The Best Double Dip Nail Powder

best double dip nail powder

Introduction: In recent years, nail options have advanced significantly that’s why we have a double dip nail powder as evidence. We are no longer limited to quickly blended polish, displacing complete acrylic collections, gel extensions, or UV-set gel nail polish (though we also enjoy those options!). Dip powder manicures are an underrated nail manicure fad that is here to stay.

What is a Double Dip Nail Powder?

Dip powder is an acrylic nail improvement that strengthens nails like standard acrylic while also making them shine like gel. Dip powder manicures do not need UV lamps to bake, dry quickly, and typically last up to 2-3 weeks.

Nail polish is a colourful, long-lasting, and durable cosmetic applied to the nails of the hands and feet. It is usually made from acrylic, enamel, or lacquer.

The latest nail art trend is all about dimensions. Nature-inspired structures — imagine raindrops and melting candle wax — are being created on top of the fingernails. Both artists and trend forecasters notice an increase in 3D nail design, which they describe as “natural” and nearly “unstructured” in shape.

Nail polish is typically made up of a polymer; often nitrocellulose absorbed ethanol or butanol. The solvent evaporates when applied, allowing the polymer to create a coating on the nail.

It’s been dubbed the “comeback lad.” Contrary to popular opinion, dip powder is not modern. The service has been operating since the nineties but fell out of popularity as other choices rushed to take its place. Dip powder nails, on the other hand, are back stronger than ever due to improved formulations and a plethora of on-trend hues to select from. Continue reading for practical tips about the application techniques.

How Does Double-Dipped Powder Work?

Dip powder manicures are more durable than gel manicures (they may often last up to one month) and do not require any Ultraviolet light to dry. This procedure involves the same processes as a traditional gel manicure: trim, clean, buff/smooth, priming, and so on.

The “dipping procedure” is where the real fun is. After your nails have been properly treated, they are dipped (one by one) into a powder colour of your choice, tapped to remove any excess powder, and afterwards coated with a topcoat.

Listed below are the tips on how to apply Double-Dipped Powder

  • Make sure your hands are clean and fully dry.
  • Use a sufficient amount of “prep” solution to eliminate any oils from your fingernail beds.
  • Apply a thin “base” layer to the nail bed about 3/4 of the way.
  • Dip your finger swiftly into the powder and repeat on all of your fingernails.
  • Brush off any extra powder that has not adhered to the nail with a gentle brush.
  • Continue instructions 3-5, except this time, go all the way to the nail bed instead of 3/4 of the way. Avoid touching the cuticle region as this might cause lifting.
  • Brush on a good quantity of Activator liquid, paying particular attention to the cuticle, and allow to dry entirely.
  • File your nails lightly to shape them and buff them carefully to eliminate any flaws.
  • Apply a final layer of Activator.
  • Apply a brief top coat to each of your nails, then return quickly to reapply a good coat of top coat and allow to dry.

Check out the video below for more


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How to Get a Long Lasting Manicure 

You know how it feels: you’ve invested a good chunk of money on a manicure that you’re hoping would last a whole week (or two if it’s gel), but instead, for whatever reason, whether it’s a cosmic curse or simply human mistake, you discover cracks and chips on your nicely manicured fingernails. Many variables might contribute to a short-lived manicure, but we’ve compiled a list of helpful hints that can help you reverse your fate (particularly if you are doing it yourself at home).

1. Make them short.

Although long fingernails are attractive, they do not last as long as shorter trims. When trimming and filing your nails, shorter nails are less prone to break, chip, or peel.

2. Select Your Top Coat Wisely

The decision between matte and high shine isn’t the only one to make when picking a top coat. Choose a product that offers chip resistance, protective measures, and strengthening—and additional points if it also has a moisturizing component.

3. Use the Proper Base Coat

We do agree that what is on the inside is what matters. While many people blame their manicure issues on the polish or top coat, the basecoat is just as critical, if not more, and it’s a step that many people ignore altogether. You may substantially increase the longevity and appearance of your manicure by utilizing a gripping, firm basecoat.

4. Every 2-3 days, reapply your top coat.

Unlike popular opinion, a top coat is not a one-and-done treatment. It, like most essential things in life, needs upkeep. Reapply your top coat every two or three days for optimum effects and mani maintenance.

5. Take excellent care of Chipping as soon as possible.

Have you ever looked at a chipped nail, rolled your eyes, became upset, and completely forgot about it? Yes, we, too. However, addressing chips as soon as they appear will protect your manicure in several ways, and the earlier you return your nails to a unified, flaw-free look, the better. If you leave the chip alone, you could scratch and find your path to mani-destruction. Furthermore, repairing the chip will keep it from spreading and worsening.

  1. Allow them to dry completely.

It’s about as fun as watching paint dry to wait for your nail polish to dry. However, it is a necessary sacrifice if you want to keep your mani. Did you know that most manicures don’t dry entirely for about an hour after application? We were astounded as well.

So, even if they seem dry to the hand after a few mins or if you have dried them for the necessary time, they won’t have stiffened and settled for a long time. Bear this in mind and proceed cautiously while your fingernails are still moist.

Top 5 Tips for Completing a Home Manicure with Double Dip Nails Polish

  1. Make a flat surface. To prepare your nails for the powder, use a manicure board or a nail file to produce an equal surface. Push your cuticles back and tidy them; resist applying cuticle oils as it will hinder the powder from adhering.

2. Start with your first nail and apply your first coat. One thin, even layer of your Base Coat should be applied. Stop just below the cuticle. This is where the powder will adhere, so ensure to cover the whole nail while keeping the layer as thin as possible. This would allow for a uniform, smooth application of powder.

