I Am A Male With Long Eyelashes: Should I Trim Them?[2022]

Male With Long Eyelashes

You might have come across this article because you probably think, “I am a Male with Long Eyelashes: Should I Trim Them?”. Most cultures think it is weird for males to have long eyelashes; they are mostly despised for it. But in the modern world, a guy with long eyelashes is seen to be very attractive, and it is seen as a symbol of beauty and romance.

Most males have been faced with the option of either trimming their long eyelashes or leaving them. If you are one of them, I will advise that you shouldn’t trim your eyelashes unless you want dirt and debris to enter your eyes easily. Also, trimming your eyelashes can cause irritation which may cause redness or soreness around the eye area.

However, some men feel they look more feminine because they have longer eyelashes and feel trimming them down will make them look more masculine. But if you think leaving your eyelashes will make you uncomfortable and not too confident of yourself, you can try shortening them, but when you trim them too much, you can make your eyes look unnatural.

I am a Male with Long Eyelashes: Should I Trim Them?

Male with Long Eyelashes
I’m a male with Long Eyelashes: Should I Trim Them?

If you must trim your eyelashes, move your face within six inches of the mirror and determine how many inches you want your eyelashes to be. After you have determined the length of your eyelash, you can take a pair of scissors, with your eyes wide open, and gradually trim the lashes starting from the side of the lashes closest to your nose.

When trimming, ensure you do it gently and avoid the temptation of cutting it off at once so that you won’t over-shorten it.

Once you are done shortening your eyelashes, try to look at your eyelashes from various angles on the mirrors to ascertain that the lashes are of the same length on all sides. If they are not, you will have to work it again to all be of the same length.

This rumor is going around that it won’t grow again if you trim your eyelashes. That’s false. The same way you trim the hair on your scalp, it grows back. That is why the eyelash works. If you can’t trim yourself, you can consult a professional stylist or makeup stylist.

How Can I Make My Eyelashes Curl Naturally?

It is no doubt that curly eyelashes are cuter than straight ones. Curls have a way of making your eyelashes look more beautiful and giving you bright eyes.

Some people are born with curly eyelashes, while some have stubbornly straight lashes. However, even though you belong to the latter, yet is possible for you to curl it to your taste. You know that lashes can be blended to suit any shape or texture when they are under proper care, guidance and direction.

DIY Tips To Curl Your Eyelashes

One of the foremost tips is to ensure that your eyelashes are kept clean. A clean eyelash that is unadulterated can be easily curled.

Also, ensure you avoid applying lotions and cream to your eyelashes, as these make the curling process more strenuous.

Lay down a mirror flat or horizontally, and place them below your chin.

Then pick an eyelash curlier, and curl your eyelashes into three segments with your face looking down at the mirror. You may ask why you must look down at the mirror during the process. This is because the angle you form while looking down at the mirror helps the eyelash to curl.

Next, clamp down at the base of the lashes and count to three while looking down. You immediately release your hold on the lashes at the end of the third count. Follow the same procedure to curly the middle and tip of the eyelashes.

Next, use a clean spoolie brush to brush your eyelashes to enhance the curls.

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Then, take a clean business card or any plastic card and place it between your eyelashes and your eyelid. This helps to prevent mascara from getting into your eyelids. With this, you can effortlessly apply your mascara without any fear. While applying the mascara to your eyelash, ensure you look down at the mirror. Start the application from the base of the eyelashes, and brush to their tips. Ensure you reach the tips of the lashes with the mascara, as it will help maintain and enhance the lash curl. Ensure the business card is placed between your eyelash and eyelids during this process.

Lastly, use a clean spoolie brush to brush your eyelashes carefully. Afterward, wipe all mascara clumps and other excess mascara on the eyes. During this process, try and avoid any form of moisture, as it will loosen the curls. The curls should be totally cured before you can take a shower or apply water to them.

How Can A Man Grow His Eyelashes?

Male with Long Eyelashes
I am a Male with Long Eyelashes: Should I Trim Them?

There are various ways for a man to grow his eyelashes. They are both natural and artificial methods you can use. For the natural method, you can try out using natural oils like Castor oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Aloe vera, Vitamin E, Omega fatty acids, etc. For the artificial method, biotin is an excellent eyelash enhancer tablet. You can go for temporary eyelash extension insertion, and for a permanent result, you can get permanent false lashes inserted into your natural lashes.

Can a Man Fix an Eyelash Extension

If a man has a very short eyelash and wishes to make it appear fuller and longer, he can try out an eyelash extension. This is most prominent amongst male models.

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However, before fixing an eyelash extension, you should consider its pros and cons carefully.

Pros of Eyelash Extension

  1. Your makeup routine is simplified.

It’s no doubt that guys aren’t really into makeup, but sometimes they wear very light makeup, especially when having a photo shoot or something. In this case, having an eyelash extension on saves you the stress of sitting long for the stylist to work on your eyelashes. And this is very nice since guys hate sitting for a long to get makeup done.

  1. It can be customized.

As a guy and a lady, you can decide what your eyelash looks like. When getting an extension done, you can determine the volume, length, thickness, and texture (whether straight or curled). Here, you have total control to decide your eye look. Guys are known to be in charge, and getting a lash extension gives you that liberty to take charge of how you want to appear and look.

  1. You are free from mascara mishaps.

When you get an extension done, you are totally from form issues that can arise from the incorrect application of mascara, such as clumping, smudginess, and irritation, which is heart-relieving. If you have been disturbed by any mascara mishaps, you will be glad to get a lash extension done.

Cons of Eyelash Extension

  1. Cost.

Getting a good eyelash extension done by a good stylist is expensive. At Envious Lashes, it will cost you about $140 to $450 to get an eyelash done, depending on the type of eyelash and the professionalism of the stylist. Because this is temporary, you should know that you are into a big deal.

  1. It requires maintenance.

When you get an eyelash extension, you must visit the salon every two to three weeks. Also, you have to be following some rules to take care of your eyelashes and make your natural lashes aren’t affected in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it good to have long eyelashes as a man?

A long eyelash makes men appear more attractive and catchy because they usually have smaller eyes and larger brows. Also, long eyelashes play a role in biological attraction, which is good. Besides this, long lashes are a sign of good health in a guy.

Is it good to trim eyelashes?

Trimming the eyelashes is not advisable as the lashes help protect dirt, dust, and debris from entering your eyes. But in the case where your eyelashes are reaching your brow bone or the lens of your glasses when you blink, you can trim it a little bit. While trimming, keep a good mirror with you, as it is a helpful tool for you to see what you are doing. You can consult a stylist if you can’t do it yourself.

What do I do if my eyelashes are too long?

If your lashes are too long and make you uncomfortable, you can use small lash scissors to trim some part of the outer edge. And it is done systematically so that you won’t over-shorten your eyelashes.



As a guy, you should know to trim your eyelash if it is too long and disturbing. Apart from that, long eyelashes are a blessing and should be maintained. If you must trim your eyelashes, ensure a professional stylist does it to avoid any appearance of cuts or irritation.

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