[2022]Why do males have longer lashes than females?

Why do males have longer lashes than females?

It is almost impossible to accomplish a perfect makeup look without applying extensions to the eyelashes to make them appear longer. Yes, ladies need all the long eyelashes that they can get. We need it to complement our looks and for ease of makeup. But does nature bequeath it upon us lavishly?

Why do males have longer lashes than females?

You would ask, does the length of a girl’s eyelashes make any difference? Something is fascinating about long eyelashes that make a person attractive. I mean, imagine a girl with short eyelashes batting her eyes and a girl with long eyelashes, which is most likely to draw your attention? Be honest. 

Why do males have longer lashes than females?
Why do males have longer lashes than females?

Besides my brother, I have met other males with long beautiful eyelashes, making me want to scream in frustration every time. Why is nature so unfair? I mean, ladies need longer eyelashes than men for ease of makeup and to compliment our looks. Hey, does this rant sound familiar? Journey with me to find out my discovery.

Do men actually have longer eyelashes than women?

It seems contradictory to ask this question after narrating my experience of meeting men with long beautiful eyelashes. But sometimes, perception is not reality. There has been no scientific proof that the male gender has longer eyelashes than the female gender. In truth, the person with the longest eyelashes in the world is a woman with an eyelash of 20cm. 

Even though there are no biological or scientific reasons for men having longer lashes, studies prove that women tend to lose their eyelashes. The loss occurs as a break out from applying cosmetic products. Women also have shorter eyelashes due to the size and shape of their eyes.

Simply put, the length of eyelashes is not gender-specific, but the weight of societal stereotypes seems tilted in favor of the perception that men have longer eyelashes than women.

Do girls find guys with long lashes attractive?

Yes! Most girls find guys with long eyelashes attractive. Why? Maybe because long eyelashes accentuate the eyes and make them more beautiful. It would follow that beautiful eyes are a pointer to a beautiful soul. Another reason why some ladies may find men with longer eyelashes attractive is that it gives them a roguish look, which is the basis of attraction for the ladies.

Some ladies think if they marry a man with long eyelashes, their children will be spared the headache of reading up articles on lengthening eyelashes. Sounds funny to you? Well, different strokes for different folks.

However, for some ladies who are a minority number, guys with long eyelashes are entirely unattractive. Maybe because they do not consider it manly, or they are generally repulsed by much hair on a person’s body.

A few women do not even notice the length of a guy’s eyelashes, and therefore, it has no impact on their attractiveness or otherwise to the guy. Which of these categories best describes you?


How to make your eyelashes longer? 

  • Use Extensions:

The most common way to make your eyelashes longer is to use extensions. However, the use of extensions only makes your eyelashes look longer for as long as you are wearing them. While extensions are quick fixes, they are just temporary. 

  • Home Remedies:

The more permanent solution is to grow your eyelashes with the help of natural or biological methods. You’ll find a couple of home remedies on how to grow eyelashes naturally on the internet. However, none has been scientifically proven. 

  • Essential oils:

Some suggested natural solutions to growing your eyelash include the use of aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Ricinus oil (more popularly known as castor oil), omega fatty acid, and several other solutions. 

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  • Medications:

One biological method of growing eyelashes is through the use of medication. So far, the only approved medication is bimatoprost, known in the market as Latisse. A daily application of this medication to the upper lid for at least two months has improved the eyelashes’ length, thickness, and darkness. 


Sadly, as with every medication, this drug is not without its complexities. Putting a stop to the medication could mean losing the length you had gained, including its length and thickness. Thus, once you start using the medication, you must be committed to using it till the very end of your life, which might be quite unhealthy for the eyes. Some of its side effects include hair growth on the face, the coloration of the Iris, and itchy red eyes.


Does trimming the eyelashes make them grow?

Since applying natural remedies is less likely to grow the eyelash, and the application of medication is riddled with side effects, some people recourse to the myth that trimming the eyelashes will make them grow.  

