How to Fix Eyelash Extensions That Are Too Long?

Have you ever tried to fix eyelash extensions that are too long? Yes, I have also been in that position. Eyelashes bring out your face, making it look cuter and finer. But sometimes, having a long eyelash extension can be annoying and cause irritation, which may sometimes cause damage if not correctly handled. Also, it can make you look less real.

Fix Eyelash Extensions That Are Too Long
How to Fix Eyelash Extensions That Are Too Long


How can you fix eyelash extensions that are long? Is keeping long eyelashes extensions safe? Is it advisable to fix long eyelashes?

In this article, I will be showing you how to fix long eyelash extensions and everything you need to know about keeping eyelash extensions.

Steps To Fix Long Eyelash Extensions

Natural eyelashes measure around 3 mm to 18mm. When purchasing your eyelashes extension, ensure the length is not more than 3mm of your natural lashes.

Short eyelash extensions measure between 5mm to 9mm, while individuals that prefer longer lashes can use extensions measuring around 9mm to 15mm.

Step 1: Remove Lash Extension

The best way to fix your long lashes is to take them off. After taking them off, you can trim them and apply them again. Avoid cutting or trimming your lashes on top of your eyes, as it may affect your natural lashes. If you must trim it, remove it first. You don’t need assistance with this step.

Step 2: Bend Your Lashes

In case of emergency, where you don’t have time to remove your lashes extensions to work on them, you can try bending your lash extensions, which will make the lash extensions look shorter without you having to cut them.

Step 3: Curl Your Eyelash Extension

If you don’t want to cut your eyelash extensions and don’t want them to look too long, you can try curling the eyelash extension using an eyelash curler. This is because the lashes extension looks longer when straight than when they are curled. Curling takes your lashes upwards, making them look shorter without cutting them. And curly makes the lashes look even better.

Step 4: Consult a professional stylist

If you aren’t sure what to do, I will advise you to consult a professional stylist. For safety reasons, consulting a professional stylist is preferably safer. If you must do the fixing at home, you must ensure that you are good at certain aspects.

Step 5: Fix in a New Eyelash Extension

The final step is to replace your long extension with a short one. This process takes 15 minutes to achieve. Once you are done fixing your short lashes and rock it stylishly.

It is best to know how to purchase the right eyelash extensions, as it will save you some stress and unnecessary problems.

How to Purchase the Right Eyelash Extension

In purchasing an eyelash extension, you have to consider the length, brand and thickness of the eyelash.

Essential things to put in mind while purchasing the right eyelash extension

  • The eyelash extension should be 3-5mm longer than your natural lashes
  • Check it out before buying them. You can get them on and try them out before purchasing them to see how it looks on you.
  • If you don’t know anything about eyelashes extension, consult a stylist or friend before buying it to save yourself the trouble of it not fitting you well.


How To Cut Down Long Eyelash Extension

Fix Eyelash Extensions That Are Too Long
How to Fix Eyelash Extensions That Are Too Long


Sometimes long eyelash extension can be annoying and stressful, and you may be attempted to shorten it. In this case, avoid cutting the lashes so they won’t look untidy and dirty. They are other better ways to is, and they include:

  1. Bending

Instead of cutting your eyelashes, you can easily bend them. To bend it, you can start from the edges, and you bend the edges upward so that they have some curvature, which helps to give them a shorter appearance.

  1. Confirm the Eyelash Extension before installation

Before fixing an eyelash extension, ensure you confirm the length and are sure of it. The length should be perfect in proportion. If the false lashes are too long, trim them first before applying them.

  1. Consult your stylist

Consult your stylist, and ensure they check out the false lash extensions. Lash extensions take hours to fix, and if you still have to fix them too long and discomfort for you, you will have to fix another appointment date to replace the lashes.

It is best to trim the false lash extension before fixing it to save you the constant feelings of frustration that comes from constant dissatisfaction.

  1. Get a mirror

A mirror is essential while trimming your lashes at home. When trimming your lash extension, any mistake, even the tiniest of them all, is dangerous and can cause injury to your eye. So you have to set up a mirror so that your whole face is captured comfortably in it.

  1. Trim them

When your false lashes are not perfect, trim them, not cut them. To remove false eyelashes, all you have to do is clip them. If you can’t trim them down, consult a technician to help you out. However, you are expected to wear false eyelashes just for a month.

