[2022]What lipstick goes with blue eyeshadow?

What lipstick goes with blue eyeshadow

Read this article if you’re interested in what lipstick goes with blue eyeshadow.

I enjoy experimenting with eyeshadows and lipstick combos. It can be a fascinating process and leaves me with many color options to improve my makeup look. There was a time I wanted to experiment with blue eyeshadow. I was stuck for a while because blue is quite hard to pull off, as we all know.

What lipstick goes with blue eyeshadow?
What lipstick goes with blue eyeshadow?

It would be best to find the right lipstick to balance your makeup look and not look like a color disaster. You’re in luck if you’re interested in knowing what lipstick pairs well with blue eyeshadow. I’m going to be sharing the results of my experiment and recommending lipsticks that would pair well with your blue eyeshadow. Stay with me on this journey.

What lipstick goes with blue eyeshadow?

Blue eyeshadow can be pretty tricky to pull off, and finding the right lipstick color to fit your desired look depends on several factors. Here’s a list of lipstick that would suit your desired look without making you look absurd;

  • Coral

If done the right way, coral lipstick is a perfect pair of blue eyeshadow. However, you should avoid using a dark shade of blue. Coral is quite a bold color, and when paired with a bold blue color, it makes your makeup look unbalanced and appear quite clownish. If you intend to rock coral lipstick, you should use a softer shade of blue to balance out your makeup look. 

  • Nude

The best thing about this color is that literally, anyone can pull it off regardless of your skin color or undertones. If you want your blue eyeshadow to pop, you should probably use nude-colored lipstick. There’s a lot of trial and error that comes with finding the perfect nude shade that fits perfectly well with your color. To make your journey much more manageable, you should use a darker nude shade than your skin color. 

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  • Soft pink 

This lipstick is an excellent option for people with cooler undertones and lighter skin. It would be best if you went for a soft frosty-like pink that would not outshine your blue eyeshadow. It would balance out your look and make your makeup flawless. 

  • Deep Eggplant

Generally, for every rule, there are exceptions. Although we have our reservations about pairing bold colors together, this is an exception. But to pull this off, both bold colors must have a similar cool undertone. That’s why a deep purple that leans more to an eggplant color would perfectly match with blue eyeshadow. You should use a royal blue or baby blue shade of eyeshadow to balance out your makeup look.  

Is blue eyeshadow out of style? 

While it is true that blue eyeshadows were the thing in the 90s, the trend of blue eyeshadows is now making a massive comeback. 

There was a time in the 80s when blue eyeshadows were very popular, with almost every eye ringed with different color shades. Cameron Diaz, Christina Aguilera, and Christina Ricci in Buffalo 66 inspired this look. Although the trend eventually died down, blue eyeshadow is now back and trending, but not as the 80s craziness.

You’d probably have seen a lot of celebrities rocking this 80s look like they were never in style then. Celebrities like Dua lipa, Issa Rae, Rihanna, and Bella Hadid have been spotted rocking the trendy blue eyeshadow look. 

What makeup style does blue eyeshadow go with?

Would you prefer a natural look, or do you want an over-the-top look?

Keep reading to know how you can use blue eyeshadow to achieve your desired look.

1. Natural –

I understand that blue is not a natural color; obviously, it’s blue! However, you can wear a more relaxed color like baby blue or icy blue eyeshadow to achieve a more natural look.

2. Glam –

Glam and bold blue go hand in hand. If you’re looking to achieve a daring glam blue, then a bold blue eyeshadow would be your best bet. It would help if you tried it on with winged eyeliner and a perfectly sculptured brow with nude lipstick to achieve a sultry and glamorous look.

3. Abstract –

Be shy to take a cue from the ’60s and have some fun with your eyeshadows. You should make your makeup neutral and let your eyeshadows pop even more for a daring look like this.

How do you choose your eyeshadow color?

It can be overwhelming when choosing your eyebrow’s color. Although the thought of using blue eyeshadow is quite exciting, the truth is that it does not work for everyone. The best and easiest way to stand out is to use a complementary shade to your eye color.  Thankfully, I’d be sharing some helpful tips on knowing what eyeshadow color goes best with your eyes. 

Brown Eyes

If you have brown eyes, then you’re the luckiest person on the planet. You can pull off any color on the rainbow, and it would fit you perfectly well. Don’t be shy to go wild because any color would work. 

