How do I keep my hair from flipping out at the ends? 10 Perfect Solutions

How do I keep my hair from flipping out at the ends

 Whenever you observe that your hair is beginning to flip out, it’s probably because it’s touching your shoulders. In more ways than one, this can be pretty uncomfortable for you. However, in this article, I will be providing some solutions that will prove to be very helpful. 

How do I keep my hair from flipping out at the ends
How do I keep my hair from flipping out at the ends

Tips on how to stop your hair from flipping out at the ends:

  • Use Essential Oils.
  • Get your hair Trimmed at the salon
  • It’s all about the styling brush in this case.
  • It would help if you slept with your hair wet.
  • Make use of a hair mask.
  • Use hair straightening products.

You have probably had to deal with that pesky flip that gets in the way of your overall hairstyle. But, unfortunately, your hair always seems to do its own thing, whether it’s because of how the cuts are trimmed, how the ends fall, the styling process, or a mix of those above. 

After a few weeks of quality research, I came up with some tips that provide the best results. In the next section, we will be going into more detail on them. With the tips below, you’ll learn how to deal with hair flips more effectively.

Hair flipping scenarios

To better understand the tips presented in this article, we will be accessing some hair-flipping scenarios for different hair lengths. 

Scenario one: People with longer hair

It might be beneficial to remove excess weight from your hair if you have long hair. It will also make it much easier for you to get a textured look.

Straightening your hair is an option, but the lighter layered sections will be challenging to manage. In addition, they have a higher chance of reverting to their original state.

Scenario two: People with short hair

If you have short hair or medium-length hair, you must also consider weight, but differently.

It’s crucial to keep the weight of your hair at the bottom if you have mid- to short-length hair. A good illustration of this is the beveled bob. If you look up this haircut on Google, you’ll notice that the hair is straighter due to the weight at the base.


How to stop your hair from flipping

Below are some techniques you can use to get straight hair without the hassle of trying different experiments that might end up damaging your hair. The majority of these tips will work better for persons who desire a more delicate hairstyle.

1. Essential oils

Apply your essential oil of choice after you’ve styled your hair with rollers, wraps, a cold blow-dry, or another method.

Note: It may be easier to apply the oil evenly through your hair if you warm it by rubbing it between your palms. Concentrate on the ends of your hair and use no more than a dime’s worth of product.

This will not only give your hair a lovely aroma and shine, but it will also weigh it down slightly, making it easier to style.

Certain essential oils might help to make hair look more manageable. This is because these oils enter your hair more quickly than chemical preparations. 

The above listed are all capable of penetrating your hair follicles and sealing and healing the cells within.

2. Trim your hair

Getting your hair cut at a decent salon is a beautiful idea. But, because your hair hitting your shoulders can cause a flip at the ends, it’s time to polish that tight line and resurrect your shape. 

The general idea is to incorporate the new growth into a new haircut or shape. Shaving off up to half an inch every five or six weeks is usually enough to keep your ‘do look sharp.

Benefits of getting a hair trim: 

  • Excellent for healthier growth
  • Split Ends are No Longer a Problem
  • There Will Be No More Heat Damage
  • Enhances the appearance of thicker hair
  • Frizz is reduced.

The weight distribution of your haircut frequently causes curls at the ends of your hair; a cut will help to even things out. When your external layers are cut, your hair’s weight is removed.

3. Use a good styling brush

A decent styling brush will help you straighten your hair and prevent tangles and flip-outs. When you’re styling, keep in mind that the tools you use are critical. When blow-drying your hair, using the wrong brush might change the shape of your hair and make the flips more noticeable. It also helps to have a good brush to help with the blowout, but the shape is essential.

4. Sleep with wet hair

This might sound unusual; however, it is very effective.

How do you accomplish this? First, try sleeping with your hair wet, that is,  if sleeping with a hair wrap or large rollers on your head is challenging for you. Next, make a bun by wrapping your hair around the ponytail and tying it with another hair clip.

Consider obtaining a satin pillowcase if you sleep with wet hair. This will reduce friction against your hair as you sleep, resulting in straighter hair when you wake up.

5. Use a hair mask

To give your hair a shinier and straighter appearance, deep-condition it using a DIY hair mask. They help to restore protein to curly hair may make it look more soothing.

For high impact, try a hair mask made with raw egg, manuka honey, or avocado. Warm coconut or almond oil can also be used as a hot-oil therapy to infuse and strengthen frizzy hair.

6. hair straightening products

Mixing it up with specially formulated products for straight hair for making the styling more straightforward might be a great starting point.

