Where to Get Massage in Lagos?

massage in lagos
Lagos! You probably get the drill by now. Long hours of traffic and longer hours at work, overworked shoulders and overwhelming mental stress? Yeah. Everyone deserves a break some time, at least once in a while. Asides being stressed from the hustle and bustle of the 9 to 5 life, a good massage helps with the strains of athletics activities and workouts and can reduce depression/anxiety levels. Looking for a serene spa where you can relax while the skilled hands of a professional relieve you of all that muscle tension, magically calms your nerves, and takes away all that stress? We know the best places to get a good massage in Lagos, and here are our top picks:

Tirta Ayu Spa

Located in Lekki, Lagos,  Trita Ayu Spa is a leading traditional Javanese herbal spa bringing you spa treatments with a blend of ancient and modern therapeutic remedies for healthy living and total well being.  Their services include aromatherapy massage sessions, which penetrate the bloodstream and soothes the central nervous system, and the Thai massage, for muscle tension and spasms.
There are more massage options such as the African stone massage, which uses small, warm Basalt stones placed at key energy points on the body to ease stress, the Balinese massage, intended to induce calmness and improve blood flow, as well as the  Shiatsu Massage, which uses finger pressure on the body’s acupuncture, points to relieve aches and stress.
Trita Ayu Spa also offers Warm Candle Massage, Wine Massage, Trita Queen Massage, Gayatri Spice Thermal massage, bamboo herbal massage, and the pregnancy massage. There’s also a massage session designed for children to unwind their sporty bodies and relax their minds, and a couple’s massage perfect for honeymoons and romantic getaways.
You can visit the Trita Ayu Spa at No. 8 Olabode George Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, or at No. 33 Wole Ariyo Street, Off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. To find out more about massage plans, bookings and membership, visit tritaayuspa.com.ng

Kazmani Mobile Massages

Kazmani Mobile Massages offers to rejuvenate massage sessions to clients in Lekki, Ikeja, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Banana Island, Ajah, Festac, Ojodu, Egbeda, Gbagada, Yaba, Surulere, Ogudu, and many other locations in Lagos, 24 hours a day throughout the week. Booking is fast and easy, and there’s a wide range of options so you get to pick a massage that is best for you.
At the top of their list, Kazmani’s special Swedish Massage involves a mild, full-body massage (except for the sex organs) and is ideal for people seeking relief from a great deal of stress. Or you could go for a deep-tissue massage, where more pressure is applied to relieve aching muscles and tissues. The deep tissue massage works best for people undergoing body aches as a result of long hours at work, athletic activities or workouts, or dislocations and bruised tissues left unaddressed.
Thinking about a massage for your team at the office? Book a corporate massage with Kazmani Mobile Massages. Depending on the massage plan, your staff could get an Office Chair Massage, which involves neck, shoulder, back, and waist massages at work, reducing stress to the barest whilst productivity soars to the peak. The Full Body Corporate Massage Plan gives your staff full-body massages at their home or hotel rooms.
Other massage plans from Kazmani Mobile Massages include the Couple’s Massage, for couples who intend to relieve stress whilst spending time together, and a Prenatal Massage for those who are pregnant.
To book a massage, visit the administrative branch at Duplex 2, 5 Seidu Ajibowu Street, Off Toyin Street, Ikeja, or visit kazmani.com

Nature’s Gift Massage

Wherever you are in Lagos, a professional massage therapist is only an hour away from you. All you need to do is to place a booking on naturesgiftmassage.com. Their priority on convenience lets you book appointments at times that suit you best. Appointments are available from 8 am till 11:30 pm every day.  Available amongst their massage options are deep tissue massage, sports massage, and therapeutic massage.

Lyon’s Mobile Massage

Delivering soothing massage therapy centered on health management, beauty, and pain relief to you at the comfort of your home, office, or hotel room, Lyon’s Mobile Massage offers a Massage Combo Pack which gives you the benefit of all their massage therapy packages for a one time pay off.  Lyon’s Mobile Massage focuses on excellent delivery as well as affordability, making it possible for you to get the wellness you deserve without breaking the bank.
For bookings, visit lyonsmobilemassage.com. Massage sessions include the Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and aromatherapy.

Jane’s Haven Beauty Spa

In addition to its beauty and waxing services, Jane’s Haven Beauty Spa helps you relax and recover with a range of healing massages. The experience at the spa is not only soothing and relaxing but unforgettable. Guests enjoy hospitality from the therapists from the moment they arrive.  With attention to relaxation, escapism hygiene, and luxury,  the atmosphere and decor at Jane’s Haven Beauty Spa make one easily feel at home. For reservations, visit janeshavenbeautyspa.com

Mai Saa Traditional Spa

Located in Lekki,  the Mai Saa Traditional Spa packs in luxury, affordability and professionalism, bringing you soothing relief with each and every visit. Visit  No. 30 The Providence St, Lekki Phase I, Lagos for the best Zen massage experience at the gentle hands of professionals. Massage therapy packages include Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and Sports massage.

Before You Get Your Next Massage?

1. Make sure you are going in for a massage that would work best for you. It is very important that you understand what methods would be used during your massage before it begins. Feel free to talk to your massage therapist and ask questions about the entire process and what it entails. If you’re going for a massage to relieve body ache, ask if you would be needing more massage sessions in the future. Bridging the communication gap is necessary before the massage begins, during the massage it is also important to tell your massage therapist if what they are doing is making you feel better or if it’s making you feel uncomfortable.
2. Drink lots of water before you go get a massage. A good massage improves your blood and oxygen circulation but it is also a dehydrating process.  When your muscles are overworked, it leads to a build-up of toxins which blocks the flow of essential nutrients and oxygen, making you feel pain and stress. but a massage therapist loosens your muscles breaking up the build-up of toxins. Staying hydrated before and after a massage session is of good advantage to you as the water helps flush the released toxins out. In addition, never head into the spa right after a heavy meal as massage sessions aid digestion.
3. Take a good shower before your massage. It is important to get a shower and be in a calm mood before the massage begins. This will help calm your nerves throughout the session and make the massage therapist work even more effectively. At the end of your massage, expect to feel totally relaxed and relieved. Most massage sessions might make you drift off to sleep and that’s perfectly fine, it means that the therapist has done a very good job.  In the end, the perfect massage leaves you relaxed and energized, the perfect remedy for whenever you are stressed out.
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