How to fix a lash lift that’s too curly – A Detailed Step By Step Guide

How to fix a lash lift that's too curly
How to fix a lash lift that's too curly
How to fix a lash lift that’s too curly

Lash lifts can go wrong at any time; what do we do when that happens? Once you’ve had a lash lift procedure, you might notice that your eyelashes are more curled than necessary; you’ll understand how damaging over-permed eyelashes can be.

How to fix a lash lift that’s too curly:

  • Apply your choice of liquid solution to the too curly lashes.
  • Utilizing a cotton pad, remove the perm solution from your lashes.
  • Put a lash setting solution to your lashes.
  • Residual settings should be thoroughly removed with a cotton pad.
  • Prepare a finishing brush out of your spool and curl your cloves as you choose.

To make matters worse, overprocessed lashes can split at the tips, creating the appearance of a shabby pair of spider-leg lashes. But don’t worry; I’ll show you how to relax your lash perm safely and healthily with natural essential oils.


You don’t have to be concerned about it getting into your eyes! During the entire procedure, your eyes are closed. Make sure, however, that it is applied by a licensed professional. They will collaborate with you to determine the best lash style for you.

The size of the shield they use to shape your lashes will determine the intensity of the lift or curl you want to achieve. The therapist will cleanse your entire eye area once you’ve decided on the size of lashes you want.

Are lash lifts worth it?

It depends on your personal preferences. 

400;”>Eyeliner is a great option if you like your natural brows and want a more wide-eyed look or prefer a more natural look and don’t want to wear mascara. 

With a good lash lift performed by a professional, you will have a brighter and refined look. If this is what you are after, then a lash lift will be a great choice.

Can you fix a bad Curly lash lift?

Yes, you can easily fix most lash lift issues from home. Because there is no risk of injury with a Cysteine-based lash lift, you may have it done whenever you choose. In addition, you don’t have to wait for your lashes to grow out if you have a botched lash lift; you may have them corrected.


A perm works by first opening up the scales of your hair. This breaks down the structure of your hair so that it may be reconstructed differently. Thioglycolic acid is very effective at this. It instantly elevates the pH of your hair, allowing your hair scales to open up.

The hair is then fixed in its new place using a neutralizing chemical to reduce the Ph and hair scales.

What can go wrong with a lash lift?

The procedure’s most dangerous side effect is probably skin inflammation. Although safety pads are positioned around your lash line to keep the keratin glue from spreading on your skin, this procedure isn’t entirely perfect. Some other discomfort you might experience include;

  • Redness of your eye
  • Dry eyes
  • You might get teary eyes more often
  • Blisters around your eye
  • inflammation of your eye

Should the solution gets into your eye, it will most certainly cause severe discomfort, as well as a burn or ulcer.  You also risk corneal irritation if you massage your sore eye or if it is accidentally scraped or otherwise damaged.

Other than the discomfort caused by the solution, working with an untrained practitioner might significantly raise your chance of adverse effects during the application process. For example, split hair is a risk with any chemicals or traction applied to your strands. This might result in temporary hair loss.


It’s understandable. It’s natural to be nervous when you’re new to lash treatments. For example, someone is working centimeters from your eye, and all you can think about is horror stories of cosmetic procedures gone bad. 

Although even the services of experts can go wrong sometimes, there are several things we should look out for and be aware of before initiating therapy.

How to fix a lash lift that's too curly
How to fix a lash lift that’s too curly

What do you do if your eyelash lift is too curly?

IN this section, I will be laying out a more detailed guide on how to get the issue fixed in no time.

The key to getting long natural lashes with the lash lift kit is to take your time and carefully read the directions. As stated previously, some of these errors are simple to correct. If your eyelash lift is too curly, you can solve it by following the steps below.

Uncurl your eyelash easily in 4 easy steps.

  • Apply a spoolie brush to the lashes that are too curly and apply perm solution to them. Brush your hair from the roots to the ends, adding more perm solution as needed.
  • Carry on like this until the over-permed lashes start to straighten out. It should take no more than 2–5 minutes to complete.
  • Soak your eyelashes in the perm solution with a cotton pad.
  • While doing this, avoid pulling on your lashes. It usually works by gently pressing the cotton pad on top of your lashes.
  • Apply a nourishing oil to your lashes with an additional spoolie brush. Brush from the root to the tip of your hair.
  • You might observe that your eyelashes have relaxed a little if you did everything correctly. Curls in your lashes will still be present.
  • Apply a final coat of mascara with the spoolie brush to your lashes and curl them as desired.

