How To Use Lipstick As A Blush – 2022 Best Makeup Guide

Not only is using lipstick as blush a good lifeline, but it’s also how cream blush came to be, in this article you will learn how to use lipstick as a blush believe it or not! A traditional satin or matte texture lipstick works well as a blush replacement.

How to use lipstick as a blush: A simple guide [Watch Video]

  • Swipe your finger across the lipstick to get a large quantity to work with.
  • Warm it up by rubbing it between your fingers.
  • Tap your fingertips along the upper part of the apples as you make your way across the cheekbone, smiling in the mirror to discover the apples of your cheeks.
  • Steps 1-3 should be repeated on the other side.
  • Look at the result and consider whether that’s enough of a flush or if you’d want to add another layer for extra depth.

Additionally, because there are hundreds of different shades of lipstick but just a few with blush, you may discover that you’re constantly applying gorgeous pinky-nude lipsticks on your cheeks simply because you don’t have the blush in that hue.

This seems to be, without a doubt, one of the most popular alternate applications for lipstick. When you’re short on time with your makeup, your lipstick may be used as a long-lasting cream blush on your face.

You’ll be able to use your whole lipstick collection because this look can be achieved with various hues. Try a deep red for a more dramatic effect or a rose pink for a charming, flirtatious blush.

Is lipstick terrible for the face?

According to Dr Levin, lipstick applied to the face might induce acne.  This is because cosmetics can block pores if it is comedogenic. As a result, acne flare-ups may occur.

“Various waxes, such as beeswax, candelilla wax, and ozokerite, as well as various oils and fats, such as mineral oil, cocoa butter, petrolatum, and lanolin, are used in the manufacture of lipsticks,” Levin explains


Because of the comedogenic effects of the chemicals, she continues, thick and waxy lipsticks can induce outbreaks. “Acne cosmetic is a dermatological word that signifies the use of cosmetics causes your acne,” Levin explains.

However, because acne cosmetically resembles other forms of acne, distinguishing whether your cosmetics is to blame over factors such as nutrition and hormones is challenging.

Can lipstick be used as a cheek tint?

Lipsticks can be used as a cream blush in a pinch. These are especially good if you have oily skin because they sink in and stay put for a more extended. All skin types can benefit from it. It can be used as a cheek stain and provides a natural look to the cheek.

Apply a light coat of red or pink lipstick to your cheeks and blend it with your fingers or a brush. You’re good to go after applying a little fixing powder. It’s one of the best alternatives to wearing lipstick.

When worn together or apart, blush and lipstick enhance your complexion and give you a flushed, just-gotten-out-of-the-gym glow.

Trying to match and harmonize the colour of your blush with your lipstick, on the other hand, may be tricky. However, here’s a fascinating fact: your new favourite blush might be hidden in your favourite lipstick.


You’re not only creating a monochromatic makeup look that’s very attractive when you use your lipstick as a blush, but you’re also conserving and maximizing space in your cosmetic pouch.

When using your lipstick as a blush, the most important thing to remember is to select a consistency that goes on smooth and creamy so you can blend it out with your fingertips.

Anything too glossy might appear oily and artificial on the skin, while too matte can appear uneven and chalky.

Why lipstick can be used as blush

You almost certainly have lipstick in your beauty bag, whether you’re just starting in the area of makeup or are a self-proclaimed makeup genius—people worldwide use lipstick.

It’s no wonder that, with so many various lipstick colours, textures, and formulations on the market today, customers wanted to get more out of this simple product.  This diverse lipstick will astound you if you’ve been putting lipstick to your lipstick. Here are five alternative ways to use lipstick colours to make your makeup seem more professional.


Using lipstick as a cream blush is arguably the most well-known usage for the product outside of the lips. For decades, this procedure has been regarded as a terrific quick fix for adding colour to your face.

