Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair? All Your Questions Answered In Details [2022]

If you are contemplating applying purple shampoo, “a liquid substance which contains crushed violet-purple pigment,” to your dry hair, you need to keep reading this article to be sure it is okay to apply it to your dry hair.

Can you use purple shampoo on dry hair?

It is not advisable to apply purple shampoo to your dry hair. This is because when your hair is dry, it will soak up more of the purple pigment and may be uneven in its absorption. Highlighted areas will soak more moisture than virgin hair closer to your roots. Applying purple shampoo on dry hair can result in an uneven finish.

Can you use a purple conditioner on dry hair?

Yes, you can use a purple conditioner on dry hair. However, the purple shampoo is more concentrated than the purple conditioner and works differently compared to the purple conditioner. The purple shampoo enters the cuticle and deposits the purple pigment, while the purple conditioner makes a layer over the hair strands.

Applying a purple conditioner after rinsing the purple shampoo will give a good result. For more effective results, use a purple toning conditioner that goes along with your purple toning shampoo.

 Purple shampoo on dry hair
Purple shampoo on dry hair

Step-to-step guide on how to apply purple shampoo properly to your dry hair

Step 1: Lean back properly in your washbasin

Step 2: Divide your hair into four sections

Step 3: Wet your hair a little before applying the purple shampoo. If you apply it just like that on your dry hair, the absorption will be uneven, which may harm your hair more.

Step 4: Start applying the shampoo from the roots of your hair before applying the shampoo to the other part of your hair.

Step 5: To get the desired result, use a comb or a firm bristol brush to enable you to detangle your hair and work your purple shampoo through your dry hair properly.

Step 6: Massage gently

Step 7: You can leave it for up to 5-20 minutes on your hair, depending on the condition of your hair.

Step 8: Rinse with lukewarm water. Ensure you cup your hand properly to prevent the water from spilling all over your body.

Step 9: Once you have washed away the shampoo, apply a purple conditioner to prevent breakage.

Step 10: After 5-10 minutes, you can wash away the conditioner.

What does purple shampoo do?

  • Purple shampoo eradicates bleach blondes’ brassy, yellow, or orange tones.
  • Purple shampoo can lessen the brassy tone of your hair and restore your beautiful hair.
  • Purple shampoo takes away any highlight among brunettes.
  • Purple shampoo doesn’t lighten your hair but brightens it.
  • Purple shampoo takes away the reddish tones in dyed blonde hair
  • Purple shampoo does not change the tones or colours of brown hair.
  • Purple shampoo can cool down the tones of highlights on brown hair and other colours.
  • The purple shampoo will make your dyed blonde hair look vibrant and fresh.
  • Purple shampoo colour corrects your hair tone.
  • Purple shampoo gets rid of unwanted tones in natural grey or silver hair.
  • Purple shampoo has a rich and pleasant formula that improves your hair condition after usage.
  • Purple shampoo fixes dry and damaged strands

How do you choose the right purple shampoo?

It isn’t easy to figure out the right purple shampoo to buy since there are various purple shampoos. Moreover, these shampoos are sealed, locked, or screwed after packaging.

If you find any purple shampoo that you can easily lock, screw or seal back; then check for the following factors:

  • Colour
  • Consistency
  • Transparency


A good purple shampoo’s colour should be a deep dark purple colour, at least. A dark, opaque purple shampoo will work well.

This doesn’t mean that purple shampoo with a lighter shade is not effective; they are effective. The lighter the shade of purple shampoo, the more subtle the effect.

You can use a darker purple or indigo-hued shampoo for icy platinum, grey, or light blonde strands. This will come out beautiful.


A good purple shampoo’s consistency should be very thick and not runny.

TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo

Item Form Liquid
Hair Type Blonde/ Silver Hair
Age Range (Description) Adult
Scent  Pleasant


A good purple shampoo should not be too transparent

How long should you leave the purple shampoo on dry hair?

How long your purple shampoo should stay on your hair depends greatly on your hair porosity. It also depends on the current condition of your hair.

Essentially, your hair’s porosity and shape will determine how much purple pigment your hair will attract.

But I suggest you don’t leave it for too long, so you are not left with an unwanted tint. You can leave it for 5-30 minutes, but not longer than an hour.

Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair 

Item Form Liquid
Material Plastic, Metal
Age Range (Description) Adult
Material Type Free  Sulphate Free, Paraben Free

What are the risks of using purple shampoo on dry hair?      

You may experience dryness after washing your hair.

It may give your hair a freckled colour due to the inconsistency of the porosity of your hair. Hence, there would be uneven absorption.

If not applied properly, it will harm your hair.

Summary tips

  • Use purple shampoo to tone your warm colours, not as a colouring product.
  • Consider the colour wheel when choosing purple shampoos
  • Buy the darkest purple or violet-pigmented shampoos to get the best results
  • Avoid exposing your hair to sunlight if you want to prevent brassy tones
  • Use the shampoo on towel-dried hair to take in more purple pigment
  • Leave the shampoo in your hair for at least five to 20 minutes


How does purple shampoo work on dry hair?

Since purple shampoo is a toning shampoo that contains crushed violet-purple pigment, when applied to the hair, the “crushed violet purple pigment” will settle onto your strand. This will counteract your hair’s brassy, yellow, or orange tones.

What is the best way to use purple shampoo on dry hair?

First, wet your hair and lather on the formula before applying the purple shampoo to your hair. If you have dry ends or it is more porous than the rest of your hair, ensure you apply a little conditioner on the tips to prevent the porous tips from soaking up too much pigment.

For a great result, you can divide your hair into four sections before applying the purple shampoo to coat all your hair evenly. Carefully massage the shampoo into your roots. Ensure you work your way around your entire head. You can also check the purple shampoo label/packaging for directions on its usage.

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