10 reasons why your hair is not taking color and how to fix it

10 reasons why your hair is not taking color and how to fix it

Dying and changing your hair color is a common practice today. According to research, 70% of American women dye their hair. A lot of women could do it for fashion or some other reason. However, some people often encounter problems with their hair not holding Dye. They are different reasons as to why your hair is not taking color. This might be a frustrating situation for many people, but there are ways you can fix this problem.

If you have no idea why your hair finds it hard to hold Dye, this article will tell you the reasons for this problem. You will also get a few tips on how to fix your not taking colors and Dye. 

10 reasons why your hair is not taking color and how to fix it

Why your hair is not taking Dye

Some people notice color fading on their hairs after applying Dye. This condition is likely due to the result of some hair deficiency.  If your hair is not holding color, then there are certainly a few reasons for this situation. Here, I have listed ten reasons why your hair is not taking colors or Dye. 

  1. High level of hair porosity
  2. Rinsing with hot water
  3. Using a low amount of the Dye
  4. Rinsing the Dye off your hair too early
  5. You have a greasy hair texture
  6. Frequent bleaching of your hair
  7. You swim a lot
  8. You use Hard water to wash your hair
  9. You wash your hair too often
  10. Using the wrong Shampoo products

All the points listed above could be the reasons behind your hair situation. Each of the reasons stated above can make Dye quickly fade away from your hair. I will explain briefly how these factors affect the hairs’ ability to hold colors for more prolonged periods.  

Here is how these factors influence your hair and prevent it from taking colors or fading away;

High level of hair porosity 

Your hair must be in the best condition to have a chance of holding Dye. A healthy hair condition requires good protein or moisturizing treatment. If your hair lacks protein or moisture, it tends to find it challenging to take color. So, before applying color to your hair, make sure that it is healthy and in good condition. 

Checking the condition of your hair can be done with a simple, practical test. You can do this by using the method which is known as The Wet Stretch Test.

Rinsing your hair with hot water

When you are rinsing off the Dye from your hair, using hot water is not advisable. This is because it can open the hair cuticle and further wash off the dye color. It is better that you use lukewarm water to rinse the Dye off. 

Using a low amount of the Dye

Your hair should be able to absorb all the Dye down to the roots. If the color is insufficient for your hair, then you might not get the best results. You should also avoid putting too much Dye as this can cause patchiness. The application of the Dye should reach down to the roots of your hair and the edges.  

Rinsing the Dye off your hair too early

The Dye has to be on your hair for a certain period. Dye has different proportions, and the time that works to achieve complete saturation may differ. It is advisable to allow the Dye for a period of around 40 to 50 minutes. Alternatively, you should follow the instructions that are recommended.

You have a greasy hair texture.

Greasy hair texture can affect the results of coloring your hair. The oil in your scalp hair can be good as it helps to protect your skin from the dye chemicals. If your hair is too greasy, it could also lead to a common effect on your hair. The right balance of your hair condition will ensure that you get full penetration that will not fade quickly.

Frequent bleaching of your hair.

Bleached hair is one of the reasons why your hair is not taking color. Application of relaxers and other hair care products can affect the effects of Dye. If you frequently apply relaxers and conditioners on your hair, the penetration of the color might not be effective. Relaxers are potent chemicals, and they can easily open your hair cuticle. In cases where you recently applied relaxers on your hair, a protein filler will be essential to getting your hair to hold color.

You swim a lot.

Swimming in certain types of water can affect your hair condition. Saltwater is completely bad for your hair as it contains some chemicals that affect your hair’s protein. Keratin is the protein that makes up your hair cells. Chlorine and magnesium, which are present in saltwater, can affect the keratin.

It is advisable to wear a swim cap if you do a lot of swimming.

You use Hard water to wash your hair.

Hard water contains a high amount of calcium and magnesium. Many homes have hard water around them, which is very damaging to the hair cuticles. Colors and Dye will find it difficult to penetrate your hair as a result of this problem. Hard water also prevents hair from absorbing moisture. 

However,  you can treat your hair from the damaging effects of hard water by using Malibu-C Crystal Gels.

You wash your hair too often.

