Why are my eyelashes Straight? A Perfect Fix For Straight Eyelashes

Why are my eyelashes Straight
Why are my eyelashes Straight
Why are my eyelashes Straight

The new worry focuses on why eyelashes are straight. I know many are in this with me. I mean, whether my eyelashes are short or long, if they are curly, they are sure to be more beautiful. We all want to experience the pretty and young looks that curly eyelashes give. 

The journey begins! How can I transform my straight eyelashes into curly eyelashes? Keep reading if you are curious, just as I was. This piece would save you from the worries of having straight eyelashes. 

Why do my lashes grow straight?

It can be so annoying when your eyelashes decide to grow straight. I mean, eyelashes are pretty when they are curly. If your lashes are straight, it shouldn’t make you feel less pretty. There are ways to curl up your stubborn straight internship. But first, let’s dig into the various reasons why your eyelashes grow straight. 

Generally, straight eyelashes are caused by the absence of double eyelids. Therefore, the monolid causes the hair to grow out and out instead of the usual in and out. 

Also, ethnicity is an essential factor that causes straight eyelashes. For instance, Asians, Eastern Europeans, and Spanish descendants have straight eyelashes compared to other tribes. 

Closely related to ethnicity is genetics. Usually, we share common traits with other members of our families. So it is normal to have straight eyelashes if one of your parents has straight lashes.

What do you do if your eyelashes are straight?

Achieving that curly and lifted lash look can be quite a hassle when you have straight lashes. However, if appropriately applied, some tips and tricks would help give your lash that natural curly look. Read on to find out more;

  • Heat your eyelashes curler before using. 

Imagine using your hair straightener or curlers while it’s cold. Does it do anything? Of course not! It would help if you understood that your eyelashes are as much hair as the hair on your head. I’m sure we can all agree about how heat can help change the shape of your hair. 

Using a standard curler on your lash would provide a slight lift and curl that honestly does not last long. 

But here’s where we draw the line. Even though the curlers and straighteners you use on your hair have to be extremely hot to achieve your desired result, the same does not apply to your eyelashes curler. It would help if you understood that the skin around your eyes is susceptible, and you’d not want to get anything too hot around it to avoid hurting yourself and your lashes.

Heating your eyelash curler with a blow dryer for a few seconds would do. You’d be surprised at how instantly it would perk up your eyelashes and give it that long-lasting curly natural look. 

  • Apply Mascara after curling your lashes

Use Mascara on your eyelashes after curling them rather than before curling. That way, you avoid the risk of losing or getting your eyelashes trapped in the heated curler. Beauty advisor, Marwah Khamas, advises we curl our eyelashes before applying Mascara. 

  • Use Mascara with a curved tip wand.

While it is essential to get a mascara wand, you should get a mascara with a horizontal inverted C shape and a tapered bristle. This mascara wand is designed to coat the lashes to make them look lifted and curly as opposed to looking droopy.

  • Always use waterproof Mascara for additional lift.

Waterproof mascaras have a reputation for keeping your lashes curled for longer hours. I understand that you might have your reservation towards waterproof cosmetics products for reasons best known, but I’d say it’s worth a try. Applying waterproof Mascara in a wiggling manner would do the trick. You’d be surprised at how well your lashes would stay curled up throughout your daily activities.

  • Curl your lashes in part multiple times to hold curls better 

This technique is a must-try. Most of the time, unless your curler aligns with your eye shape and fits every corner of your lash line, using a curler once does not touch every part of your lashes. Instead, curl each part of your lashes in sections. That way, you do not leave any part of your eyelashes uncurled. It would help if you also tried curling each section more than once to provide even more lift for your lashes. 

How can I permanently curl my eyelashes?

Unfortunately, there are no ways to curl your eyelashes permanently. I honestly wish there was one. A permanent curl will only last about two to three months. This period is determined by the natural life span of your lash and how they did the permanent curl.

Can you train straight eyelashes to curl?

It is possible to train your straight eyelashes to curl. A consistent effort can change the natural state of your eyelashes. What I mean here is that you can curl your eyelashes every day. By doing this, the straight eyelashes would change their confirmation and get used to being curled. The process, however, requires you to be consistent, taking time to curl and go through each step slowly. 

