic makeup products:

 According to the former President of the American Optometric Association, Dr. Thau, if you think you are allergic to some makeup substance, you should stop using it. He also suggested that dyes are fragrance present in makeup and may be allergic to people with sensitive eyes.  So if you have allergies, try to halt the use of makeup products that give you irritations. 

These tips will help you stop watery eyes when wearing makeup. However, If you have a severe problem of watery eyes, it is advisable to see an Optometrist. 

What are the best makeup products for watery eyes?

At this point, It is quite obvious that makeup products could be the reason your eyes water when you wear makeup, while sometimes, your allergies may be a resulting factor.

The good news is you can still choose eye-friendly makeup products without any discomfort.I have highlighted below some of the best makeup for watery eyes;


  • Urban 24/7 Glide
  • Tokidoki Perfetto Eyeliner

So, if you feel discomfort in your eyes when applying makeup, trying these products will be a good idea. 


What do watery eyes indicate?
If you have watery eyes, it is due to some of the following reasons; blocked tear ducts, allergies, and eye infections. You should consider using an eye drop prescribed by an optometrist.

How do I stop watery from allergies?

To stop this, put a cold compress over your eyes to get rid of the irritation. Then add allergy eye drops or lubricant eye drops for cleansing.

Can Mascara cause watery eyes?

Waterproof mascara can be tough to remove, which means that you will have to rub aggressively, causing discomfort to your eyes.

Can Foundation cause a watery eye?

The type of makeup products you use can be the difference for your watery eye problem. Allergies in some makeup products will cause your eyes to tear up. The best thing to do is to purchase products that do not have the substance you have allergies to. 

How do you know you are allergic to eye markup?

Allergies in makeup come with a few symptoms for the carrier. These symptoms include itching, redness, and puffiness. If your eyes feel itchy, puffy, and turn red after you wear makeup, then you are likely allergic to eye makeup.

So, whenever your eyes feel watery, itchy, or become red, then you have to change your eye makeup products. Avoiding substances that cause irritation when you wear makeup is very necessary. 

Medications are very vital when it comes to allergies. You should only use an eye drop that experts recommend. Other ways of subduing allergies can be by replacing your makeup every three to prevent infections from bacteria.



In conclusion, your eyes can take water as a result of other reasons aside from allergies. The weather could be a  factor that makes your eyes watery. If you also allow dirt and sand particles into your eyes, irritation and discomfort are inevitable.

If you have these recurring problems, you should visit an optometrist for medications or consultation. People with sensitive eyes should always see an expert and avoid any self-medication as it can lead to more infections.


I believe you understand the reason why your eyes water when you wear makeup and how you can stop these issues. The guide I have mentioned in this article will ensure that you know what you should do if you have watery eyes.



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