It is not necessary to wash your hair every single day. Washing your hair once in a while can not cause dryness or damage. Your hair scalp naturally produces oils that can prevent your hair from infections. Nevertheless, you can use hair shampoo when you want to dye your hair. This method can as well ensure that your hair is in good condition before dying.

Using the wrong Shampoo products

If your hair finds it challenging to hold color, it might be due to the shampoo and emulsifying products you use. Many shampoo products are dye-friendly, and you have to look for one of these shampoos. 

The points above highlight some of the possibilities of why your hair is not taking color.

Other reasons may also be prevalent in the causes of this hair problem. Improver UV protection hair products might cause the Dye to fade quickly after application. Although fading away from the dye color is inevitable, you also have to look out for some factors. 

Exposure of your newly colored hair to sunlight can also result in it fading. UV-protectant sprays are essential in cases like this. Alternatively, you can keep to the shade to prevent direct exposure to the sun.

Is There a fix To hair that does not hold color?

Some of the reasons why hair cannot take color have been mentioned above. Finding the remedies to this problem would be necessary to curb the situation. If you were wondering, can you fix hair that does not hold color? Then the answer is yes. 

The solution to this situation will require a few procedures to adhere to before fixing your hair.

Watch Fix For Hair That Does Not Hold Color | Video

How to fix hair that does not hold color

I will provide you with a few possible ways you can fix hair that does not hold color. Below are some of the tips that can help you improve your hair;

  • Hair Stripping
  • Homemade treatment method
  • Getting a new haircut

These methods can improve the ability of your hair to hold color. I am going to describe how you can execute these methods briefly. Some of these methods are very easy, and you can do them from the comfort of your home.

Hair Stripping

This procedure is one of the most effective ways of fixing your hair if there was any previous damage. This method requires that you buy a hair stripper and apply it to your hair after washing it. 

Hair strippers are easy to use, and they have instructions that you can follow when using the product.  You are to allow the stripper on your hair for only 20 minutes before washing it for another 10 minutes. 

After washing your hair, it will fix all the bleached parts of your hair. Hair stripping removes all the Dye that has clogged in your hair before. This action will help you be able to dye your hair with perfect results.

Homemade treatment

This method is a convenient way to fix your hair. It involves using raw blended egg goop into your hair. Then allow it to sit for 15 minutes before applying shampoo and conditioner while washing.

Repeat this process thrice weekly and for one month, and you will start seeing the results.

Getting a new haircut

A reason why your hair is not taking color may be due to the acute emulation of chemicals. A simple solution would be to cut your hair to an abridged length to allow new ones to grow. Also, avoid dying your hair for a few months while still keeping shorter hair. 

The situation is likely going to improve, and then your hair will be able to hold Dye.

The main reason for hair not holding color is primarily due to unhealthy hair. Keratin treatment can help you improve the condition of your hair. As I have mentioned, keratin is a hair protein, and treatment could keep the hair in its best state.

If you have any questions about this topic, check out our FAQ section to get more information.


Does heat make Dye work faster?

Some hair dyes provide instructions advising that you cover your hair after applying the Dye. The truth is that heat opens up the cuticle, hence, making the absorption of Dye easier. It does not matter if the heat comes directly from your hair or from covering it.

Should I apply shampoo to my hair after dying?

You will have to wait for up to three days before you can apply shampoo. This will allow the cuticle to absorb the Dye and close, resulting in a better performance.

Can I wash my hair with water after coloring?

It is advisable to wash your hair with cold or lukewarm water after coloring it. The use of hot water can cause hair damage and lead to fading of color. 

How long does hair dye last?

Hair dyes are not everlasting. As soon as your hair grows longer, the roots come to the surface. Dyes only last about six weeks before they would require a renewal.


Suppose you have been observing changes in how your hair reacts to dye. The reasons I have highlighted could likely be the problem.

The solution? As I have mentioned in this article, the solution outlined can fix the problem. The best way would be a keratin treatment. However, the homemade methods could be an alternative.

In conclusion, unhealthy hair is always the reason why your hair is not taking colors. Keeping your hair in good condition is the first step to avoiding this type of problem.




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