How do you curl eyelashes without a curler?

Although you need a lash curler to curl your lashes, there could be times you find yourself without one. How then do you curl your lashes? There are a few methods I intend to list;

  • Use your Mascara. You read that right! The wand of your Mascara can do the job of curling your lash. Move the wand across your lash, curling in at the tip while waiting for a few seconds.
  • After applying your Mascara, you can use a cotton swab to hold your lash in a curled position. This process requires you to gently lift the lash so the lash will stay curled while the Mascara is drying. 
  • The spoon trick. You can use the curved side of a heated spoon. Press it over your lid, over the lashes, and allow it to sit for 10secs. 
  • Your hands can also do the trick of curling your lash without a curler. All you need is warm fingertips pressing on the lashes. While you press and hold for a few seconds as you desire, the lashes will curl into themselves. You can finish it off by applying little Mascara. 
Why are my eyelashes Straight 2
Why are my eyelashes Straight 2

Mistakes you make when using an eyelash curler.

  • You are not using the best tool for curling. There’s no way you would get the best of a lash curler if the tool you use is not of good quality.
  • You curl your lash at the end of your makeup instead of before starting your makeup. Many experts advise making the curling process a part of your skin prep routine. 
  • You forget or ignore heating your curler. How else do you lock in your curls if you don’t add heat to your lash curler? It would be best if you had a heated eyelash curler to get your desired result. 
  • You apply Mascara before curling. Many people make the same mistake of applying Mascara before curling. The stickiness of the Mascara can cause a pull-out of your lashes while curling. You should apply Mascara after curling your lashes; that way, you get to maximize the beauty of your curls. 
  • You probably ignore the hard-to-reach lashes. It would be best if you did not forget or ignore to curl the hard- to reach lashes. Instead, you can get a mini lash curler to curl the eyelashes that don’t fit into the regular curler.
  • You use a dirty lash curler. Who does that? Just like every other makeup tool, you should clean your lash curler regularly. Using a dirty lash curler coated in Mascara could damage your lashes. Instead, you can clean your curler with makeup wipes. 
  • You have doubts about curling your lashes every day. You probably think your lashes will fall out. But then, experts recommend that it’s safe to curl your lashes every day. So far, you are doing it right and using clean curlers.  


Does heated eyelash curler work?

It works! If your lashes are straight and you want to make them appear fuller and appear fluttering, then a heated eyelash curler would come in handy. It gently curls your eyelashes with the heat it produces to give your eyelashes a curly look. 

Are lash curlers bad for your lashes?

Eyelashes curlers are great ways to curl your straight eyelashes because they are lower in cost and easier to use than false eyelashes or eyelashes extensions. However, eyelash curlers can be bad for your lashes if they are not applied correctly. You should avoid using them every day not to damage or weaken your lashes. With the proper technique, an eyelash curler can be safe for use. 

Do I Curl my eyelashes before or after applying Mascara? 

Eyelashes are delicate and require full attention. They are more susceptible to breakage when coated with Mascara. You should curl your lashes first before applying Mascara. You stand the chance of losing your eyelashes when you apply Mascara before curling them. 

Are permanent curls safe for my lashes?

To some extent, they are. A permanent curl or eyelash perm is even more natural than the usual Mascara. However, not all salons use natural ingredients for their permanent curling procedure.

Although there are no restrictions from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concerning permanent curls, it’s best to know they may not be entirely safe. There could be allergy reactions such as itching or swelling and possible visual damage.

Watch Why Your Eyelash Are Straight And How To Curl It | Video



After all, that’s said, I believe we now understand that straight eyelashes aren’t so inadequate after all. It’s managing them that matters. Ever since I got to know how I could easily curl my lashes, it’s been a sweet journey. I have realized that continuous curling can eventually help change your lash from its natural straight form.

Who doesn’t want to look pretty with perm lashes? Give curling your lash a trial, and stop bothering about how straight they are! I’ll be waiting to hear from you soon, till then, stay beautiful!

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