How to perm hair without curling rods.

How to perm hair without curling rods.
How to perm hair without curling rods.
How to perm hair without curling rods.

Hi, beautify! look around you. Can you find any item like roller-setting rods, pencils, candlesticks, markers, building blocks, old clothes, plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic rollers equipped with teeth to grasp your hair?

If you can find any of the items mentioned above, you are ready to perm your hair without using the curling rods. However, you need to be sure that the item you want to use to perm your hair is not a metallic object. Metallic objects will react with the perm solution and discolor your hair.

In this article, I have included all you need to know about perming hair without curling rods, what to avoid when you wear a perm and how to care for your permed hair. Read on!

How to perm hair without curling rods?

If you don’t want to use curling rods, you can use modern methods to perm your hair and get the right look. You can perm your hair using rag curlers. You can create your rag curl using old cloth, pillowcase, t-shirt, towel, and so on. It is a no-heat styling method that will make your curls soft and loose.

Step-Step Guide On How To Perm Your Hair Without Curling Rods?

Step 1:

Cut the old sheet into 2-inch-by-6-inch pieces. You should have more than 30 pieces if your hair is thick. Cut a long piece if your hair is very long. You can test curl a few hairpieces to ensure that the pieces are long enough. 

Step 2:

400;”>Wet your hair with a little water; not dripping wet but damp. After washing and drying your hair, you can begin your rag curls. Use any holding product, save for the perm solution; you will add it later.

Step 3:

With a rat tail comb, partition your hair. Separate a 1-inch segment of hair. Place the end of your hair in the middle of a ragged piece. Use your fingertips to tighten the place. Roll the rug up to your scalp and use your fingers to control your hair. Ensure your hair doesn’t twist when you are doing this. Join the piece under the rag curl.

Step 4:

Roll the rest of your hair in 1-inch portions after that. Substitute which side of your head you are working on. In essence, if you have just completed a section above your right ear, switch to a section above your left ear next.

Step 5:

Use a diffuser to dry in rag curls. Gently lift the rag curls. You can comb your hair if needed. Check to calculate where you should place your rag curls. Your Curls will be looser in larger parts of hair, while tighter curls will result in smaller segments. Try a few times until you have improved on the method and are ready to use the at-home perm solution.

Tips to note:

If you desire to protect your skin from the perm solution, kindly do the following:

  • Wrap a cotton headband nearby your curls.
  • As before, curl your hair into rag curls.
  • Put on a pair of latex gloves.
  • Use perm solution to each curl, going from the back of the head forward.

Step 6:

Follow the direction on the package for how long to leave it in. Wash with warm water.

Step 7:

Use the neutralizer and leave it in for the stipulated amount of time in the package’s directions. Dispose of the rags. Use the rest of the neutralizer and let it sit for the stipulated amount of time. Wash with hot water for at least five minutes before washing with cool water.

How long do perms Without Curling Rods last?

Perms last for about six months to a year. But, it will only last up to that if your hair is in good condition.

If your hair is damaged, dry, over-chemically processed, and over-colored, it won’t last as much as people with healthy hair. 

In conclusion, If you are one of those ladies who do not love leaving her comfort zone or don’t like frequenting the salon, a hair perm is the most excellent choice of hair for you. It can last you for a year provided that your hair is in good condition and you are taking proper care of it. 

Also, if you want to be cost-effective, you can perm your hair yourself using the rag curl method instead of a curling rod.

How to perm your hair using a curler

  1. Read and follow the directions given in your perm kit.
  2. Shampoo your hair, and rinse completely.
  3. Use a towel to clean surplus water from your hair; your hair should be damp and not dripping wet.
  4. Curl your hair in curlers. Have water around you so you can spatter on your hair if it starts to dry. Ensure you wrap the ends of each hair smoothly against the roller to stop it from frizzing at the ends. 
  5. If you have loose curls, ensure you use larger rollers; use smaller rollers if you have tight curls.
  6. Put vaseline along your hairline. Move behind each ear, around the nape of your neck to protect your skin from the perm solution drip.
  7. To further shield yourself from the perm solution drip, press the cotton pad to the vaseline and wrap it behind your ears to surround the whole scalp. 
  8. Next, you must put the perm solution to each curl; be cautious, so you don’t miss any curl. Ensure you put enough solution to soak up the hair. However, the solution should not be dripping.
  9. Leave the perm solution on your hair for the given duration stipulated in the perm kit. 
  10. You can use a blow dryer on it because there is a need for heat activation.
  11. You can raise the cotton pad afterward.
  12. When the given duration elapses, wash your hair with lukewarm water. Ensure you leave the curlers in place.
  13. You are to apply a neutralizing solution to each curl. Let the solution absorb each curl and save the rest.
  14. You can remove each curler carefully; be careful not to stretch your hair.
  15. Ensure you massage the remaining neutralizing solution into your hair.
  16. Wash your hair using lukewarm water.
  17. You can apply a leave-in conditioner if the directions on the package request you to do so.
  18. Allow your hair to dry.
How to perm hair without curling rods.
How to perm hair without curling rods.