3. It’s time to paint your first nail! Dip your nail at an angle to cover the first nail with dipping powder. For even covering, ensure your whole nail emerges. Remove the excess powder by lightly tapping the side of your finger.

Steps 2 and 3 should be repeated as you work your way over both hands, one fingernail at a time. For complete coverage, apply a second thin, equal base layer to each nail. Repeat the technique for a second application, brushing off any excess powder. Wipe away extra powder from your nails and hands using a loose brush.

  1. Apply a thick application of your Nail Activator to each nail to activate the powder. The dipping powder colour will deepen and become thicker. Allow it to dry thoroughly. Cover the edges of the nails and cap off the tips.

After your nails have dried, shape them with an emery board nail file.

After you’ve finished shaping your nails, add another coat of Activator to each one. Allow at least two minutes for drying.

  1. Finally, apply your Nail Finish Gel. After 15 seconds, add a second layer of the Finish Gel. After thoroughly drying your nails (approximately 1-2 minutes), use cuticle oil to repair and hydrate them.

6 of the Best Double Dip Nail Powders 

Double dip manicure powders are a great way to make your manicure last longer. They provide a base coat and top coat, which makes them extra durable. A wide variety of colours are available for these nail powders so that you can find the perfect shade for your nails. 

we have listed below 6 of the best double dip manicure powder

1. Beetles Gel Polish

2. Azure Beauty

3. Aikker

4. Joya Mia

5. Kiara Sky

6. OPI

Mia Secret Clear Acrylic Powder (4oz)

Mia secret
Colour Clear
Item Weight 0.25 Pounds
Number of Pieces 1
Item Form‏ Powder

Which Brands of Dry Nails Work Well With Different Types of Skin Tones?

What’s the most astonishing thing about wearing any form of make-up? There are no guidelines! You may wear any colour of lipstick, eyeshadow, or nail paint you like, regardless of your skin tone. But if you’re interested in which nail polish colours work best on your skin tone, if it means they precisely match your undertone or give just enough contrast to make the nails pop, we’ve got you covered.

If you haven’t found your favourite nail polish yet, keep scrolling to explore the most flattering colours for every complexion


Skin Tone: Dark

  • Reds and pinks that pop
  • Yellows that pop
  • Mocha nude
  • earthy Clay

Skin Tone: Olive

  • Warm orange and red
  • Teal and blue that pop
  • Creamy pink

Skin Tone: Medium

  • Corals and bubblegum pink
  • Mauves rosy
  • Dark plum
  • Lilacs in pastel colour

Skin Tone: Fair 

  • Sandy beige
  • magical White
  • Dusty Pink
  • Light Pastel

Skin Tone: Light

  • Pinks with blue undertones
  • Midnight Blues
  • Creamy greys with charcoal undertones
  • primary reds

What Are the Benefits of Using Double Dip Nail Polish & How Can You Use It to Your Advantage?

Double Dip powder nails are ideal for anyone who values their time and prefers a long-lasting nail finish.

  • No Ultraviolet drying: After finishing your dip powder manicure with a base of top coat, you don’t need to cure your nails with dangerous UV rays.
  • Simple to carry out at home: There are various DIY gel nail kits available for use at home, and if you can get your manicures done with polish at home, then you can make dip powder manicures at home.
  • Dip powder nails can be worn for up to a month. When done correctly by a specialist, your nails should be chip-free for up to a month. Whenever you DIY your dip, your mani should last roughly two to three weeks.
  • Unlimited colour optionsAs the popularity of dip powder nails grew, producers hurried to give as many colour options as traditional nail paint. You should have no issue replacing your favourite lacquers with powder hues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose a double dip powder instead of just using the regular powder?

The first reason is that double dip powder can help to prevent chipping and peeling. You will be able to achieve a long-lasting manicure with your favourite colour without being afraid that it will chip off in a few days.

Can I use this product on my toes?

Yes, you can safely apply this powder to your toes. It is safe for sensitive nails and provides the same benefits as other products applied to your nails. 

 How to use double dip nail powder?

1. Apply the powder first, then the base coat.

2. Allow to dry for about 30 seconds, then apply your polish of choice and finish with the top coat.

3. Repeat steps 1-2 if desired for a thicker layer of colour or longer-lasting manicure.

Artdone 16 Jars Chrome Nail Powder Metallic Mirror Effect Holographic Aurora Chameleon Pigment 1g/Jar for Nail Art Gel Polish Mermaid Unicorn Dipping Powder

Colour 16jars
Item Weight 1 Gram
Number of Pieces 16
Item Form‏ Powder

 What is a double dip?

Double dip is a technique used by nail technicians and manicurists to give the client a more natural look. It involves applying a base coat and then, after drying, applying the colour over the top of it. This gives you a seamless manicure that looks just as good as if you had gone to the salon and had it done professionally.

How do I get my nails ready for double-dipped nails?

You’ll need to cleanse your nails and allow them to dry completely before applying any base coats or powders. Then apply a thin layer of your favourite nail polish onto your nails using an angled brush or sponge applicator. Once this has dried completely, apply one coat of your favourite clear base coat onto your nails.


Choosing the best double dip powder for your manicure and pedicure routine can be tricky. There are so many options, each with its strengths and weaknesses, that making a choice can become overwhelming.

When it comes to the best double dip powder nail polishes, many are bold red or pink. However, double dip powder nail polish has changed, coming in more skin tone colours. Regardless of which one is desired, double dip powder nail polish can help strengthen brittle nails and keep the nails healthy for an extended period.

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