Top Spas in Ikeja [2022]

After my visit to a particular spa in Ikeja some months ago, I began to document each of my experiences whenever I visited Spas or hotels. As one who is born and brought up in Lagos, I can tell you that Ikeja is a hub for an unsettled lifestyle.

There is no way you drive past a road, street, or crescent in this area of Lagos without feeling this frenzy and unwarranted pace of commuters.

Let’s face it, every Lagosian who hits the road almost every day, maybe for business purposes or schooling should create time for pampering and rest. In this connection, I’ve encountered some really cool spas around where I live – Ikeja, Lagos. Sometimes, I close my eyes and make a solemn thanks to God for the establishment of these excellent spas because it is one relieving way you can let out pressure to escape day-to-day stress.

spa in Ikeja

Best Spas in Ikeja, Lagos

Just in case you are in a hurry, here is our list of the best spas in Ikeja, Lagos

  • Bioviva holistic spa
  • Grey and glow spa
  • Glamour lounge salon and spa
  • Rose and velvet spa
  • L’Amy spa and beauty salon
  • Hyssop beauty spa

While a number of reputable hotels in Ikeja like Protea Hotel and Sheraton Hotel offer spa services, I have done a closer survey by digging out the best spa locations in Ikeja. (I didn’t have to ‘dig’ out some of them because they are well known!)

But I did create quality time to scour Ikeja for the best spas to visit, and here is a list I came up with as the best place you can enjoy a blissful rejuvenation experience. 

Bioviva Holistic Spa

Address: 74 Ogundana Crescent, Ikeja GRA, Lagos, Nigeria. 

For bookings call: 0706 104 0109 or 0704 030 9825


Spas in Ikeja

This is the only best holistic spa in Ikeja that also has its own Christian meditation classes. I must not fail to mention Bioviva among my exclusive list because they are worth every accolade.

To get loosened up from the fast-paced lifestyle of Ikeja city life, you can head to the Bioviva spa to get various types of massage and skincare treatments. You can not visit this spa and leave without feeling replenished and young again.

Bioviva spa in Ikeja boasts of professional personnel who are well trained in offering quality spa treatment services to anyone who is stressed out or emotionally perturbed.

They also make available a number of amazingly beautiful products that help to get long-lasting results on skin care.

They incorporate a mix of African, oriental, and western technology to achieve outstanding results. I also learned that Bioviva has been working in the field for over twenty years and having a great impact on customers spread across Nigeria, the UK, Ghana, South Africa, Germany, and the USA.

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Grey and Glow Spa

Address: 3rd Floor of Golfview Hotel and Suites (12 General Adeyinka Adebayo Rd, Ikeja GRA, Lagos)

For Bookings Call +2349066938576


grey and glow spa ikeja

A lot of people who live or work in Ikeja must have probably heard about Grey and Glow Spa. The establishment is well known as a place to get top-quality spa treatment service and muscle relaxing massage.

I love this spa location in Ikeja because they also offer a wide range of exquisite spa treatment options. Along with this are their perfect types of massages, facials, body scrubs, nail care, makeup, waxing, sauna, our signature Moroccan steam bath, and More.

A lot of people don’t feel great about their skin. If your daily business requires you to be exposed to sunlight, causing you to have skin conditions that you are not cool with, then a regular visit to Grey and Glow Spa is all you need to feel great about how you look.

You will feel like a royal guy in that luxurious robe and comfortable sandals provided for you. This can be accompanied with a beverage while indulging in your choice of rejuvenating spa treatments 

Another reason why they rank first on this list is that they’ve got really trained professionals that will not only give you a perfect spa service but also treat you nicely and respectfully.

And even when you have no knowledge about the skin and facial therapy that you need, they’ve got professionals for a personal consultation. With what most clients say about this spa, Grey and glow spa is all about making you enjoy the benefit of maximum relaxation and rejuvenation.

They’ve also got this special  Swedish, deep tissue, and a 60-minute volcanic hot stone massage. Now if that is about to awe you, you should not forget to go for their expert manicures and pedicures. 

