How to fix eyelash extensions that are too long – A Detailed Step By Step Guide

How to fix eyelash extensions that are too long - A Step By Step Guide

Today, I will be sharing with you how to fix eyelash extensions that are too long. When you use eyelash extensions, you may make it appear as though you’re wearing cosmetics or falsies when you’re not.

How to fix eyelash extensions that are too long:

  • Select a short-strip extension.
  • To make the lashes shorter, trim them.
  • It is possible to bend the lashes.
  • Request that your technician replace your lashes.

Continue reading this article to get a more in-depth step-by-step guide on how to use/fix eyelash extensions that are too long.

How to fix eyelash extensions that are too long - A Step By Step Guide


Remove the fake eyelash from your eye with your eyes closed. Next, cut off the excess length from either end of the lash strip using a pair of tiny scissors. If your artificial eyelashes are tapered, keep the shorter ones and clip the longer ones off. This will give you a softer, more natural appearance.

You may, however, end up with lashes that are too lengthy, causing discomfort or inconvenience. In addition, it would help if you never tried to remove your eyelash extensions while they are still on your eyes to avoid harming your lashes.

Cutting your lashes when they are attached to your eye is a bad idea for many reasons. Some of them include the following.

  • You may have to cut your lashes.
  • You may get hurt as a result of this.
  • It’s possible that you’ll wind up with improperly clipped eyelashes that make you seem a disaster.
  • You may end up tugging off your natural lashes with your extension lashes

The possibilities are limitless. You may cut your eyelashes or even inflict irreparable harm. You can have your extensions adjusted during your next consultation, or you can remove them yourself.

How do I know if my eyelashes are too long?

Check the mirror and count your eyelashes to see whether your eyelash extensions are too long. You should also check to see if your inner lash extensions are excessively lengthy and do not appear natural.

If the lash technician’s extension is longer than the eyelashes, the extension will be too long for such a small region of natural lashes. When you utilize extremely long lashes in the inner corner, it creates a fake appearance that you don’t want.

Although it is usual for women to use artificial eyelashes, mascara, and eyelash curlers to make their lashes seem longer and more defined, it is also conceivable that one’s lashes are excessively long.

How to fix eyelash extensions that are too long (Expert tips)

Any of the options listed below will be of help when your eyelash is too long.

1. Check length before installation.

Before fixing the lashes in the first place, make sure you are comfortable with the length. Verifying the size with the professional before the lashes are applied will save you a lot of issues.

You should also provide charts and sponges to assist you in selecting the ideal length for your false lashes. Then, before you apply the fake lashes, take the appropriate measures and, if necessary, cut the false lashes.

2. Ask a professional for your preferred length

Make an appointment with your technician to get your eyelashes replaced. If you discover that your lashes are long after installing, ask the technician to adjust the length.

Because lash extensions might take many hours to apply, you’ll need to schedule another visit. Don’t be scared to ask for a repair if your eyelashes aren’t quite right.

If the lashes are excessively long, the aesthetician should clip them before adding them to your natural lashes. You can enquire about having your lashes restored as soon as you leave the cosmetic salon. To avoid the feelings of dissatisfaction that come with constant discontent.

3. Use eyelash extension tweezers

If you have to reduce the lashes yourself, this is a good option. However, before you clip your lashes, you must proceed with considerable caution. Making even the simplest of errors might cause permanent harm to your eyes. 

Do this in bright light so you can see what you’re doing. The best tweezers for eyelashes are included in Innova’s preferred eyelash extension tweezers. Make sure you don’t make any mistakes when putting up the mirror.

4. You can also use tiny lash scissors

Cut several strands from the outside border of your lashes with tiny lash scissors if they appear to be overly lengthy. That’s why it is simple to cut your lashes too short, resulting in lashes that are too short for your eyes.

Check to check whether it’s trimmed by measuring it over your lashes one more. Keep trying, and you’ll learn something new even if you fail. Start cutting, then apply the lashes if the form appears to be proper.

5. Select a short-strip extension.

You have the option of picking a different type of lash strip. For example, you can choose something that isn’t too wide for your eyes, or the lashes aren’t longer than what you desire. 

