How to stop makeup from transferring? – 2022 Best Makeup Guide

How to stop makeup from transferring

Have you ever had your makeup transfer from your face to your clothes? You can’t tell me you haven’t! This situation has most likely happened to yet every female on earth. How does it make you feel? 

For me, it makes me look like a slob when my makeup transfers from my face to my clothes. Or is it the makeup from the face of friends I come in bodily contact with within the day? I mean, makeup is meant for the face; why can’t it just stay on the face? Are you tired of apologizing to friends after a hug or peck when you realize there is a powder or lipstick stain on their cheeks or clothes? Then this piece is something you should read!

How to stop makeup from transferring
How to stop makeup from transferring

Makeup Transferring Scenarios 

Wait right there! Before we dive into the ways to prevent your makeup from transferring, it is important to analyze several makeups transfer scenarios. These scenarios would enable you to apply the tips properly as they suit your makeup transfers scenarios. 

Scenario 1: Makeup Transferring on your Clothes

This scenario is prevalent, and I’m sure everyone has had their share of it. I remember when I had an event, I had to do my makeup. I was well dressed up while getting my makeup done, and by the time I was done, there were apparent patches of makeup products that had transferred to my cream-colored dress. It was upsetting, and I had to change into another dress. Another instance is when you apply makeup and intend to wear a tight collar dress or even a turtle neck outfit. It would take a tremendous amount of luck for your makeup to not transfer to your clothes. 

Scenario 2: Makeup Transferring on your Face Masks

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been quite a compulsory trend (if I do say so myself) always to have your nose masks on. However, you can’t afford to show up at that even without your glamorous makeup on. The issue comes in here. You would most likely have your makeup transferred on your facemasks. Thus, leaving you with a stained facemask but also with tampered makeup. 

Scenario 3: Makeup Transferring on someone else

This! This! This!

It is nearly impossible to escape the suffocating hugs from aunts and grandma that come with family events. Like slow down, guys, please don’t ruin my makeup. They honestly don’t always get this. The same happens when you contact your friends, and after exchanging kisses and pecks, you have to apologize for the makeup stains on their faces and cheeks.

Scenario 4: Makeup Transferring while Kissing

This scenario is another common and yet embarrassing scenario of makeup transfer. I saw a picture some time ago of a couple kissing on their wedding day with the groom’s face all stained with the bride’s makeup. I’m sure this must have been very embarrassing for them. I hope you can read this article until the end because I’d be sharing some tips on this. 

Now that we have examined the various scenarios that your makeup can transfer, it is safe for us to go into the tips to stop your makeup from transferring. 

How to stop your makeup from transferring; Top Tips [Watch Video]

After spending a quality amount of time on your makeup, the last thing you want is it rubbing off on your clothes or someone’s cloth. To avoid these unfortunate events, I’d be discussing some ways to prevent your makeup from transferring. 

Wear a Robe or something you can take off easily while getting ready.

A scarf around your neck or a robe would work perfectly because it would not matter if you get makeup on it while going through your session. You should also go for an outfit that is easy to take off, like a button-up shirt, so when you want to take it off to dress up, your makeup will not smudge. This tip would help to prevent your makeup from transferring to your clothes even before you get the chance to leave your house. 

Wash your face properly to remove residual makeup

Getting your face correctly cleaned before applying makeup is quite underestimated. You see, residual makeup and natural oils on your face can make it quite difficult for your makeup to stay in place. As a result, it gives a higher chance of makeup transfer. So before you get that makeup on, always make sure your face is properly cleaned. 

The same way an uncleaned canvas affects the outcome of a painting, so does an uncleaned face affects makeup. Leaving your face not cleaned enough before applying makeup can undoubtedly negatively impact your makeup turnout. 

Always use an Oil Free Moisturizer- 

You should always go for an oil-free moisturizer and give it time to dry after application. When you don’t give your moisturizer time to dry and apply your primer immediately, it is expected to mix and look greasy. So, when you apply your moisturizer, occupy yourself with something else so it can dry properly before you apply your primer and other makeup products. 