The issue is that most people are rushing through the procedure, causing their lashes to curl incorrectly. The adhesive and the perm lotion are two solutions that should be given special attention and time. 

The lashes will not absorb the components properly if any of these solutions are removed too soon. Wait a week, then try again if this begins to happen. This time, however, make sure you use the solution correctly.

Can you use a lash lift on your eyebrows?

Yes, you can lift your brows using the lash lift.

After the required treatment and process are complete, the eyebrow hair is more upright and separated, smooth and shiny, as if the brows are covered in gel, if the proper method is used.

The eyebrows are laminated with keratin during the procedure, which promotes quick and easy eyebrow growth. After 2-3 treatments, the brows will thicken as a result of this procedure.

How soon can you redo a lash lift?

After only about two months, the eyeliner will naturally fall out, and your lashes will revert to their natural state. The eyelash extensions must fall evenly and unobtrusively. 

If necessary, repeat the treatment after at least one month, or wait until they return to their normal condition.

The duration of a lash lift varies from person to person, but it usually lasts 6-8 weeks. No follow-up appointments are required, but the procedure must be repeated every 6-8 weeks to lift new hair growth.

Diving, use of harsh products, or heat are all examples of situations that can cause the lift to drop or weaken unnecessarily. If your lift does not last the full two months, you can have it repeated after a minimum of four weeks.

Is a Lash Lift the same as an eyelash perm?

No, the Lash Lift is a new, improved procedure that eliminates the previous procedure’s ‘over curled’ appearance. While the chemical procedure is identical to that of a perm, the results are not.

The methodology has supplanted the old perm rollers, which curled the lashes to the point of giving them a dolly appearance. The silicone pads lift the lash from the root straight or curled upwards, resulting in length and a brighter, more awake appearance.

How to fix a lash lift that's too curly
How to fix a lash lift that’s too curly

What is a Lash Lift?

The lash lift procedure has transformed old, ineffective perming techniques. This new technique uses silicone pads instead of perm rods to lift, straighten, curl, and lengthen your natural lashes for a brighter, fuller, and wider-eyed appearance. 

There’s no need for attachments or aftercare because this will last 6-8 weeks, and it can be merged with a tint to eliminate the need for mascara. A lash lift can be compared to a perm for your lashes.

A lash lift, unlike lash extensions, alters the shape and color of your natural lashes. If done properly, lash lifts will not harm your lashes. Having your lashes lifted often inspires you to grow longer lashes and take better care of them naturally. After a lash lift, I advise my clients to moisturize their lashes with coconut oil.

How do you sleep with a lash lift?

When it comes to sleeping, you should try to sleep on your back to avoid your lashes becoming stuck in one position against your pillow.

Your lashes should be completely set after 48 hours, which means you won’t have nearly as many restrictions on whatever you can do.

The average lash lift lasts six to eight weeks. I recommend avoiding eye serums, conditioning, exfoliants, and oil-based materials to ensure they last as long as necessary.

Unless you need to use mascara, avoid waterproof mascaras, and remember to wear sunglasses outside to protect your eyes and lashes from the sun.

Watch How To Reverse A  Lash Lift If T00 Curly | Video

How do you take off mascara with a lash lift?

To remove waterproof mascara, you’ll need to use an oil-based makeup remover. Your lash lift will be broken down more quickly due to the oil in the product. 

To observe more caution, don’t get your eyes wet for at least 24 hours after application, and don’t apply any eye makeup for at least 24 hours.

Request that your hairdresser applies a glaze if you want a darker color before leaving the salon. If you have brittle or light-colored lashes, this keratin-based product is perfect for you.

How long after lash Lift Can I shower?

Showering after a lift and tint requires a 24-hour wait. All you need is a  24-hour build-up time to ensure that the lashes are set correctly and no issues with the lift. You can wash your face and lashes typically after the 24-hour waiting period.

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