How long does eyebrow wax last And How Quick Eyebrow Grows Back

How long does eyebrow wax last
How long does eyebrow wax last
How long does eyebrow wax last

No makeup look is complete without the perfect brows. I’m sure we can all agree on this. Perfect brows help define your face and give it that natural facelift. However, the key to achieving this starts with perfectly groomed brows. Most of us struggle at this exact point. 

I’ve never been able to groom my brows properly, thanks to my shaky hands. So, I’d instead opt for waxing. Initially, I was always worried about how long my waxed eyebrows would last. Thankfully, I was able to figure out not just that but also how to make it last even longer. If you’re interested in learning more about this, read this article till the end.

How long does eyebrow wax last?

on average, your wax results should last up to 4-6weeks. Don’t get me wrong here! I don’t mean that you would be without hair during this period. You should start experiencing hair growth after two weeks. 

How long a groomed brow lasts is dependent on several factors, including how fast your hair grows and the accuracy of the wax application.

How often can I wax my eyebrows? 

I will generally advise that you wax your eyebrows every three to four weeks. It would be best if you gave your hair some time to grow. Do not go for a wax at every sign of hair growth on your brows. Your brow hair should be about 1/4 – 1/8 inches long before you can wax your eyebrows. 

If you do not give your hair enough time to grow before waxing, the hairs will be too short. Thus, the waxing would not be able to hold them properly for an effective procedure. Waxing premature grown hair can cause your hair to break, leading to ingrown hair that would generally leave a visible black scar on your brow area.

Therefore, if you want to get optimum waxing results, you should be patient and leave your hair to grow. Your wait would be worth it. 

How can I make my eyebrows wax last longer?

It would be pretty disappointing that just one week after week after waxing, your brow area is starting to look bushy and untidy. To make your waxing results last even longer, take note of the following tips.

1. Give your hair time to grow.

We cannot overemphasize this advice. I understand the temptations to shave off the hair that starts growing. But you should avoid shaving that hair at all costs. Allow your hair to grow up to 1/8-1/4 inches to be worthy of waxing. This growth would ensure enough hair for the wax to hold onto to ensure effective waxing results. 

If the hair is too short, the wax would not grip the hair and could cause the hair to break, leaving a visible black scar on the brow area. The longer your hair is, the better the waxing grip and the longer the waxing result. When the hair grows to the required length, the wax would be able to pull your brow hair from its root, and the hair would not grow back fast.

If you’re looking to maximize the six weeks brow waxing effect and save some bucks, then this tip is a must apply.

2. Go for quality

Now, I understand you’d want to save money, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But here’s the thing, if you think waxing at home would help you save money, then you’re mistaken. It is entirely the opposite. Although DIY waxing kits are cheaper, they tend to be incomplete and nothing close to professional waxing.

Doing it yourself at home means you would spend more money buying these kits now and then. 

Also, avoid going for really cheap waxing services. They tend to use low-quality products, which gives your brow area this reddish look. However, we advise you to look for a salon within your budget and get your waxing fine there for more effective and long-lasting wax results. 

3. Exfoliate your Brow area

My most dreaded waxing experience was when I noticed some dark ingrown hairs after waxing. I know we’ve all had it at one time, but then the disappointing feeling is always the same.  When you notice more than one ingrown hair, you must move up your waxing schedule to allow your hair to grow properly. 

Thankfully, exfoliating your skin with a nice scrub is a great way to reduce the chances of getting ingrown hairs. After every waxing session, you should do this to remove follicles properly to prevent ingrown hairs. 

How long does eyebrow wax last
How long does eyebrow wax last

How much does eyebrow waxing cost?

The cost of eyebrows waxing is dependent on the facility you visit. If the facility is a small salon that offers only nail and waxing services, you should be able to get your eyebrows waxed for 7-12$. A bigger salon would use more expensive products, which would be included in the amount you’re charged and would be between 12-17$.

Can I wax my eyebrows at home?

Yes, you can. But it is generally not advisable. There are DIY waxing kits available in drugstores that are pretty cheap. However, by waxing your eyebrows, you run the risk of having ingrown hairs, burns as well as infections. We advise that you go to a professional for the best waxing results. 

