How to shower with eyelash extensions – 2022 Best Eyelash Guide

How to shower with eyelash extensions 
How to shower with eyelash extensions 
How to shower with eyelash extensions

You have just fixed your luscious, curvy, and voluminous eyelash extension on your natural lash, and it looks so amazing. But, after sitting down for a few minutes, you found a bit of hair drooling on you, and you wanted to take a shower. However, you are careful not to get your eyelashes wet, squashed, and damaged. 

In this article, I will share how to shower with your eyelash extensions.

How to shower with eyelash extensions

The following are the ways to shower with your eyelash extensions in other to make them last longer.

  • Don’t shower immediately
  • Stay away from water pressure
  • Avoid exceedingly hot and steamy showers.
  • Avoid rubbing and scrubbing your eyelashes
  • Use swimming goggles
  • Use shower eyeshields
  • The shower mask
  • Don’t shower immediately.

Your eyelashes that were glued to your eyelids are synthetic, so they are prone to damage if not carefully handled.

Therefore, you shouldn’t wash your face or shower immediately after getting your eyelashes done. You could shower 6 hours after application if your stylist used a nano mister or nebulizer.

You can also consult with your lash stylist as to how long you need to wait to shower will depend on the method she used in applying the lash extension and the type of glue used. If she did not cure your lashes, you might need to wait longer for the glue to stick firmly to your natural lashes before you shower.

After your waiting period, you can wet your face however you want. You can even jump into the deep water to swim; you are on the safe side now.

  • Stay away from water pressure.

Water pressure is the force that makes the flow of water spiked. It is the force that pushes water through tubes or other channels from a great height.

Therefore, it is prudent that you don’t aim for high water pressure or basins at your lashes directly. The force of water flowing directly on your eyelash can uproot your eyelash extensions.

If you insist on showering, you can flip flop so that the waterfalls on the back of your head rather than directly into your eyes. You can choose to cup water in your hands to wash your face at the moment. You can also use a soft cloth to apply water to your face eluding contact with your extensions. 

  • Avoid exceedingly hot and steamy showers.

A lukewarm shower is the best after fixing your eyelashes. If you are the type that makes use of exceedingly steamy and hot showers, try to avoid it by lowering your shower temperature; otherwise, your lashes will not stay in place.

Moreover, the high temperature of the steamy baths can impair the glue that holds the lashes with your eyelids. 

Avoid steam rooms, saunas, tanning salons; avoid hot and humid places. They are off-limits for you after fixing your eyelash extensions. Regular steam exposure will gradually weaken the glue. 

It’s advisable to keep the shower slightly warm with a temperature between 99 to 105-degrees.

  • Avoid rubbing and scrubbing your lashes.

You can’t wash the dirt off by rubbing or scrubbing your eyelashes. It will only make your lashes start falling freely. It will cause friction to your lashes and end up damaging your fake lashes.

Even if you want to rub your face while showering, avoid the eye section or be careful near your lash line. After showering, carefully comb to reposition them properly.

  • Use swimming goggles

You can shower with your eyelashes wearing swimming goggles. Ensure you use the goggles that are suction proof, goggles that won’t fasten to your extensions, goggles that are efficient at keeping water from creeping around your eyes and will protect your lashes from getting wet. 

Before using your swimming goggles, ensure the goggles are dry and chlorine-free. Try cleaning off any chlorine sediment that may remain on them from the last time you swam in a pool. To be sure they are ideal for your lashes and won’t get water into your eyes, test them before fixing your lashes. 

It is not advisable to use small swimming goggles as the distance between your eye, and the goggles’ lens may not be enough to fit longer lash extensions. Instead, you can opt for more oversized goggles as they would accommodate your longer extensions.

After showering, dry off the goggles before taking them off, so you don’t accidentally drip water onto your lashes as you remove them.

  • Use shower eye shields.

Shower eye shields are also referred to as face shields. You can use the shower eye shields to protect your eyelashes from water and steam when showering. It will prevent irritation even if you have the most sensitive skin. You can cleanse your face with ease with the shower eye shields.