Never Skip Primer

Just like how a faulty foundation can affect a structure, so can a faulty base affect your makeup. You should always create a solid base for your makeup products to rest. After moisturizer, there’s no better base to make your makeup last like a primer. Not only does a primer minimize your pores, but it also helps your makeup stay on by creating a barrier between your skin and your foundation. 

Don’t forget to dab on some loose powder once your makeup is done.

This tip is to help absorb the oil in your makeup and keep it in place. You should dab the powder in rather than swipe it all over your face. Dabbing your powder would help give that baking effect and prevent your makeup from looking cakey. 

Note: You should always go for a translucent powder for this effect.

Always use a setting spray

400;”>Setting sprays have been proven to be one of the best ways to lock in your makeup and prevent transfer. Hold your spray about 10 inches away from your face and spray generously. You should give your setting spray some time to dry before touching your face or putting on your clothes. 

Go for waterproof makeup products that won’t smudge.

You should always check out waterproof mascara, eyeliner, lipsticks, and foundation. If you’d be having a busy day in the sun or running around, you should go for waterproof makeup products to prevent your makeup from smudging. 

Periodically blot your skin to remove excess oil.

Depending on the weather and your skin type, your makeup might appear quite greasy during the day. To combat this greasy look, you should use special blotting pads periodically to remove the excess oil on your face. This tip will prevent your makeup from transferring quickly to your clothes. 

Keep your hands away from your face.

A crucial piece of advice is to keep your hands off your face. If you constantly touch your face, I’m sorry to say, but you just made the makeup transfer even worse. You should always avoid picking your face or eyes throughout the day to avoid makeup smudging or transfer. While this can be quite difficult, you can pull this off with intentionality. 

Why does my makeup always transfer?

How to stop makeup from transferring
How to stop makeup from transferring

There are various reasons why your makeup transfers during the day. A few of these reasons are; 

  1. Excessively Hot weather- A scorching weather goes hand in hand with profuse sweating. So if you’re prone to sweating, it is quite normal for you to experience your makeup transferring to every surface that comes in contact with your face. To prevent this, you should always apply a generous amount of primer to your t-zone area to prevent sweating. Also, you can spray your t-zone area with some astringent lotion to help shrink your pores and minimize sweating.
  2. Oily Skin- It is common for people with oily skin to experience makeup transfers. Thus, it explains why you must pay more attention to your foundation formula and pick one more suitable for your skin type.

How to stop your makeup from transferring when kissing?

Not everyone can resist the urge to kiss their partners even after looking good with their perfect makeup. So what then happens with trying to avoid makeup or lipsticks transferring to his face? I’ll mention a few helpful tips

  • Like I earlier mentioned, start your makeup with a moisturizer.
  • Use a full coverage foundation and apply with a beauty blender to properly massage it into the skin.
  • Avoid applying too much foundation.
  • Prep your lips with a lip balm before you apply your lipstick.
  • Finish off your makeup application with a setting spray. 

How to stop your makeup from transferring to your face masks?

One way to prevent makeup transfer to your face masks is to use a setting spray. Elain Lim, a celebrity makeup artist, also stated that setting spray makes the makeup stick to your face better. Thus, reducing makeup transfer. How you use the makeup spray determines how it would effectively let your makeup adhere to your face. 

One thing to note is allowing your setting spray to completely dry after applying it. What I mean is that you should avoid talking, smiling, or even moving your face muscles so the makeup sets in place.


Can I use hairspray as a setting spray?

The simple answer is No. 

While some people use hair spray as setting sprays to achieve the same lock-in effect, it is not a safe option. Hair sprays are designed for your hair, and they contain a lot of chemicals that can cause irritations and leave your face feeling dry and itchy throughout the day. 

Do silk masks help with makeup transfer?

Yes, it helps a great deal. Although makeup transfer is quite inevitable with any facemasks, the case is different with silk masks. Silk masks are cooling and are naturally hypoallergenic. They also absorb less moisture as opposed to other types of face masks.


Almost every lady has experienced the makeup transfer issue with hopes to find a way around it. Yes, there’s a way to minimize the makeup transfer problems. I listed a few tips to help prevent your makeup from transferring, which has helped me. You should try one of the tips out soon and see how helpful it turns out. I’m so sure you’d find one of the tips most helpful compared to the others. I’d love to hear from you soon. Until then, stay beautiful!

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