Is it better to dye dirty hair? 5 Questions Answered

is it better to dye dirty hair?

The first time I wanted to color or dye my hair, I wanted to wash it first because it was very dirty. However, a friend suggested that I should not wash my hair before coloring it. I asked her to give reasons, but she was unable to. So, I researched and gathered information on if it was better to dye dirty hair or wash it first.

This article will help you if you want to wash your hair and dye it almost at the same time. Feel free to read on…

Is it better to dye dirty hair?

Yes, you can dye dirty hair, but your hair shouldn’t be too dirty. If it is too dirty, there is a huge possibility that your hair dye may not work properly. The dye will not penetrate the hair properly. Even if it works, your hair coloring will be uneven because of the dirt that has been built upon your hair.

Dyeing “Dirty” hair is only good if you are going to be doing a global lightening with a lightener. The natural oils will help preserve the scalp from being agitated by the lightener.

Is it better to dye dirty hair
Is it better to dye dirty hair

What assumption do people have about dyeing dirty hair?

Over time, people believe that dyeing dirty hair is better because chemically-based dyes will power through dirt and product excess and still color your hair.

People also believe that this dirt on the hair will protect the scalp against the harsh chemical used in making dye.

On the other hand, some people believe that it will eat up a lot of dye when you dye your hair dirty. This is because dirty hair has its color, so the dye will first soak up the dirt before it soaks up your strand. It won’t create a terrific shade for all-over-coverage, and the color will not be absorbed harmoniously. This is why the application will be uneven.

Can you dye greasy hair?

Yes, you can dye greasy hair. It can be greasy and soft but not too greasy and slick. The hair dye might not work properly and leave you with uneven color if it is too greasy.

What assumption do people have about dyeing greasy hair?

Over time, people believe that the grease will build upon your hair if you dye greasy hair, eventually leaving you with an uneven color. If your hair is too oily, it will dilute your dye. Over greasy hair will also consume more dye.

From some people’s point of view, greasy hair will prevent your scalp from losing wetness during the bleaching or dying process. The wetness will make the dye work through the hair easily without leaving it dry and brittle at the end. And finally, the wetness will prevent the scalp from harsh chemicals found in the hair dyes.

Can you dye clean hair?

Yes, you can. dying a clean hair is better for a great result.

Although, it is believed that hair color sticks fast to clean or freshly washed hair. People also believe that color takes to the hair strand faster when there are no build-ups like oil or dirt. Some also believe that freshly washed hair will give you a better shade for all-over-coverage. Your dye color will be absorbed harmoniously. The color of your hair will also last longer.

Others believe that dyeing freshly washed hair may make your scalp burn easily. Some believe clean hair is slippery, and a fresh hair wash may strip away your essential scalp oils, making your scalp more vulnerable.

How long should you wait to dye after washing?

You can wait twenty-four to forty-eight hours after washing before applying dye.

What are you to do before you dye dirty hair?

  • If your hair is too dirty, wash it  24-48 hours before you dye.
  • Sprinkle baby powder on your scalp before you dye your hair. After some minutes, comb the powder through your hair evenly with a brush. The powder will soak up some of the oil and make the dye more effective.
  • You can also choose to apply coconut oil instead to your scalp. Allow the oil to soak up into the hair properly. This will protect your skin from irritation and the harsh chemicals on dye.
  • Wash your hair properly to remove excess oil, dirt, or any build-up. Ensure you wash your hair gently to avoid scalp injury or small cuts that will make the process of coloring very uncomfortable. Any cut, scratch, or broken skin will burn or sting with hair color or bleach.
  • Don’t use dry shampoo to wash your hair before dyeing. This will make your hair color uneven. Dry shampoo may change the texture of your hair.
  • You can check the packaging to see if you can use a conditioner after washing. Depending on the conditioner you use, the conditioner is supposed to strengthen your hair, and protect it from harsh chemicals in the dye.

What are the Dos and Don’ts before hair dyeing?

  • Don’t exercise on the day you want to dye your hair because you may sweat. You’re sure to produce more oil and sweat during your exercise, which isn’t a great combination if you intend to get a consistent hair color after dying it.
  • If you went for a swim, shampoo your hair to get the chlorine chemical used in treating pool water out of your hair. This chlorine chemical does not work with dye.
  • Using a dry shampoo before dyeing your hair may not let the dye penetrate well.
  • Don’t apply too much oil on your hair, as it will make the color ineffective and make highlights bleed all over the place.
  • Don’t apply dye on greasy or extremely wet/dripping hair. Try to have it dried under a dryer.

 What if you are applying dye to your hair for the first time?

If you are applying dye to your hair for the first time, it is advisable to check if you won’t react to the dye.

How do you go about this? Do a patch test 24 hours or 48 hours before applying the dye. Put a small portion of dye close to your ear (patch test) before applying it to your whole hair. If there is no swelling, no burning, no redness, no reaction, then you can go ahead to use it.

If there is any reaction, that means you are allergic to it. If you use it, it will damage your scalp.

How to dye at home by yourself?

You can dye it at home if you don’t want to go to the salon to dye your hair due to cost and possibly time.

You need to buy sufficient dye, so the dye doesn’t finish when you are yet to complete dyeing your hair.

Before you apply the dye to your hair, ensure you read and follow the instructions on the packaging.

What happens if you leave the dye/hair color on your hair for too long?

But why would you want to leave the dye on your hair longer than the time it is supposed to be on your hair. It would help if you did not do that because it doesn’t give it a better color. If your timing is due, depending on the shade you want, the elongation of the color on your hair may eventually change your hair structure. If you leave the dye on your hair for too long, your scalp will be itching you. It will also make your hair brittle, and it will dry out your hair and make it start breaking. This can cause split ends which will make your locks appear unhealthy and dull. So, ensure you wash it off on time.

How soon can you recolor your hair?

You probably want to recolor your hair because you don’t like the turnout or the result of the last hair color you did.

But you can’t recolor immediately. This dye contains harsh chemicals, and hair colors penetrate the outer layer of the follicle. You should wait for about four-eight weeks (depending on hair texture) before you re-dye your hair.

If your hair is thin, it is recommended that you should wait longer. If you risk applying another color before 4-8 weeks, then expect your hair to be damaged. Your hair will also lose its natural shine.

What are the damages caused by using dye?

Hair colors react differently to dye because they are not created equal. Some hair colors cause greater damage to the hair and scalp, stripping its natural pigments and oils due to harsh chemicals, bleaches, fillers, and additives.

What product should you avoid before dyeing your hair?

Some products damage the scalp because of the ingredients used in making them; please avoid the following products before dyeing your hair.

  • silicones 
  • mineral oils
  • petroleum oils 
  • polymers 


Is hair dye bad for your scalp?

No. If you are not allergic to the dye, there is no harm in dyeing your hair. Even if the dye touches the scalp, there are a lot of methods to get the dye off your scalp. You can find that in my previous article on “how to get dye off your scalp.”

Can you dye your hair with product in it? 

It is not advisable to dye your hair with too much product in it. For instance, if your hair is too greasy or dirty, it will hinder the dye from working properly. It is also going to eat up your dye.

Can you wash your hair after dyeing it?

Yes, you can. It has already been processed, so nothing will make it wear off. However, it would help if you were not too quick to wash it. You can wash it after 3-7 days.

Note that when you are ready to wash it, you are to use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners formulated for color-treated hair. This will prevent your hair color from fading quickly. It will also defend against breakage.

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