Top 5 best eyelash curler for Asian eyes – We Tested And Ranked Them

Top best eyelash curler for Asian eyes - 5 Things you need to know about eyelash for Asian eyes

We all at one point in time have experienced how difficult it is to curl straight lashes, especially when they are short. However, did you know that there are eyelash curlers designed explicitly for Asian eyes? In this article, I’ll show you several fantastic options that could be useful.

Top best eyelash curler for Asian eyes:

  • Eyelash Curler Brilliant Beauty
  • HYSBEAUTY Eyelash Curler
  • Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler
  • Eye Lash Curler Surratt Relevé
  • Heated Eyelash curler

Top best eyelash curler for Asian eyes - 5 Things you need to know about eyelash for Asian eyes

What Are Eyelash Curlers?

An eyelash curler is a cosmetic tool appliance that curls eyelashes using a hand-operated mechanical mechanism. Just the top lashes are curled in most cases.

Heated eyelash curlers and classic eyelashes curlers are the two most frequent varieties. Lashes curlers that are heated provide a stronger curl that lasts longer. A traditional, unheated eyelash curler, on the other hand, is a more straightforward step to add to an eye makeup regimen.

A non-heated curler with a large enough pad to press against eyelashes is curved for the natural contour of an individual’s eye. An unheated curler can be warmed using a hairdryer for a brief period before use, but not to the point of burning either your face or eyelashes.

Keynotes of this article:

  • Eyelash curlers are fun and easy to use
  • Overall, they are pretty affordable
  • Using an eyelash curler is a safe option for curling your lashes

Do eyelash curlers work on Asian eyes?

Yes, eyelash curlers work on Asian eyes. All eyelash curlers appear to be the same at first appearance, but it’s all about the curve for what works for me.

However, all Asian eyelids are created equal; choosing a flatter curve is a safe option. To get the perfect fit, measure the angle of your eyelash to the millimeter and compare it to the curve.

You’ll be able to stand up face to face with your eyelashes without having to worry about irritating your eyelid if you locate the correct curve.

You’ll know when you’ve found the one when your eyelashes stay in a beautiful fluttering soft curl for the rest of your life.

What curl to use on Asian eyes?

Because an L curl may open lashes that typically slant down, it’s a perfect choice for Asian eyelashes. I adore the traditional L curl lashes, which come in a variety of lengths so you can create a custom look. 

A D curl is another option for customers who have a nicely shaped eye shape. Continue reading this guide for additional information on how to style your lashes.

Are eyelash curlers damaging?

Eyelash curlers are safe to use. However, depending on a few conditions, eyelash curlers may be harmful to your lashes. If used inappropriately or too frequently, they might lead to damage, break, and flak. To avoid lash pulling or sticking and increased breakage, proper maintenance and care are vital. However, eyelash curlers may be used safely daily with the correct methods.

Top best eyelash curler for Asian eyes

1. Eyelash Curler Brilliant Beauty

Price: $29

Enjoy long-lasting, dramatically curled lashes in a matter of seconds. This ingenious eyelash curler perfectly lifts, stretches, and curls your lashes.

This curling tool offers the finest usefulness with a flawless design and innovation since it can only perform stunning beauty. He’s a genuine contender for the most outstanding eyelash name among Asian curlers.

This innovative eyelash curler creates a lovely, gradual curl with no tugging, yanking, or frantic curling. Enjoy the top with a finely calibrated hinge that ensures an ergonomic body, as well as a lengthier curl that meticulously encompasses every occasion.

2. HYSBEAUTY Eyelash Curler

Price: $25

This product creates the form of the curler in the broad corner of the radius. The ergonomic and humanized thumb shape is managed by the handle, which is meticulously designed. The ring is handled with a double-line, non-slip, and circular solid ring. Avoid damaging your cheeks or face by slipping between them.

No more squeezing. It is a fantastic complement for a variety of eye forms. When combined with these curvatures, the attractiveness may give women’s eyes a more feminine and profound sensation. With mascara, the lines are curled dramatically in seconds. Asian eyes have a great exterior.

3. Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler

Price: $32

The eye products by Kevyn Aucoin have received a lot of positive feedback. His curling mascara has been the subject of monologues, and his curler’s eyelash is unique.

The equipment includes a distinctive red rubber pad visible from a variety of stainless steel countertops, and its diminutive form allows it to be used on your bottom eyelash.

4. Eye Lash Curler Surratt Relevé (We Recommend)

Price: $20

This product has a creative design that makes it very functional> Choosing to use this particular eyelash curler won’t disappoint you. Use less pressure to achieve the best appearance, so the cloves are protected and curled in a smooth and curved form.

5. Heated Eyelash curler

Price: $32

The eyelash curler is constructed of nickel and chromium-metal, which has high thermal conductivity and warms up fast and sexily.

This tool curls your lashes softly with a comb and eyeliner in a matter of seconds, leading to more forceful and longer-lasting curling that lasts all day.

The side that is concave Curl and squeezes separate pins or crimps together. Curling lace without straining, yanking, or bursting is possible.

