How Can I sharpen lip liner Without A Sharpener?

How Can I sharpen lip liner Without A Sharpener
How Can I sharpen lip liner Without A Sharpener
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Just like every makeup product, Lip liners are game-changers in your makeup routine. They help define your lips and make them look just perfect. However, it can be pretty annoying when you complete your makeup and want to finish your lips only to find that your lip liner breaks or cracks. 

One time while doing my makeup, I remembered I needed to line my lips, only to find out my lip liner kept breaking. I couldn’t get a hold of it and had to carry on without it. Why do lip liners break, I thought?  It gets even worse when your sharpener is not within reach. 

Hence the curiosity; can I sharpen lip liners without a sharperner? If you’re interested in finding out simple products that you can use to sharpen your lip liner, then read till the end.

How can I sharpen my lip liner without a sharpener?

As funny as this may sound, you can sharpen your lip liners without a sharpener. You can get scissors or pocket knives to do the job. All you need do is place the lip liner’s head between the blades and use a little pressure to sharpen till you get a pointed tip.  

What can I use instead of lip liner?

Sometimes you might not want to use eyeliner, or perhaps you don’t have a lip liner handy. Let’s examine some possible alternatives for lip liners.

  • Tinted lip balms

Tinted tip balms are a great substitute because they are smooth and appear more natural. They come in various shades and colors. You can use one that fits your look, and this would keep your lips moisturized throughout the day. 

  • Lip gloss

Lip gloss is another way to do away with lip liners. You will find lip gloss available everywhere in different colors. You honestly cannot go wrong using lip gloss to line your lips. You can either use a shiny lip gloss or one with a more matte look. If you have a shiny lip gloss and want a more matte, you can use a makeup sponge or blender to blot off the shine or use a concealer over the lip gloss to reduce the shine.  

  • Semi-Matte Lipstick

The best part is that a semi Matte Lipstick provides much coverage even with the tiniest application. All you need is a concealer brush or a lip brush to apply to your lips.

  • Eyeshadow

I know you might be surprised, but eyeshadow is a versatile product. All you need to do is take some eyeshadow and put it in a container. Then mix with your lip balm or even petroleum jelly, and you’re good to go. 

  • Lip Crayon

Lip Crayons are great substitutes for both lip liners and lipsticks. It provides much coverage and does not feel sticky on your lips at all. The best part is that you can sharpen it with your lip pencil sharpener. 

Fashionable cosmetic products for eyes set with eyeliner eyeshadow and eyebrow in realistic style isolated vector illustration
Fashionable cosmetic products for eyes set with eyeliner eyeshadow and eyebrow in realistic style isolated vector illustration

How are lip pencils different from eyeliners?

Lip liners and eye pencils are different in terms of their constituting ingredients. Lip liners and eye pencils contain fats, oils, and waxes. Lip liners, however, have a higher amount of ingredients, including alcohol. A higher concentration in lip liners is needed to prevent dryness in the lips. 

Why should you use lip liners?

It is generally said that lip liner is to lipstick as a primer to the foundation. Although they are not so necessary, they come in handy to give your lips that perfect pout and make them last longer. Perhaps you’re wondering whether or not to use lip liners. Here are some reasons you should incorporate lip liners in your makeup routines. 

  • It helps give your lips a fuller look.

Perhaps your lips are thin and uneven; using a lip liner that matches the color of your lipstick to outline your lips would instantly make your lips look fuller. You can decide to use a lip liner to outline your lips and fill it with lipstick or outline your lip and fill it up with your lip liner. Whichever you choose, the resulting look is what’s important. 

  • If you’re using a very moisture-rich or glossy lipstick.

Usually, glossy or moisture-rich lipsticks are likely to bleed out, unlike their matte counterparts. Trust me, the last thing you want to see is your lipstick bleeding from your lips. A lip liner comes in handy to ensure that your lipstick smudge or bleed. 

  • Lip liner is a quick fix for a matte look.

You’d be surprised to know that using a lip liner alone can help you achieve a flawless matte look. All you need to do is outline your lips with a lip liner and fill in the rest with your lipstick. 

  • They help make lipstick last longer.

Making this everyday routine would make your lipstick last longer. Outline your lip with a lip liner and fill it in. Then finish off with your lipstick, and you have a long-lasting lip look. 

  • They help to define and shape your lips. 