You may quickly sweep a few thin lines across your cheeks and mix with your fingertips for a softer, more satiny-finished tone. Swipe some of the colours on the back of your hand, warm it up with your fingertips, and softly pat over your cheekbones for more matte tones that are a bit more difficult to combine.

Can lipstick cause pimples?

According to Ko, lipstick, lip gloss, and lip balm can slip into the pores around your lips and cause acne. Choose non-comedogenic beauty products if you’re prone to acne; they are products that are carefully developed not to clog your pores.

Furthermore, avoid getting lipgloss on your upper lip’s skin. The vermillion border is called, and it might clog your pores if you apply heavy lip gloss to it.

Can I use matte lipstick as a blush?

Use your pink, red, and orange lipstick colours as cream blushes if you haven’t already. Smooth matte, velvety, or creamy lipsticks are simple to blend and don’t feel heavy on the skin.

Apply a few dots of the lipstick on your cheeks’ apples and mix with your fingertips or a thick brush. Your cheeks will appear naturally flushed if you use pink lipstick as a blush.

Can lip gloss be used as a blush?

Making your gloss into a cream blush is simple. For a fresh-faced glow, lightly press and tap the colour into the apples of your cheeks.

However, keep in mind that less is more! It’s easy to go overboard with a lip gloss recipe, so be cautious. For the most pleasing look, use a pink or peachy-coloured lip gloss.

Alternative ways to use your lipstick

How to use lipstick as a blush 2
How to use lipstick as a blush 2

1. Lipstick as eyeshadow

Do you want to try out vampy red-eye for fall without having to go out and find the correct eyeshadow? Having a good lipstick collection may be able to assist you in resolving your issues.

Before trying this look, clean your lipstick with rubbing alcohol or a cosmetic sanitizing spray to eliminate anything that can hurt your eyes. Spread some of your preferred shade over your lid using a q-tip or a stiff, synthetic brush, then mix with your fingertip for a quick and straightforward try at the autumn trend.

Dust a little translucent powder over your lid to help the lipstick set and prevent it from creasing.

2. Use lipstick as a contour

Contour your cheekbones, define your temples, and disguise the troublesome double chin with light brown lipstick, a couple of shades darker than your skin tone. Creamy lipsticks are simple to apply and blend, making them ideal for novices.

Unless you’re an expert at liquid contouring, use long-lasting lipstick, such as matte bullets or liquid lipsticks, to get a more apparent contour. Although be careful: these lipsticks dry quickly, so smooth them out quickly before it hardens on your face and leaves you with a prominent dark stripe.

3. Colour correction

If you have ever wanted to try your hand at colour correction but weren’t sure which colours to use, Using the red or orange colour correction type of lipstick is also a terrific idea. It might help you eliminate dark circles under your eyes or hyperpigmentation spots. Dark circles and spots are masked by red or orange colours.

Apply a little quantity of either of these lipstick colours to your under-eye region or any dark pigmentation on your face using your finger or a makeup sponge, and softly tap in. Then, on top of that, apply your liquid foundation and concealer.

Dark patches and under-eye circles will be considerably better covered than if you only used essential makeup items.

4. Lipstick as eyeliner

You just added a selection of various eyeliner colours to your arsenal if you are a lover of liquid lipsticks and have a collection of different liquid lipstick colours. You may make a new liquid eyeliner by rubbing a clean angled brush along with the wand of your favourite liquid lipstick.

These long-lasting lipsticks are ideal for liquid eyeliners because they don’t smudge or fade quickly. This fantastic way to experiment with vibrant colours without spending additional money. 

Do you prefer a more understated look? To experiment with new colours without going too crazy, try dark brown lipstick like the Maybelline Superstay Ink Liquid Lipstick in the shade Seeker.


When women add a splash of colour to their lips or face, it helps them feel and look more appealing. Lipsticks offer a bit of glitz to your appearance but also have serious adverse effects. You must be able to employ them proportionately. I hope this post has been of use thus far; please feel free to share your newfound knowledge with your friends.

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