Glamour lounge salon and spa, Ikeja

Address: Suite A3 Ojuolape Plaza, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

For bookings call +234 (0) 802 8665 327 or +234 (0) 807 0466 879


glamour lounge spa ikeja

The best thing to think of when visiting Glamour lounge salon and spa that you can get the best of includes the following:

  • Exquisite Spa service
  • Well established Salon
  • Well equipped Gym

You are set to get an unforgettable spa treatment experience by paying a visit to Glamour lounge salon and spa Ikeja. Starting from the entrance, this location is embodied with the perfect atmosphere for tranquility.

They give clients perfect massage and outstanding facial and skincare treatment. If this seems like the best choice for you, don’t forget to take a look at the exceptional products they offer for skin maintenance.

I’ll call the glamour lounge salon and spa a  Wellness Spa of choice because they offer you a wide range of spa treatments and various types of massage. I really can’t think of a better therapy that helps in the relief of stress and tension than the one offered at Glamour lounge salon and spa Ikeja.

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Rose & Velvet Spa

Address: 3, Aromire Avenue, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

For bookings call:  08023312137


The Rose and Velvet Spa is open from 9 am to 6 pm (Mon-Sat) and 2 pm-6 pm only on Sunday. You can go on Sundays to get more personal treatment. So why have I included Rose and velvet spa as part of this exclusive list of the best spas in Ikeja?

Apart from the fact that they are known as their work area is equipped with top-quality facilities for a spa treatment, the rose and velvet spa in Ikeja is a place where anyone can enjoy a perfect pampering experience at a seemingly affordable cost. They also have experts in the field that are out of this world  Their message seems like an angel’s touch.

 It is a very safe location where even stars and celebrities can get a spa treatment. While you may be offered some basic things for the treatment option you’ve chosen, it is recommended to go with your own Towels. They are known to give the best when it comes to facial, deep tissue massage, pedicure, and steam baths.

Guess what? You can also have professional spa service in your home as rose and velvet got you covered. It is a perfect replacement for traditional retail spas. To crown, it all is their certified and licensed staff that have been trained with the skills to transform your body and mind. The area is also hygienic.

Le’ Amy Spa & Beauty Studio

Address: 94 A, Opebi Road Ikeja, Lagos, Ikeja, Lagos

For bookings call: 2347046060598


le amy spa ikeja

It is very easy to locate Le’ Amy Spa & Beauty Studio in Ikeja. While they are not really popular like the others we’ve looked into, you probably have no idea about the cool stuff offered at Le’ Amy Spa & Beauty Studio. It is an ideal spa for both males and females as they offer a wide range of treatment options.

They bring out the best in you by incorporating quality equipment and facilities to facilitate healthy looks and ambiance. They also have a well-trained staff that is attentive to your demands and apt in delivery.

At Le’ Amy Spa & Beauty Studio you can enjoy various spa treatments that vary from facials to massages, body treatment, micro-blading eyebrows, lash extensions, makeup, pedicure, and manicure.

I’m sure their watchword is optimum rejuvenation and relaxation of clients because this is the only thing you think about them when you get yourself pampered here. Plus, they also sell long-lasting skin and hair care products for both men and women. 

Hyssop Beauty Spa

Address: 9 Olufunmilola Okikiolu Street Off Toyin Street Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria

For bookings call: 0802 774 1921

Bringing this interesting article to an end, I must not fail to mention yet another amazing spa located in Ikeja. One reason you’d probably choose to book a session with Hyssop beauty spa is that they are specialized in offering clinical skincare treatment.

They offer their spa treatments in a unique style and professional outlook. Their packaging is out of this world. At this spa, you can get refreshed and replenished. Another thing that sets them apart is the long-lasting beauty solutions that are provided here.

In addition to the quality spa treatments offered, Hyssop beauty spa enlightens clients about what treatment is ideal for them and what works best for their type of skin.

So if you are a noob like me when it comes to organic and sophisticated skin and facial care, you can still choose spa treatments rightly at Hyssop beauty spa. This also allows you to get value for money spent on spa services.

So, guys, I hope you’ve found this exclusive list of the best spa in Ikeja very helpful. If you find yourself around this area, and you feel you need to rejuvenate, then these six spas are the sure places to go.

I will keep scouring some other axis in Lagos to discover other similar places where you can get pampered. For now, have a great day ahead!

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