2022 Guide | How To Prevent Mascara From Running Down The Face

Mascara is a cosmetic product that makes your eyelashes appear longer, thicker, and darker. It enhances your beauty, but if it runs down your face just when you are yet to begin your day fully, it will leave your face messy. In all honesty, your self-confidence will drop; it can’t be the same as the one you left home with.

In this article, I will share why mascara smudges and how to prevent mascara from running down the face. Keep reading to find out more.

How can you prevent mascara from running down the face throughout the day?

You can prevent your mascara from running down your face by adopting these ten simple methods:

  1. Clean your lashes and face
  2. Use a primer
  3. Use a tri-locking mascara
  4. Lightly dust under the eyes; don’t bake
  5. Wipe your under eyes occasionally
  6. Apply your make-up correctly.
  7. Buy quality mascara
  8. Use eyebrow gel
  9. Keep blotting
  10. Use setting spray.

1. Clean your lashes and face.

400;”>Before applying mascara on your lashes, ensure that your face is clean; don’t apply it on a dirty lash or face. You can use a cleansing product to gently remove all traces of makeup from your eyelashes, eyelids, and brows.

2. Use a primer

An eyeshadow primer prepares your lids for all eye makeup and creates a long-lasting, smudge-free base. It will help tame oily lids. Note that any product you use on your lids to dry them will do just that; dry the skin on them and potentially dehydrate it. 

If your skin is exceptionally oily, use a rapidly absorbing beauty oil to keep eyelids hydrated and smooth the skin. 

Let your beauty oil absorb into your skin before you apply your mascara. Moist skin will produce less sebum, preventing your mascara from smudging against your skin.

3. Use a tri-locking mascara.

It is not until you use waterproof mascara that you can keep your mascara locked tight on your lashes; a tri-locking mascara can also bond to your lashes to create a hold that lasts without using polymers and silicones.

You don’t have to fear your mascara running down your face, your lashes falling off, or damaging. 

4. Lightly dust under the eyes; don’t bake.

Don’t over-apply concealer and a cake-like layer of powder beneath your eyes. Don’t bake the under-eye area as well. It will only dehydrate it and age the eye prematurely. 

Instead, opt for a light dusting of transparent powder under the eyes and let it stay for a few minutes before applying your mascara. If your mascara smudges under your bottom lashes, it can be easily removed by dusting off the powder. 

5. Wipe your under eyes occasionally.

You can occasionally gently wipe or blot the area under your eyes to avoid smudges. It will free your skin from excess oil and remove any mascara that may collect under your eyes. 

You can blot the area under your brow bone to prevent streaks near your eyebrows. 

6. Apply mascara correctly.

If you coat the backside of your top lashes, your mascara will run down your face. Apply it to the front of your upper lashes instead. You can apply it to the tips of your lashes instead of the entire shaft if you need more than one coat.

Avoid applying more than one coat to your bottom lashes. Applying too much product here can create the potential for a mascara catastrophe under your eyes. 

7. Buy quality mascara.

If you wear the correct type of mascara, you can prevent mascara from running down your face. You can create beautiful styles with your lashes and get them to last all day.

8. Use an eyebrow gel

Clear brow gel is one of the best ways of preventing your mascara from running down. Apply a few coats, and go over the top with a clear brows gel. It will screen the mascara below and stop it from smearing or running down your face. Ensure you dry your brow gel for some time. The gel doesn’t dry up and ruins your lashes like waterproof mascara.

9. Keep blotting

Keep a sheet of blotting paper in the deck and under your eyes to soak excess oil, especially if you have oily eyelashes.

10. Use a setting spray.

A setting spray is essential in your make-up. Use it on your make-up and mascara to prevent smudging during the day.

 prevent mascara from running down face
How to prevent mascara from running down face

The four most notable mistakes that make your mascara run down your face.

  1. You are starting with your top lashes.
  2. You are pumping too much wand.
  3. Don’t forget to wipe off the brush first.
  4. You are using old mascara.

1. Starting with your top lashes.

It would help if you started with your bottom lashes instead of your top lashes to prevent those dots on your eyelids and under your eyes and prevent your top lashes from smudging when you look down. 