Can you perm damaged hair?

It is not advisable to perm damaged hair or hair that has been affected by harsh chemicals. Since your hair has undergone lots of chemical processes, adding more chemicals to it may damage your hair. 

It will change your hair structure, break your hair shield, give you split ends, and make your hair frizzy. Perm formula doesn’t work with damaged hair, and your damaged hair may reject the perm.

However, there are perms you can do for damaged hair. They are:

  • Alkaline perms
  • Acid perms

Alkaline Perms

Alkaline perm suits healthy, coarse, and hard-to-process hair. 

Acid perms 

Acid perm is gentler on fragile hair. You can use this type of perm if your hair is dry, damaged, or color-treated.

How to care for your permed hair

  • Use a sulfate-free, paraben-free, chemical-free shampoo to restore the hair bonds and strengthen your hair.
  • You can use your deep conditioners twice a week. It will soften your chemically processed hair and keep them hydrated and nourished. It will also help reduce damage.
  • You can use hair masks also twice a week. It will help reduce any damage.
  • You can also go for hair spa sessions twice a month for additional nourishment.
  • You can detangle your hair with a mild brush. You can also use a wide-toothed comb. Ensure you comb your hair gently. 

What should you not do after a perm?

If you want to wear your perm for long, kindly practice the following guide:

  • You are not to clean your hair for two days.
  • You are not to brush your hair for the first 24 hours.
  • You are not to dye your hair 14 days before and after you make your perm.
  • You need to moisturize your hair daily.
  • Do not let your hair get wet, and if your hair gets wet, ensure you use a blowdryer or a flat iron.
  • You can also blow-dry or straighten your hair with a flat iron to remove ridges gotten while sleeping.
  • Try not to be too sweaty.
  • You are not to use sprays, gels, or mousses.
  • You are not to tuck your hair behind your ears. You are also not to tie your hair back using hair bands or hair clips of any kind. 
  • You are to wear a silk scarf if you want to pull your hair away from your face.
  • You can wear your hair down all the time.
  • You are not to use eyeglasses or sunglasses to hold your hair back.
  • Try and use a stylist-recommended shampoo, which does not contain sodium chloride.

How can you get rid of your perm?

  • Use a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner to hydrate and clean your hair; it will help remove your perm.
  • You can opt to apply a hot oil treatment or deep conditioning. Shield with a shower cap, and let it be on your hair for a few hours or overnight. You can rinse it out in the morning.

Do perms damage your hair?

A perm may damage your hair slightly. A perm changes the chemical properties of your natural hair.

Don’t worry; if your hair is in good condition, the damage will be minimal. Also, if your hair technician uses the suitable perm solution for your hair, and the revolution of bonding products, your hair can continue to be healthy after perming.


What are perm rods

Perm rods are rectangular hair-curling plastic devices used to curl hair after a chemical perm treatment. They are made in various sizes and different colors. The plastic rods have clips to hold your strands of hair in place. They are used with a permanent waving solution. You don’t have to worry about heat damage because perm rods work with damp hair.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t get a perm?

Yes, please. If your hair is damaged, dry, or over-colored, you should stay away from perming.

You need to treat your hair with a bond restoration treatment first. If it regains its health, you can proceed with the perm.

How many perm rods do you need for a full head?

The number of rods required for your hair depends on your hair density and the style you want.

However, on average, you will require about 40-50 rollers; it’s best to have more rollers than fewer.

Can you perm dyed hair?

Yes, you can color your hair after a perm, but not immediately and not on the same day, especially if your hair is damaged.   You can dye it 7-14 days after a perm, so it doesn’t shatter your hair color or cause damage to your chemically treated life.

Perming and hair coloring have different chemicals and separate methods of getting the desired result.

Can you perm bleached hair?

Yes, you can perm bleached hair. But, just like I stated for dyed here, you should not perm and bleach your hair the same day. It will cause frizz and damage your hair. 

Having your hair highlighted damages your hair; when you now perm over bleached hair, it causes further damage.

If you visit a salon and they tell you it is possible, please run away from such a salon because all they care about is your money. You should wait for about two weeks; that is the recommended waiting period between bleaching and perming.


What does perm mean?

A perm is defined as a chemical treatment that can give you permanent curly hair for some time. 

What Is Hair Perming?

Hair perming is the use of a chemical to alter the structure of the hair fibers. It changes the hair texture by creating either curls or waves. Hair perming is the most excellent way to add volume and body to fine and thin hair.

Ingredients used to perm hair

Chemicals generally used to perm hair comprise “Glycerol Monothioglycolate.” 

What are the shapes of perm rods?

Perm rods have always been rod-shaped. There are loads of rod-shaped objects in your house and around you. The rod-shaped objects could be straws, candlesticks, markers, candlesticks, pencils, rollers, plastic bottles, and so on.







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