  • Shampoos, conditioners
  • Leave-in conditioners
  • Hairsprays

The above listed are pretty much the best choices for treatments that are designed to calm and relax your hair.

Straightening serums and keratin-rich spray-on conditioners coat your hair, weighing it down and calming your curls.


Hair wrapping technique

To begin this process, all you have to do is separate the top section where you part it and comb it out flat using a fine-toothed comb. Next, bring your hair around to the opposite side of your head from where it naturally falls and pin it tightly to the side of your head, holding it taut. Before going to sleep at night, repeat this process for each piece of your hair and secure it with a hair turban.

How do I keep my hair from flipping out at the ends
How do I keep my hair from flipping out at the ends

What causes your hair to flip or curl at the end?

1. Coloring

Hair transformations like curling and flipping can occur as a result of bleaching or coloring. Bleaching and coloring your hair are chemical operations that can change how your hair coils and falls in different ways. If this is the case, wait a few weeks to see if the changes stabilize.

2. Nutrition

Even a change in nutrition can affect your hair, which may surprise you. Your hair requires a wide range of vitamins and minerals, and substantially altering your diet can sometimes result in a noticeable difference in your hair. Hair loss can sometimes be caused by stress.

3. Seasonal effect

Hairstyles fluctuate with the seasons for some people. This could be because of a shift in air humidity or because the air has been wetter and the season has become windier in general. All of the elements can cause your hair to curl or flip just at the edges.

4. Change in hair treatment

Haircare products can have a significant effect on the nature of your hair.  It’s possible that changing shampoo caused your hair to curl at the ends. 

Note: If this is the case, I recommend going back to the conditioner you had been using before the actual incident. 

It is also essential that you pay attention to the functions of shampoo when you buy it, as making your hair curl at the base might be one of its functions. Finally, using quality products is also very necessary to avoid damage to your hair.

Why does your hair flip at the ends up when it gets longer?

When a couple of patterns have been repeated, the waves and curls patterns appear. For loose waves and huge barrel curls to repeat, you’ll need a lot more length. Because there isn’t enough length for the patterns to repeat themselves when your hair is longer than shoulder length, you won’t notice the curling up happening pretty quickly.

How do I keep my straightened hair from curling?

Nothing could be more aggravating than completing your hair care routine only to have your hair curl upward immediately after straightening it. They include;

  • Use a conditioner.
  • Don’t dry your hair with a towel.
  • Apply serum.

You don’t have to struggle with a hair straightener. Instead, we’ll go through a few strategies to keep your hair straight and prevent that curl from reappearing on your night out.


Flipping hair is naturally drier than short hair, and this is for a valid reason.

Because natural hair oils can’t go up the curl as quickly as straight hair, you’ll have to help it. Keep in mind that moisturizing is crucial to preventing frizz when straightening your hair. Also, when showering, use curly hair shampoo and conditioner.

Avoid drying your hair with a towel.

The hair cuticles have a lot of ridges, which open up when you rub them with a towel, generating frizz. Rather than going that way, try squeezing as much water out of your hair as you can.

If you can, get a microfiber towel or absorb the surplus water with an old t-shirt. After a shower, never, ever rub your hair.

Use serum 

Anti-frizz serums can help lock in moisture when applied to damp hair. Additionally, the oil coats your hair, creating a barrier between it and the humid air, which reduces frizzy hair. There are many different serums to choose from, but one containing Argan oil is usually good.



Why is my hair still curl after straightening?

Remember that a straightening treatment does not guarantee that flipping will be eliminated as it attempts to absorb moisture from the air; the hair cuticle bends and curls. Although if your hair is straightened, that’s the case.

What is a straightening perm?

A straight perm is a chemical treatment that straightens natural curls as a perm does, but without the rollers. To keep the treatment in place, heat is generally administered with a flat iron.

If your hair is dyed or bleached, straight perming is a no-no. It can’t be done over color, and it can’t be done over lightener, either. This is because processed hair is typically too weak to tolerate harsh chemicals perming solution, resulting in rupture and hair loss.

What temperature should I straighten my curly hair?

Your straightening device should be set between 350 and 400 degrees for thick, coarse, or curly hair. Start with the lowest heat setting to avoid burning your hair, then raise as needed to succeed.

Is using a hair straightener without heat protectant once okay?

When utilizing heat styling equipment without a heat protectant spray, hair color pigments may begin to alter, such as blonde hair becoming brassy or bleached hair becoming brassy.

Your hair’s keratin proteins, which give it strength and flexibility, start to break down—the cuticle, the hair’s outer layer, splits, and frays, losing its protective capacity.


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