The following are the ways to use your shower eyeshields:

  1. First, remove the protective tape from its adhesive strip; the adhesive is medically tested and will not leave marks on your skin after showering.
  2. Press the shower shield against the forehead skin above the eyebrows, and jump in the shower.
  • The shower mask

You can also use the shower mask to protect your eyelashes while showering. It sticks directly to your head and will help keep water away from your face. You are to dispose of it after using it as they usually come in a pack of 100. The shower mask is quite affordable too.

Can you shower with eyelash extensions?

Yes, you can shower with your eyelash extensions, but not immediately; otherwise, water will make the lash bond fragile and break. 

You would have to wait over 24 hours before getting your lashes wet in the early days of fixing eyelash extensions. But now, things have changed; they have been improved over the years. You don’t have to wait that long because the glue would have made it firm; that is, the glue’s curing period is completed. The maximum waiting period before a shower is 5 to 6 hours now. 

So, after that specified time, you can wet your lashes the way you want. They are made with waterproof adhesive. Regular washing maintains it, increases lash healthiness, and prevents eye infections.

However, you can confirm from your lash stylist first how long before you take a shower. It is necessary in case she did not use quality eyelash glue. Also, her method of eyelash extension may require you to wait longer.

How to shower with eyelash extensions 
How to shower with eyelash extensions

How should you dry your eyelashes after showering?

You can employ the following methods to help dry your lashes properly after showering.

Towel: Please don’t use your bath towel to rub your lashes in a bid to dry them, whether it is lint-free or made from cashmere. Your towel can easily clasp onto lash extensions. 

But, if you must use your towel to get rid of excess moisture, carefully pat dry.

You can also dry your eyelashes with a hypoallergenic organic drying cloth. It is harmless around your sensitive eyes and helps with better lash extensions retention. It will also stop it from shedding and snagging.

Air-dryer: You can opt to dry your lashes with a hand-held fan or any air-dryer. Whatever dryer you want to use, ensure you don’t bring it too close to your face to avoid high-pressure air from hitting your lashes. After drying your lashes, you can use the mascara wand to set it properly.

In this article, I have shared the various methods you can employ when you want to shower with your eyelashes. You can always make use of the method that is most suitable for you.

How do you protect your lash when sleeping?

To protect your lash, sleep on your back. It will prevent your lashes from crushing. 

Place your head at the center of your memory foam pillow, plump up the pillows to cushion your face when you lie down. It would be best to buy a foam-fitting pillow that will keep you from rolling onto your side. 

You can use a cupped facemask to protect your lashes. It is the perfect way to secure your lashes, no matter what side you are sleeping on, and it also blocks out light.

Use silk bedding rather than cotton bedding to sleep. Silk bedding absorbs moisture. Unlike cotton bedding, it prevents moisture from causing bacteria, where bacteria grow.

What are the three mistakes an eyelash stylist can make that may cause damage to your natural lashes?

  • Using heavy extensions
  • Stickies
  • Nailheads

Extensions are too heavy.

The heavy extension will stress the natural lash attached and eventually cause natural lash loss.

If it is too long and thick, your natural lashes may shed and become thinner. 


Stickies are bad for your natural lashes. A sticky is when your eyelash stylist glues two or more lashes together. You will have a cluster of lashes and extensions glued together when you have stickies. It can damage your natural lashes. 


A nailhead happens when your eyelash stylist glues the extension to your skin instead of your natural lash. Your skin should never be in contact with the glue.


What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are also known as false eyelashes. They are semi-permanent cosmetic applications fixed on your natural eyelash to enhance the curl, length, fullness, and thickness. They are made from several materials like mink, silk, synthetic, human, or horsehair.

Can you use shampoo for your eyelash extension?

Yes, you can use shampoo specially designed for eyelash extension for your lashes. It will help in maintaining the adhesive and make your lashes last longer.

What eye product should you be careful of after lash extension?

You should not use any eye product or remover that is not oil-free. Oils can diminish the bond produced by eyelash adhesives. If you must use a remover, dip a Q-pin to gently remove the eye composition instead of cotton balls or pads. 

Which soap should you use with eyelash extensions?

You can use any soap that is oil-free around your eyes. If you don’t use oil-free soap, it can diminish the glue joining of the eyelash extension to your natural lash.

Please, do not use creamy soap as it impedes the cyanoacrylate-based glue’s adhesion or sticking capacity. 

Also, don’t use body washes and soaps around your eyes; use a water-based face washing solution instead. It will maximize the retentiveness of lash extensions.

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