How do you use an eyelash curler for the first time?

So you have got your hands on an eyelash curler, it’s time to try it out! This section will give you a comprehensive guide on using an eyelash curler to its full potential.

1. Clean your face

Which class do you belong to? Although sometimes, people prefer to curl their lashes after applying a coat or two of mascara, it’s ideal to start with clean, naked lashes. 

Because curling lashes that have already been covered in mascara might result in a crusty, gunky curler that is difficult to work with, however, you can prevent this. 

You can clean whatever eye makeup you may be applying before selecting an eyelash curler because I am confident we can all understand that’s a circumstance worth considering.

2. Curl your lashes

In this next step, I will be walking you through the process of curling your eyelash.  The following are some examples of how to put it to use: To begin, place the lash curler against your eyelid. 

Align your eyelashes as near to the root of your lashes as possible without squeezing your eyelid. Tighten the clamps and maintain that position for a few moments on your eyelashes.

Once you’ve released the eyelash curler, walk it out and curl your eyelashes once in the center and once at the ends for a sweeping curve.

3. Even out lashes with eyeshadow

This tip might not be helpful to you if you don’t want to wear makeup. Alternatively, you’d like to add eye shadow and even eyeliner first before considering mascara. 

Why? This is to avoid having your eyelashes coated with shadow fallout, which will merely add to your preparation time. By lightly pushing up on your top eyelids and lining precisely on your upper waterline, you may get this look.


Broadly speaking, eyelash curlers are not products you can use indefinitely.  Those cushions that curl your eyelashes are bound to wear out with time, and then you’ll realize that your Curl isn’t as good as it used to be.

When you buy specific eyelashes curlers, they might include replaceable pads, allowing you to retain your curler for a more extended period. In contrast, others may necessitate purchasing a new lash curler altogether.

Would you apply makeup first, then curl your lashes? Although I already mentioned it, curling your lashes before applying makeup is a better move. Curling in the reverse sequence might not only result in a filthy lash curler, but curling after mascara can also cause your lashes to split.

How do you make your bottom eyelashes go down?

In this section, I will be sharing some tips on how to get straight downward eyelashes. Lets’s dive right in.

Method #1:

Instead of curling forwards, you should use a diverse approach. To begin, place the curling adjacent to your eye and curl your hair at the root as usual.

Curl the curler to the nose and curl up the clamps on the edges as you get closer to the tip of your pins. Curl up towards the nose with your lace in the curler again, tugging it down as well as outwards to get the tiny hair into the upper eyelid. To lengthen the Curl, curl up and pull down.

The key to this strategy, though, is patience. The effects, as well as the response to your persistent laughing, are incredible.

Method #2:

Coax the lash hair in the appropriate direction as much as necessary using a lash or plain mascara.

Afterward, to tighten the corner lashing, curl them using a mini-curler that’s about 1/3 the breadth of regular curlers. A conventional curler will do if you need to curl your remaining lashes; using the small all over would be too much work.

Method #3:

Finally, we have the lash lift method. It is similar to a lash perm in that it straightens the lashes. Chemically, lash lifts create a natural-looking upward sweep in the shape of your natural lash.

It’s a straightforward procedure that may be completed in one day. During your appointment with your technician, you will discuss a curl size depending on your objectives, aspirations, and eye shape.

Once you’ve decided, the lash artist will clean your eyes and apply a “silicon barrier” to your skin.

What type of curler is the best for you?

Make sure you have the appropriate tool for your style and regimen before you begin. Traditional eyelash curlers and are the two most popular varieties of eyelash curlers you’ll experience.

Hot eyelash curlers, like other heated hair appliances, give you a more substantial, longer-lasting curl. Whether you’re searching for a more straightforward step to add to your eye makeup or are just discovering how and when to curl your eyelashes, a standard, unheated eyelash curler may be a better option.

To use unheated eyelash curlers, open the curler entirely by gripping it like a pair of scissors.

Editors tip:

Look carefully and move the instrument up to your lashes. Arrange your eyelashes in the space between the top and the cushioned base, stopping as near to the root of your lashes as possible without pinching the skin.

Hold your eyelash curler upright near the roots of your lashes throughout the initial curling cycle. Make sure that the curler has all of your lashes within. For around 10 seconds, softly clamp down on your lashes, gently squeezing and lightly pulsating.

Why do my eyelashes hurt when I curl them?

Ingrown eyelashes or inflammation of the eyelids are common causes of eyelash discomfort.

Irritation might be caused by eye makeup, allergies, or an accident. The soreness might be due to eyelid or eyelash development difficulties in some circumstances.


Eyelashes affixed to the bottom of your natural lashes are known as eyelash extensions. Your lashes will appear bigger and longer with the extensions.  However, the adhesive might irritate your lashes. It includes ammonia and latex, both of which can induce blepharitis and contact dermatitis.

If the discomfort in your eyelashes does not go away, see a doctor. This is especially critical if you are experiencing eye discomfort or experiencing visual problems.


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