Who Is A Fashion Stylist?

Who is a fashion stylist

Fashion stylists are going to be a huge thing because, In the future, fashion will be more about personal expression and less about following the latest runway trends. With new technologies such as augmented reality, we can make clothes that are interactive and change their appearance based on our mood. As the world becomes more digitalised, we will see a lot of new innovations in a fashion that show personal expression. 

 This cannot be solemnly achieved without using a professional or doing lots of research, which can pose as something entirely stressful. That is why there are now fashion stylists. A Fashion Stylist is a person who helps their clients to choose the latest trends and styles in fashion.

Fashion stylists are like our saviours in fashion cause with them around, and the need to bother on how to dress up or look some type of way going to some type of place isn’t more or less needed when you have a fashion stylist. They do all the necessaries and you need not bother.

How to Become a Fashion Stylist In a Fast-paced World

Now that everyone is getting into the fashion world and trends, you might be thinking of going into something in the fashion industry; a fashion stylist, perhaps. Well, that to say isn’t quite difficult; the only thing to be bothered about is how I can be well known for what I am or what I do.

Fashion stylists are in high demand in the industry. They help brands and businesses uniquely present their products. There are certain things or lists you must check out to be a fashion stylist or aspiring to be one.

Degree/internship in any fashion school; this might come as a surprise, but it is actually quite essential that you have  a certificate in things related to fashion as it would be very professional to have one and will give your future client the feeling that you are sure and you know what you are doing

Do the research and keep up to date: As a fashion enthusiast going about your everyday in to day out work shouldn’t stop you from doing research about what is currently trendy and what fabrics are in season and good to wear. One needs to make screen time for all research work and be up to date cause that’s what fashion is about.

Start a blog or website that is related to fashion; you want to put yourself out there, you want to be known, so owning a blog or a website is a good choice if you want to become a fashion stylist. Once your blog or site is established, and people begin to read what you have to say, they will be thrilled and definitely want to patronise your services.

Network with people who already have connections in this industry; something that would give every fashion stylist an edge in the industry is a recommendation. A fashion stylist should network with people who are already in the industry and people who know people in the industry too because you not only learn from them due to the time they’ve spent in the industry but also be opportune to be referred to someone.

-Most importantly you must have some type of experience in fashion. As an aspiring fashion stylist, you must have done things mostly related to fashion and everything between.

How To Become An Expert In The Field

After making the basics of knowing how to become a fashion stylist the next thing to aim for is to become an expert in the field. 

  1. Create your fashion journal.
  1. Create your own design and style.
  1. Set Trends.
  1. Open a blog that displays your work.
  1. Network with more people in the industry.
  1. Your daily outfit should speak your style.
  1. Attend fashion weeks and try to style what you’ve seen.
  1. Read lots of fashion magazines.
  1. Learn more about the evolution of fashion over decades.
  1. Understand Fashion trends.
  1. Learn how to create designs that are relevant to the target audience.
  1. Learn how to work with multiple brands and different styles of clothing. 

Becoming a fashion stylist can be split into different areas depending on what area you want to specialize in or go into. Here are a few areas in fashion styling that you could consider

  • Editorial stylists; work with designer samples. The help style models for the display of current or soon-to-be-released clothes. The stylist works together with a photographer, a makeup artist, a fashion designer, a producer, a hairstylist and so on.
  • Commercial stylists; work together alongside retailers photographers producers and the supposed client looking to execute a brand. So if you are hoping to push your clothes and need a proper presentation of it a commercial stylist is who to look for 
  • Runway stylist; runway stylists are tasked with assembling and putting together clothes and accessories for a runway show. It might sound a little bit easy but it is in fact a very tasking job to do.
  • Celebrity stylist; being a celebrity stylist means you get to work with celebrities and help style them. It also means working with some big fashion brands, its obvious how celebrities wear most of the biggest fashion brands in the world
  • Personal Stylist; a personal stylist can be employed by anyone looking to style themselves up.
  • E-commerce stylist; Offers you ideas online via email or text, all they do is strictly online and they work from home full-time. They can be easily contacted online in order to deliver their services.

There are many other types of stylists, you can choose what area works better for you and if you like you can choose all!

Top 10 Ways Of What You Can Do To Start Working as a stylist Expert Right Now! 

  1. Join an industry conference about fashion styling
  2. Start blogging
  3. Start podcasting
  4. Get a paid job as an industry expert
  5. Write for publications
  6. Get a paid job in your industry
  7. Get a job as an influencer
  8. Become a youtube influencer for fashion styling
  9. Write as a freelancer for past fashion shows 
  10. Be very creative with the designs you make.

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Can I become successful as a fashion stylist?

Yes, you can become very successful as a fashion stylist. You can get the opportunity to be scouted by fashion brands or magazines ar be opportune to work with a celebrity. And according to research, in the United States, the average salary of a fashion stylist is about $49,867 to $59,026. The amount will increase due to certain criteria like

  1. How long you’ve been a stylist
  2. Degrees you have
  3. Additional Skills 
  4. How creative you are in styling

Can I become a fashion stylist? 

Of course, you can become a fashion stylist so long as you do the requirements and all the necessary things that need to be done such as 

  • Having a degree in fashion
  • Being up to date on the latest fashion trends
  • Have the proper networking
  • Open a blog or site for yourself 

How long would it take for me to become a professional fashion stylist?

To get a degree would take 2-4 years. But once you have a good fashion sense and you are under a mentor that has been in the field, then becoming a stylist would take lesser than the years you would spend to get a degree. After all, fashion is not about papers but about the delivery of your art.

Is becoming a fashion stylist a good career path?

Due to the fast-rising demand in fashion being a fashion stylist is a good career path. The steady competitiveness in the industry has made it a good decision for a career path.

Is it worth it to have a fashion degree?

Having a fashion degree is totally worth it cause it allows you to venture into anything fashion with ease. And going into fashion is worthwhile currently.

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What does a fashion stylist do?

A Fashion Stylist works in a variety of areas such as retail, media, and publishing. They help their clients make informed decisions about what they should wear and how they should style it. They are also responsible for helping the client with styling strategy, shopping trips, and wardrobe planning.


Fashion is becoming one of the major things in the world now and it is taking the world by storm. If you have thoughts of becoming a fashion stylist and might think is a bad idea I would advise you to go for it. When you see your favourite celebrities looking all glamorous you all adore them and think about who came out with the thought of creating such a wonderful piece.

Imagine who styles Kim Kardashian or Bella Hadid or Selena Gomez or Lady Gaga for her shows. You think about who styles models for top brands like Fendi  Gucci channel Louis Vuitton and so on during runway shows it’s all the stylists. To become one isn’t so hard just to have the sense of fashion have a lot of experience and connection in the industry and you could be that you have always pictured yourself to be.

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