However, if you intend to wax your eyebrows at home, here are some steps you should follow.

Step 1– Clean the brow area by removing any trace of makeup and clean the area thoroughly. 

Step 2– We advise you use a cream wax since you would be applying it to the delicate area of your eye. You might need to heat the cream wax according to the instructions on the wax warmer. The wax has to be floppy and warm. If it has an oil-like consistency, you should give it time to cool down from its hotness. 

Step 3- Use a spatula to apply a thin layer of wax to the area you intend to wax. Be careful to apply the wax in the direction of your hair growth. 

Step 4- Apply a muslin strip and press in the direction of the hair growth. Be sure to leave a little material at the end for you to hold.

Step 5- S Smooth over the strip to ensure that the wax has adhered to the hair. Be sure that the wax is cold. 

Step 6- To help reduce pain, pull the surrounding hair, then firmly pull the muslin strips against the direction of hair growth.

Step 7- Use a facial oil to remove the wax residue from your face and apply aloe vera gel to calm your skin.

What to expect when waxing your eyebrows for the first time?

i. You would surely get the quality of your paid service.

I know you might want to save a few bucks, and it’s okay. However, be willing to spend some extra amount to get high-quality waxing services. It’s not about going to a fancy salon, but the quality of the wax that matters. In cheaper salons, the quality of the wax is usually low and leaves the brow area reddish.

Regardless of which, whether a cheap salon or a high-class salon, the choice is yours.

ii. They will try pressuring you into getting additional services.

It is normal. It should not make you feel self-conscious or anything. I remember my first time at the salon waxing; I was angry that they were pressuring me into getting an additional service. Like, I was going to pay for it, not like they were doing me a favor. I later found out that it was just their custom.

You do not need to feel obligated to give in to their request. However, if you intend to get only your eyebrows waxed, then stick to just that.

iii. The actual waxing process is not more than one minute.

Although, the brow specialist would lay you down and apply some special white powder on your brow area. The actual waxing process is for a brief period. You’d be in and out before you know it.

iv. It is not as painful as you think.

I can say that over again. Most people cringe at the thought of getting their eyebrows waxed because of the notion that it is painful. But honestly, it is not as painful as you think. You would only feel the pain when they pull off the strip. The pain is quite temporary, and it doesn’t linger.

You should know that you might experience some redness that would last for a little while. However, using concealer would perfectly fix this.

v. Tweezing would be involved.

After waxing, there might be a need to get rid of those stubborn hairs that get in the way with tweezers. 

vi. Finally, you should know that your hair would probably grow back between 5-10 days after waxing.

But do not worry, the speed of brow growth is different for everyone.


How painful is eyebrow waxing? 

You would usually feel pain if it’s your first time. You would not feel pain when they apply the wax. However, the pain comes when the white strip is being pulled from your brow area. It’s not too serious a pain to be worried about, and you’d probably get used to it as time goes on. 

Should you wax if you have sensitive skin?

Waxing can be pretty safe for people with sensitive skin. However, we advise that you pay attention to the quality of the wax. We also suggest going to a reputable wax salon and using a knowledgeable wax specialist. 

Do eyebrows grow back after waxing?

Yes, it does. You should understand that waxing is just a temporary solution to a permanent issue. You should not expect your waxing results to last forever. Waxing removes your hair from the root, after which it begins a new growth cycle. 

How long does wax burn last?

One of the downsides of waxing is the risk of burning. This burn generally happens when the wax is too hot when applied to your face. It is a harrowing experience. Minor wax burn takes about 1-2 weeks to heal fully. However, it might take longer if you have sensitive skin. Using eye cubes, aloe Vera gel, and SPF can help treat the pain.

Is bleeding normal after waxing?

It is normal to have minor bleeding after your first waxing experience. It’s best if you always try to keep the area clean to prevent infections. 

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I’m sure you have been looking for that one solution to your brow issue. Waxing can help you get that perfectly groomed brows. Who doesn’t want to go a couple of days without having to worry about some messy brows? Tell me! So what’s stopping you? Make that appointment and get your brows waxed today!

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