Yes, it is a myth! There are no proven studies to confirm that cutting or trimming hair improves the hair’s growth, whether on the head or the eyes. Why should you lose the tiny hair on your eyelid to a myth? 

Until otherwise proven, just as trimming or cutting hair does not improve its growth, cutting or trimming your eyelashes will not make them grow. However, while trimming your eyelashes may not make them grow longer, proper care for your eyelash can sure improve their darkness and thickness.


How do you care for your eyelashes?

After all that has been said above, it would seem that growing your eyelashes to a longer length is an arduous task. It is not impossible to grow your eyelashes, but you would have to weigh the pros and cons of using natural remedies or medications. 

Whether you are eager to grow your eyelash or not, you must learn to take proper care of your eyelashes. Taking proper care of your eyelashes is not tasking. It only demands consistency and commitment. 

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  • One way to care for your eyelashes is to resist the temptation to sleep with your eye makeup. Yes! No matter how tired you are, remove the makeup you apply to your eyes at the end of the day. Sleeping with your makeup can cause your eyelash to break. 
  • Also, washing your face regularly with water and mild soap and brushing your eyelash will help keep your eyelashes healthy.  A healthy eyelash will naturally grow longer, thicker and darker. It’s a win-win situation when you properly care for your eyelashes; you keep them healthy and give them a chance to grow.


Are long eyelashes rare?

The answer to this depends on what you mean by long eyelashes. It is not rare if you refer to eyelashes as long as the maximum average length of 12mm for the top eyelid and 7mm for the lower eyelid. But if you are referring to eyelashes longer than 12mm, then yes, long eyelashes are rare. It is rare still to have long eyelashes without additional symptoms that depict a medical condition. There is a medical condition known as eyelash trichomegaly, and it is a condition that occurs when you have eyelashes longer than 12mm, thicker, and darker than usual. This condition has been attributed to genetics, birth deformities, or/ and environmental causes. 

What race has the longest lashes?

The person with the longest eyelashes globally is a Chinese woman named You Jianxia, with eyelashes measuring 20.5cm. Before You’s record, an American named Stuart Muller had the longest eyelash measuring 6.99cm on his left upper lid. There are no statistics to state the race with the longest eyelashes authoritatively, and race has been shown not to affect the length of eyelashes.   

Are long eyelashes genetic? 

It depends on who you ask. A cosmetician would say genes do not affect a person’s eyelashes, length, or otherwise. A scientist would disagree. Funnily, the arguments as to whether or not long eyelashes are genetic or not have been laid to rest even amongst scientists, but it is settled that eyelash trichomegaly can be genetic. It is ironic how it is controversial whether the length of eyelashes is genetic ordinarily, and then it is trite that a disorder that causes the extraordinary length of eyelashes is genetic.    

What is the typical length of a guy’s lashes?

The length of eyelashes is not gender-specific. It follows then that the length of a man’s eyelashes will be on an average of 7mm to 12mm. It, therefore, follows that a man can have longer than average eyelashes or short and sparse eyelashes.

Do eyelashes stop growing at a certain length? 

The human body is one of the most complex things that has ever existed. Decades of research have been invested in studying it, yet some parts are still a mystery yet unraveled. What do I mean?

The eyelash never stops growing. It has a natural cycle of falling out and growing again. It continues this circle from birth till death but never exceeds the average length of 12mm. Perhaps one day soon, there would be an explanation for it. Until then, it suffices to say that eyelash never stops growing.



The perception that males have longer eyelashes than females means nothing when we hold it to the scrutiny of science and statistics. It is, therefore, one of those perceived impressions that we metamorphose into a stereotype that is generally believed but unproven.

Having learned that gender, genetics, and race are not determining factors in eyelashes’ length, you might also be tempted to be nonchalant about your eyelashes. Resist the temptation! Take proper care of your eyelashes, keep them healthy, and they might grow longer.

There’s absolutely no reason to be obsessed with forcefully lengthening your eyelashes. You can always use extensions to achieve the look you have in mind and where it is not achievable, be comfortable in your skin or, in this case, in your eyelashes!

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