Can you use hairspray as a setting spray? Answered

Can you use hairspray as a setting spray?

Hairspray is a fine-mist cosmetic product spattered on your hair to make it shiny, smooth, and hold any hairstyle. Hairspray adds volume to your hair and preserves your hair against humidity and wind. 

So Can you use hairspray as a setting spray? The Answer is NO. As good as it sounds for your hair, Hair spray contains a lot of chemicals and toxins that aren’t good for your skin, the face in particular. Your face is a very sensitive part of your body and you should be careful about the chemicals you apply to it. 

Can you use hairspray as a setting spray?

In this article, I will tell you all you need to know about using hairspray as a setting spray, what you can use as a substitute for setting spray, and how to make your setting spray in case you misplaced or ran out of setting spray. 

Can you use hairspray as a setting spray?

No, you can’t use hairspray as a setting spray; whether you’re spattering it a little away from your face or directly onto your face. Hairsprays contain chemicals that are not suitable for the face and the whole skin.

If you insist on using hairspray as a setting spray, it may cause extreme dryness, breakouts, redness, skin irritation, and itching. It would be best if you used it specifically for your hair and not your face. 


Why is it not safe to use hairspray as a setting spray?

  • It will dehydrate your skin and make you look more aged.
  • It will cause rashes.
  • It will cause eye, mouth, and throat irritation.
  • It will cause stinging of the eyes.
  • It will cause your pores to clog. 
  • It will cause burning.
  • It will cause sneezing.
  • It will leave you with so much discomfort.
  • It will leave you with a sticky feeling.
  • it will make your face seem cracked
  • It will cause acne
  • It will affect your breathing

How is make-up setting spray different from hairspray?

A make-up setting spray and hairspray differ in the following areas:

  • Aerosol versus nonaerosol
  • Spot welds versus facial film
  • Crunch versus non-crunch

1. Aerosol versus nonaerosol

The most reliable hairsprays come in aerosol containers because they can be water-free. If water touches your curls, it will weaken them.

Setting sprays that are in the non-aerosol form are absolutely good. It is good since you don’t want to wreck your face with an aerosol spray from a close range.


2. Spot welds versus facial film

Hairsprays are meant to deliver a fine mist of hair-holding polymers. 

The tiny drops of polymers keep running over your hair till two hair shafts intersect at a junction. They dry to form a tiny weld point that holds the two hair shafts together. The outcome of the thousands of tiny droplets on your hair shaft is what holds your style in place.

Meanwhile, a make-up setting spray carries a much greater degree of solids than hairsprays. It delivers an even film across your entire face. If you use it as a hairspray droplet or any fluid, it drips off your face. 


3. Crunch versus non-crunch

For your hairspray to hold your hairstyle and keep it from falling flat, there is a need for the hair-holding polymers used in hairspray to form a very rigid spot weld. They need to form a crunchy holding firm.

Meanwhile, make-up setting sprays need to form a less crunchy, light-holding film. Hence, it contains formulas that are much more emollient. 


What else cannot be used as a substitute for setting spray?

  • Perfume


The ingredients used in making perfume are extremely harsh. It is unsafe to spray it on your face. Perfume weakens the skin’s ability to protect itself from UV damage.

Moreover, using perfume as a setting spray will not set your make-up the way you want it.

Can you still use water as a make-up setting spray?

Yes! you can use water as a make-up setting spray. Then you will need to get rose water and witch hazel, stir in a bit of filtered water.

Next, get an empty spray bottle, and fill it with the mixture. Your setting spray is now ready to be used. When you spray it on your face, your make-up won’t look matte; and it will give it a healthy glow.

Ensure you spray it as you would your setting spray. Spray it 6 to 8 inches away from your face.

Is using setting spray a must?

A make-up without the use of a setting spray is incomplete make-up. If you don’t want your sweat to get your make-up uneven, and if you don’t want it to wear off immediately, you should use a setting spray. A setting spray will still leave your make-up fresh and beautiful. Ensure you spray it around your face and neck. 

How to use your setting spray?

  • Ensure you always shake the bottle first before and when using it. 
  • Spray in an X or T form
  • Ensure your face is about 6-8 inches away when you spray.
  • After spraying it, don’t dash away. Let it dry before heading to your event.

Can I use toner as a make-up setting spray?

Not all toners can substitute setting spray, but if your toner has the following ingredients: Glycerin, Rosewater +witch hazel, Butyl glycol, panthenol, you can try it out.

However, your make-up may not last for hours. 

How long does setting spray take to dry?

It takes about 2-5 minutes to dry or less than if you are in a well-ventilated place. It will help to let it dry before you run off, so the setting spray will sink in and blend properly. In this way, your make-up will last longer.

If you are in a hot room, it may take a longer time. I usually see some make-up artists move around with a portable hand fan whenever they have a job. Perhaps, it is used on their client’s face after the spray has been used.

What to avoid after using setting spray?

  • To avoid any form of irritation, don’t dry your setting spray with heat or a blow-dryer. Try to be patient for it to dry before you step out.
  • To avoid spoiling your make-up, don’t blend the spray anywhere on your face.

Does setting spray prevent sweating?

No, the setting spray does not stop sweat from dropping off your body. It only lets your make-up stay on your face while you sweat. When you sweat, the sweat droplets are not translucent; your make-up is being taken away.

Does water as a setting spray work?

Yes! It works. But, a normal setting spray has a better “hold” on make-up than the setting spray made with water.




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