As a result, remove each eyelash strip before putting fresh ones to achieve the most appealing appearance and fit.

Tell your technician that you want your lash extensions taken out. If you genuinely despise the way your lashes appear and want them removed from the salon, ask the technician to do so.

How do you apply eyelashes step by step?

Do you have any questions on how to apply false eyelashes? There’s no need to be worried if this is your first time. Applying artificial eyelashes becomes second nature with only a little experience. It’s so simple to put them on that frequent wearers can generally do so in less than a moment.

1. Prepare the lashes

Retrieve the lashes from their tray using tweezers to avoid damaging them. Then gently bend the lashes in a U form with your fingertips to make them more flexible. Instead of having to be forced into position, they will fall naturally into the curve of your eyelid.

2. Trim it to your preferred length

This step is necessary, especially if the lash is too long for you. When wearing a fresh pair of fake lashes for the first time, you may need to cut the length of the band so that it doesn’t push in at one or both corners. Bring the lash up to your brow. It should be slightly short of your natural eye length, so snip some off if it’s longer than you want.

3. Prepare your natural lashes

Allow your natural lashes to dry after applying mascara. This results in a sturdier shelf for your vegan silk lashes to rest on. I also suggest curling your eyelashes to better fit and merge in with the curve of your eyelashes extension. I also recommend using eyeliner, especially if you’re new to artificial eyelashes. This provides you with a clear direction to follow while applying the lashes.

4. Apply the lash 

Once you are satisfied with the length, it’s time to fix it. Along with the lash band, run your preferred lash adhesive. For the best way to apply the adhesive, consult the package directions.

Then wait 30 seconds for it to dry to a sticky consistency. Then, using tweezers or your fingers, attach your lashes. Grip the fake lashes from the center and put them carefully over your natural lash line.

They should be applied to the base of your eyelid rather than to your lashes. Push the lash down towards your lash line to secure it, but don’t move it too much.

Expert tip:

Allow some time for the adhesive to set after applying the lashes. For a more dramatic appearance and to fill in any gaps, use mascara or extra eyeliner. However, keep in mind that using mascara on your artificial lashes can reduce their longevity. If you’re not getting the desired effect you seek now without, it might be time to try a thicker eyelash style.

Can you use fake eyelashes more than once?

The brand determines this. Self-adhesive lashes are intended to be used just once. Eyebrows will not endure forever, but low-quality ones may begin to come apart after just a few wears.

Even if you clean and preserve them carefully in between uses, synthetic lashes will begin to disintegrate after 4-5 uses. So you won’t be able to wear fake lashes for very long.

How can I reuse fake eyelashes?

If you know how to do it, you can reuse artificial lashes up to 10 times. Again, this depends on how you use the product and its overall durability. You only need to know how to utilize your lashes several times. 

Return your fake eyelashes into the box they came in, and keep them in their original position to help them maintain their form. Then, the application technique will be simple whenever you’re ready to reuse the lashes.

Can you get permanent eyelash extensions?

When a competent expert performs, permanent eyelash extensions are perfectly safe and comfy once you’ve gotten used to the first procedure.

The best part is, you’ll never have to apply strip falsies or mascara again. The application technique is typically painless, depending on the type of eyelash extension.

Only one exception to this is the permanent eyelash choice, which is performed underneath a local anesthetic. You should experience no pain or discomfort following the treatment, probably just some discomfort.

Do fake eyelashes ruin your eyelashes?

If your eyelash extensions are applied correctly, fake lashes will not harm your natural eyelashes. However, some lashes may become trapped and even ripped out if you over-apply adhesive or take the lashes off forcibly.

Only when you overapply adhesive or take the lashes off vigorously will some lashes become entangled and torn out.

One thing is sure; your natural lashes will remain intact as long as you don’t apply too much adhesive and delicately remove your falsies at night. Falsies may even help keep your lashes healthier if you use them instead of mascara!

According to some reports, the weight of the falsies over your natural lashes may have an effect. But that’s only a hypothesis, and as many die-hard falsie wearers would confirm, it doesn’t appear to be a severe problem.


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