Whether you want to make your lips fuller or bigger, Lip liners are the go-to product. They can define and shape your lips, giving you the perfect pout.

  • Lip liners can be worn as lipstick.

Asides from using lip liners to outline and fill your lips, lip liners can also be worn as lipstick on their own. 

  • Lip liners complement the lipstick.

Lip liner serves the function of primer to the lips. It prepares the lips for the lipstick application. Thus, lip liners complement the lipstick and allow the lips to stand out. 

How to apply a lip liner? 

Applying a lip liner shouldn’t be as hard as some people see it. The key is getting the perfect color match for your lipstick. Once you get the right shade, you can create a unique look with your lipstick. Let’s walk through the steps to apply a lip liner. 

Step 1– Prepare your lips. Use a lip balm or moisturizer to prepare your lips. Moisturizing gives your lips a smooth surface for applying the lip liner. You can also exfoliate the lips to remove dead skin cells.

Step 2– Choose your lip liner shade. The key to proper application is getting the right color match. So choose your lip liner shade based on the shade of the lipstick you intend to apply. 

Step 3–  Start to line your lips. Start by lining the top of your lips with a sharp and fresh tip and then proceed to the lower lips—end with matching up your upper and low lip line to complete the inner look.

400;”>Step 4– Fill in your lips with the lip liner to add more intensity to the color. 

Step 5– Apply lipstick – Add some matching lipstick to both lips and smudge together for blending. You can add lip gloss over the lipstick to give you fuller-looking lips.

Can I use eyeliner as a lip liner?

Yes, you can. However, there is a but to this. Compared to lip liners, Eyeliners make the lips dry. Although they might both look similar with the same ingredients, the difference lies in the number of ingredients in both. Lip liners contain some additives that are not in eyeliners. 

Lip liners contain more ingredients to prevent the lips from drying out. However, using lip liners as eyeliners can lead to skin irritation and discomfort around the eye. Using eyeliners as lip liners would require you to moisturize your lips before application. 

Can I use an Eye pencil as lip liner?

Using eyeliners as lip liners can also use an eye pencil instead of a lip liner. Eye pencil serves as a multipurpose product amongst every other makeup product. I won’t assure you would get a perfect finish as what a lip liner would give. However, they can come in handy when you need to line your lips in the absence of a lip liner. 

Just as the ingredients in eyeliners differ in constituents, so it is in eye pencils. It is safe to note that some ingredients in eye pencils may be harmless if ingested. Be sure to check whether an eye pencil is safe for use as a lip pencil.


What are lip liners?

Otherwise known as lip pencils, lip liners are makeup products. Lip liners are used to fill on the outer edges of the lips to fill the uneven area before finally applying lipstick for a smooth shape. They come in various colors and invisible forms to smooth the lips without adding color. 

Do you need a lipliner?

Yes, you do! If you want your lip to appear fuller and want your lipstick to last longer, then you need a lipliner. It is the real deal in your makeup routine and is key to achieving flawless lips to compliment your makeup. 

Does lip liner have to match your lipstick?

A general rule is to use a lip liner in the same color family as your lipstick. For instance, if you’re using purple lipstick, you should use a lip liner with a purple undertone. Using a pink lip liner with red lipstick would make the colors contradict, which would be obvious. 

Can you wear just a lipliner?

Yes, you can. Using just lip liner is a sure way to achieve a flawless lip look. Use a lip liner to outline your lips and fill them, and there you have it, your perfect matte lip look.

Will lipliner keep lipstick from bleeding?

The purpose of a lipliner is not limited to only making your lipstick last longer; it also prevents your lipstick from bleeding and feathering. It would help if you started by lining the outer part of your lips before filling in your lipsticks. 

Are lip liners the same as lipstick?

Lip liners and lipstick are not the same, although lip liners can be used as a substitute for lipstick. Lip liners generally have less moisturizing effects and are denser versions than lipstick. Lip liners are great substitutes because they are a cheap option and are available in many colors. 

Does lip liner last longer than lipstick?

Yes, they do. Owing to the less moisturizing properties of lip liners, they last longer than lipstick.

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The numerous benefits of lip liners make it a must-have in every makeup kit. Depending on your need, you can make your lips fuller, broad, pretty, or pouty-like. What amazes me is the many colors it comes in and how it can complement your lipstick. The pink shade is my favorite! Have you tried to use a lip liner? How about giving it a trial? We will be waiting to hear how it goes!

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