[2022] Do Dolphins Have Eyelashes?

Do Dolphins Have Eyelashes?

I watched a documentary on dolphins, and a question kept coming to mind; do dolphins have eyelashes? Dolphins are the sweetest and most friendly sea mammals to man. It is no surprise for you to ask if dolphins have eyelashes due to their likeness to humans, but do dolphins have eyelashes?

I conducted my research, and I got answers to my question. I will answer the question in this article and show fun facts about dolphins.

Do Dolphins Have Eyelashes? 

No, Dolphins don’t have eyelashes, and they are known to be hairless. Only at birth can you see a small number of hairs around the beak. When they grow, it falls out, and they remain hairless. However, Dolphins have eyelids as they close their eyes while sleeping.

Do Dolphins Have Eyelids?

All mammals, including whales and dolphins, have eyelids that protect them from dangerous sea objects and debris, apart from losing their eye to sleep. The eyelids of a dolphin have tear glands that serve as a protective solution that spreads over the entire eye while blinking. As such, dolphins don’t constantly blink, the solution produced by the tear glands can protect the Dolphin’s eyes for long hours.

Like humans, Dolphin’s eyelids are heavy and fatty and can be harder to move. This is one reason mammals, including dolphins, blink less frequently than humans and other humans.

What are the Similarities Between Dolphins and Humans?

Dolphins are known to be similar to humans in several ways. Apart from not having eyelashes like humans, their kindness and calmness exert the intrinsic attributes of man. Humans treasure dolphins, and some even take them in as pets.

Some of the similarities between humans and dolphins include:

Do Dolphins Have Eyelashes?

a)       They give birth to their children alive – they don’t lay eggs:

Just like humans, they give birth to their children alive. Even though they are sea mammals, they don’t lay eggs like fish. They give birth to their young ones, who are taught to swim, just like human kids are taught to walk.

b)      They exert communal living

just like humans; dolphins exert these strong bonds among themselves. They live together and swim together. You can hardly see a dolphin only.

c)       Dolphins have a specific language

Just like humans, Dolphins communicate with each other using a particular language. However, the language is exclusive and only understood by them. This is how humans have a specific language no other species can understand.

d)      Like other mammals, Dolphins have bone fragments

Although they may have flippers like fish, their feet and hands resemble humans.


e)       Like other mammals, Dolphins have genes and brains that are almost like that of humans in terms of structure  

Dolphins, like other mammals, have brains and genes that validate them, even though they are sea creatures.

What are the Differences Between Dolphins and Humans?

Even though they are both mammals, differences make them unique in their way. Dolphins are particular because of their peculiarities that make them different from humans and other mammals, and some of the differences include:

a)       Dolphins are totally hairless

Apart from not having eyelashes, dolphins are hairless. They only have small quantities of hair when they are born, after which it falls out as they grow. While in the case of humans, a large part of the body is covered with hair, including eyelashes. Also, body hairs are less helpful to dolphins.

b)      Cannot exert facial expressions

Unlike humans, who can communicate and express emotions through facial expressions, Dolphins only depend on sounds and body movements to communicate.

c)       They sleep with half of their brain alert

Dolphins never fall deep into sleep; they always keep one part of their brain active. This is because they live in the sea and must always be alerted of predators. Also, it prevents them from drowning.

What Other Animals Do Not Have Eyelashes?

All mammals, including pigs, cats, and dogs, have eyelashes. Animals like reptiles, aquatic animals, amphibians, insects, arachnids, and other non-mammals do not have eyelashes. On the other hand, Bird has a feather-like feature called bristles in a row-like structure that protects their eyelids.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      I.  Do dolphins have eyelids?

Like humans and other mammals, dolphins have eyelids that they shut when they sleep. However, only one of their eyes is closed close. Like whales, dolphins sleep half-awake with one part of their brain activity to keep them alert against predators in the river.

  II.  Do Dolphins sleep

Often, the Adult male swims slowly side by side as they sleep. They sometimes pair up while sleeping, and they slowly swim. However, dolphins don’t sleep with their two eyes closed. They are half alert while they sleep.

III. Do dolphins have eyebrows?

Dolphins don’t have eyebrows or hair. They are totally hairless, unlike other mammals. However, dolphins are not born hairless. They are born with facial hairs that are like whiskers.

IV. Do whales have eyebrows?

Often, whales have eyebrows, mustaches, and beards. This is unlike dolphins.

  V. Are Dolphins friendly?

Dolphins are not only friendly but also intelligent mammals that love to play tricks and can be used for amusement in parks. They can be trained like dogs to understand the languages of humans.

VI. Is a dolphin a fish?

Even though dolphins live and stay their whole life in the water, they are not fishes, and they are purely mammals. Dolphins are warm-blooded, breathing through their lungs, unlike cold-blooded fish, who breathe through their gills.

VII. Do dolphins kill each other young?

Yes, dolphins kill each other young, which is called infanticide, and it does occur among not only dolphins but also animals, like lions, monkeys, etc., according to a study that was carried out. Adult dolphins kill the young ones of the other dolphins. So a helpless young dolphin is not safe with another adult dolphin.

VIII.Is a dolphin a whale?

Dolphins are toothed whales, and the largest Dolphin is called an Orca, which is sometimes mistaken for a whale, and it is nicknamed the killer whale. Generally, whales are divided into baleen whales and toothed whales. So dolphins fall under the category of the toothed whale.

Also, like most whales, the Dolphin’s body is covered by a thick layer of fat, known as blubber, which helps keep the Dolphin warm in the water because they are warm-blooded mammals that live in the water.

IX. Why do whales have hair in their mouth?

Whales have a filter-feeder system located inside their mouth called baleen. It is mainly called baleen hair, baleen bristles, or whalebone hair.

  X.  Do dolphins kill sharks?

Dolphins attack and kill small sharks. Besides that, they attack and kill other large fish and small porpoises in the water, despite their friendly nature to man. The funny part is that the dolphins don’t usually eat its preys, and most of the attacks are made when they socialize.

XI.  Do dolphins have bones?

Dolphins don’t have hind limbs. A dolphin’s tail is called the fluke, and it contains no bones, only tough connective tissue. Similar to the flukes, the dorsal fin does not contain any bones.

XII. Which is bigger, Dolphin or porpoise?

Dolphins have more extended mouths, noses, more prolonged, leaner bodies, and curved dorsal fins than porpoises. Also, to a great extent, dolphins are far more prevalent than porpoises.

XIII. Can dolphins be dangerous?

Even though dolphins are friendly mammals, the wild is always wild. They have been concerns about dolphins’ injuring and, in some cases killing humans, especially when swimming, feeding, or playing with them. So before a dolphin is used for amusement and entertainment, a skilled professional should adequately train it.

XIV. Do whales have eyelashes?

Whales have no eyelashes or tear glands. Whales, however, have relatively small eyes(each is about the size of a grape) to their body size – each about the size of a grapefruit. Also, their eyesight is said to be weak.



Dolphins are born without eyelashes; only a small quantity of hair drops off later. They only have eyelids that help them see and provide protective coverage against debris and dangerous objects in the sea. Also, they have a sweat gland that protects their eyes. Dolphin eyelids are known to be fatty. As such, they don’t blink as often as humans.

In general, dolphins are unique sea mammals that man always treasures.

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