  1. Choose extension with a short strip.

There are different types of false eyelash extensions, and they are classified based on thickness, curvature, and length.

If the lash strip is too long or wide for your eyes, you can choose a different lash type that suits your taste.

Before applying the new eyelash strips, remove and test each one to ensure they fit in and are very attractive.

If you don’t like the lash extension, inform your technician to know that you want your lashes removed. You can do it on-the-spot, or at a later date as agreed by the technician and you.

  1. Cut the strands carefully.

If your lashes appear too long, you can use small lash scissors to cut the strands, starting from the outer edge. This will help you minimize incidents of cutting the lash too short. Use the lash scissors to prune it till you reach the perfect shape you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On How To Fix Eyelashes That Are Too Long


Can you cut your eyelash extensions if they are too long?

Yes, you can trim your eyelash extensions if they are too long. If you must cut your lashes, ensure you remove them from your eyes to trim them, not risk your eye or cause damage that can be avoided. To be safer, consult the technician and report that the eyelashes are too long for her to work on it.

Can I fix my eyelash extensions?

Can I fix my eyelash extensions? You can fix your eyelash extensions using the DIY beauty regimens. And before you fix lashes yourself, ensure your hand is steady and straight. Ensure you use the right tools, adhesive or oil. But visiting the saloon to get professional touch is preferred.

Can you shorten fake eyelashes?

Yes, you can trim down your false eyelashes to your preferred length. However, after trimming, you may not be able to use lash extension again. But for magnetic lashes, you can use them again, even after being trimmed.

Can your cut eyelashes grow back?

If there is no damage to the eyelids, it will take you six weeks for the eyelash to grow back. But if the eyelash was pulled out, or the eyelids got burned out or damaged, it may take longer for the lashes to grow back.

Is it possible to cut the eyelash extensions down a bit?

Yes, you can consult the makeup artist to trim to shorten your lashes. You can also do it yourself. All you have to do is remove the false lashes, trim them and fix them back.

Should I get lash extensions if I have long lashes?

Wearing long lashes extensions that are too long or too thick can help your hands over a prolonged time. You should ensure that the false lashes are not too thick or loner than your natural lashes.

Can you go blind from lash extensions?

No, fixing eyelash extensions can not make you go blind. But in critical cases, where your eyes come in contact with formaldehyde, it might lead to blindness. And some adhesive can cause serious irritation if adequately handled.

 Why shouldn’t your eyelash extensions be too long?

Averagely, your natural lashes should be extended beyond 2 mm. Long and heavy lash extensions cause stress to the natural lashes, making them break, bend, and in the worst scenario, obstruct the growth process of the lashes.

How long should eyelash extensions be?

For a medium size, the ideal lash length is 10 and 12. For a perfect long lash length, it should measure around 13-14. However, some lashes measure up to 15 mm, but this is not advised, except you have wise eyes and a longer length.

Can eyelash extensions ruin your natural lashes?

Lash extensions cannot ruin your natural lashes if it is appropriately applied. But if the lashes are not incorrectly used, your natural lashes will be ruined. Ensure you observe healthy guidelines while applying for your false lash extension.

What is the most extended length of eyelash extensions?

For the health of the client’s natural lash, an eyelash extension should not be longer than 3mm above the length of the natural lashes.

What to do if eyelash extensions are too long?

If your eyelash extensions are too long, you can shorten them. To remove the lash, close one of your eyes, and remove the false eyelash from your eye. You can use a pair of small scissors to cut off the extra lash strip.

To achieve a softer, more natural-looking look with eyelash extension, cut off the long strip, and leave the shorter strip.

What are the risks of lash extensions?

The American Academy of Ophthalmology stated that the various risks of lash extensions are:

  • Temporary or permanent loss of eyelashes.
  • Skin irritation of the eyelid
  • Swelling
  • Infection of the eyelid or cornea
How to know if false eyelashes are too long?

To know if the false eyelashes are too long, you can kindly check on the mirror. If the lashes are too long, they won’t look realistic, and you will observe your appearance.

You will not want to look false or artificial when you wear false eyelashes extensions, so shortening it is better.


Eyelash extensions that are too long are not very cute on people most times, as it makes you look artificial and less realistic. To maintain beauty while wearing an eyelash extension, you have to make it look shorter and fuller. So if you notice that the false lashes are too wide for your eyes, quickly go to a salon to get a makeup artist to work on it, and you can simply do it at home if your hands are steady.

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