Also, you should look straight and place your wand at the base of your lashes when doing your top lashes. Move the wand up your lashes in a zig-zagging motion to give your lashes a curled effect. Repeat till you get your lashes as thick as you want, usually two to three coats. 

Tilt your head forward slightly to avoid getting mascara onto your cheek when applying to the bottom lashes. Use a credit card, business card, or small piece of paper to keep your mascara from smudging. Starting from the bottom will lift your lids as you apply them to your bottom lashes. 

2. Pumping too much wand.

You will push air into your mascara tube if you keep pumping the wand in and out of the tube. It will make the mascara dry out quickly, causing clumping. It would be best to gently twist the wand back and forth or in circular motions to pick up the desired amount of product.

3. Not wiping off the brush first.

Your mascara brushes will most likely pick up extra from the tube, so it would be best if you gently wipe the excess off on a tissue or towel after removing your brush from the tube.

4. Using old mascara

Your eyes are very delicate, so ensure you regularly replace anything that comes in contact with your eyes to avoid infection. Once your mascara starts getting clumpy, you should thrash it. It won’t give you the desired result. Usually, you should not use your mascara for longer than six months.

Why does mascara run down the face?

It may have possibly happened due to your hydrated or oily eyelids. Your eye cream, which contains moisture and oils, blends with the heat and oils from the skin. The heat rises toward the mascara, affects the ingredients, and breaks it down, causing those dreaded mascara to bleed and smudge.

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Before applying mascara, know that it is bound to run down your face if you use too many cream products like cream eyeshadows, eyeliners, and eye creams on that area. It is because creamy products affect the texture and moisture of the mascara. Too much cream won’t help your mascara stay put because they create an oily, slippery base for your mascara, making it smudge. Instead, opt for gels, powders, and matte textures.

Also, your mascara may run down your face if your eyelids are highly fragile. Note that the skin on your eyelids has fewer sebaceous (oil) glands than the rest of your skin. 

Furthermore, if the ingredients used for the mascara don’t bond with your lashes, it will run down your face.

Will waterproof mascara run down your face?

Waterproof mascara is a type that doesn’t easily get washed off with water. It uses a blend of chemical ingredients to coat your lashes with an ingredient resistant to water and sweat. It is not easy to remove.

It, however, doesn’t guarantee that your mascara will not run down your face. But, your skin’s excess oils may be sufficient to slip and slide it off your lashes and onto your skin. 

It would be best not to use it often as waterproof mascaras are drying and not very buildable. It will make your lashes weak and cause them to fall out; it will damage your lashes. 

If you insist on using it, apply only a thin layer to your lashes and ensure you don’t pull or rub them when you want to remove them; remove the mascara with extra care. 

In conclusion, your mascara can smudge during summer, wet snow, and strong winds during the winter. It can cause your eyes to tear up and make your mascara run down your face. 

Running mascara is what every lady detests. You don’t want to suffer it a few minutes into wearing it after taking your time to finish a beautiful eye make-up look; with the perfectly blended eyeshadow and an on-fleek cat-eye. This article has provided tips on preventing your mascara from running down your face.

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What to consider when buying mascara?

  1. It should be easy to apply.
  2. It should come off quickly.
  3. It should dry fast when you apply it to your lashes.

Why does your mascara always transfer?

Your mascara always transfers or slides because the formula contains too much oil, not sufficient to dry down or solidify on your lashes. 

How to prevent raccoon eyes with mascara?

You will need to apply a layer of the clear brow gel over the top when your mascara dries. It will seal the mascara beneath and prevent it from running all over your face. 

You can opt to use waterproof mascara on the top lashes; add only from the middle to the tip of the lashes, not on the root.

Why does your mascara stick together after applying mascara?

It will stick together if you are not separating your lashes. To prevent this from happening, comb through them with a spoolie brush. 

Why do your eyelashes go flat after applying mascara?

If you curl your lashes after applying mascara, the mascara will stick to the curler, causing your lashes to either break or be pulled out. If you do it carefully, your curls will hold.

How do you keep your eyeliner from transferring to your upper eyelid?

Apply a base of mineral powder foundation on your eyelid, mix a powder liner shadow with waterproof setting gel and put a final brush of the mineral liner powder on top. 

What is mascara?

Mascara is a widely used cosmetic product that enhances eyelashes. It makes the eyelashes appear longer, thicker, and darker.










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