Blue eyes 

Let me start by saying that blue eyes are gorgeous, and you should prioritize choosing eyeshadow colors that would complement your eye look. The best eyeshadow color for your blue eyes ranges from copper, beige, and gold to purple, copper, and green. You can also try out shades with a copper hue like coral, bronze, and peach to achieve a gorgeous eye look. Also, using a neutral natural color can help highlight your blue eyes subtly. 

Hazel eyes

Don’t be shy to let your brown eyes stand out and be the show’s star. The best eyeshadow colors that would perfectly fit your brown eyes are pink, copper, coral, and anything with warm and golden undertones. These colors would make your brown eyes stand out without taking away the attention from your face. 

Green Eyes

Green eyes are beautiful because they are rare. To make them pop with your eyeshadow look, you should go for red, purple, or pink. Depending on your green eyeshade, you can use warmer or darker shades of these colors to achieve the perfect eye look. 


Tips to properly apply eyeshadow?

1. Invest in great brushes

We know that it is much harder to create a masterpiece without using the proper tools. This saying also applies to makeup. You should invest in great and valuable brushes to make your eyebrows application easier. You don’t have to break the bank or get an overly expensive brush. A great set of brushes that is within your budget will do. 

2. Always apply an eyeshadow base to your lids

Applying a base before your eyeshadow would make your eyeshadow pop and also prevent creasing. Use your eyeshadow brush to apply your base shade to your eyelids. You can bring your base color up to your brow bone if you want a more dramatic look, or stop at the crease for a more natural everyday look.

3. Apply darker colors to your eye crease

Darker eyeshadow colors attract light; therefore, applying a darker tone of eyeshadow to your crease would make your eye pop while adding some depth and dimensions in the right spot. You can do this by dipping a dome brush in a dark eyeshadow and applying it in a swiping motion to the crease of your eyes.

4. Apply eyeliner to make your shadow pop

Eyeliners, when applied correctly, can take your eye look to a whole new level. Use a flat brush to press the dark eyeliner along the tip of your upper lid and apply it to the lower lid for a more dramatic look.

5. Highlight with a shimmering eyeshadow

To add more pop to your eyeshadow, finish off with a shimmering eyeshadow to your eyes. Start with a light shimmering color to your upper lid to brighten your eyes, and use a shimmery pale eyeshadow on your lower lid. 


Does red lipstick go with blue eyeshadow?

Yes. However, this would generally depend on your skin tone and the shades of each color. Red and brown are primary colors, and this means that they are bold colors. I’d advise you not to pair a bold red and bold blue for an everyday look, except perhaps for a fashion show. For a simple look, we recommend that you use a muted blue eyeshadow with robust red lipstick or a solid blue eyeshadow and a muted red lipstick. 

Does your eyeshadow have to match your outfit?

Yes. However, it is not necessary. Choosing an eyeshadow that complements your outfit saves you from a lot of brainstorming to find the perfect shade to balance out your look. Your eyeshadow does not necessarily need to fit your entire outfit. It can just be a part of your outfit. 

But if you have a color of eyeshadow in mind that you’d love to try out, by all means, go for it, provided it balances out your look. It does not necessarily have to match your outfit.

Is blue eyeshadow tacky? 

Although many people view blue eyeshadow as tacky and clownish, I think it all boils down to its application. Now I understand that you might all have a picture of the 80’s blue eyeshadow trend in your mind, but we’re so over that look now. The new blue eyeshadow trend is now more in jewel blue, icy blue, royal blue, and other shades.

To avoid that tacky or clownish look, you should try to make your makeup look cohesive, from foundation to even lipstick. Also, you should ensure that the blue eyeshadow is blended correctly to achieve that flawless eye look. 

Can Asians wear blue eyeshadows?

Although Asian eyes appear quite puffier and lack the exact dimensions of Caucasian eyes, this does not mean they cannot wear blue eyeshadow. A darker shade of blue appears quite flattering and makes the eye pop beautiful against their Asian skin tone.



Here you go! Are you looking to try out a blue eyeshadow soon? We listed some tips above, which we believe are helpful. These tips would help you achieve the flawless eyeshadow looks that you desire. My brown eye allows me to enjoy many benefits since I can pull off almost any color. Is there something we missed? Let us know! We would love to hear about your experiences trying out a blue eyeshadow.

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