Can You Cry with Eyelash Extensions? [2022]

can you cry with eyelash extensions?

I once asked this question: can you cry with eyelash extensions? Crying is one natural emotion of humans that is inevitable. Ladies are known to cry more than guys. Being a beauty queen and a 21st-century lady who is up to date with the latest cosmetics, you are constantly faced with this question, can you cry with eyelash extensions?

In this article, I will answer the question many ladies have been asking; can you cry with eyelash extensions? I will also show you all you need to know about eyelash extensions.

Can you cry with eyelash extensions?

can you cry with eyelash extensions?

Can you cry with eyelash extensions?

Yes, you can cry with eyelash extensions. What you should know is Lash extensions are water-resistant; however, they are tears proof because tears contain salt and oil. You can cry after the adhesive has thoroughly dried, which should be after 24 to 48 hours, and after which, you clean your eyes with oil-resistant water. However, you are not to cry during the curing process, as tears can spread the vapours and glue, irritating, making the glue challenging to stick and for the extension to be bonded with the cloves.

Even after the eyelashes adhesives are completely dried, you should be careful how you cry because the oil and salt in tears can weaken the lashes.

Adding the eyelash extension should be a painless experience, so when you have any discomfort that wants to make you cry, ensure you inform the technician as it may be a form of allergic reaction to glue or something.

Can Crying Make Your Eyelashes To Fall Out?

Crying on its own cannot make your eyelash fall off, but when you constantly wipe your eyes after crying, the lashes can be wiped out too. Just be careful while wiping your eyes. Ensure you do it gently.

Water is not harmful; tears damage lash extensions because they contain salt and oil. You can degrade the bond that the lash adhesive creates.

Crying isn’t a big problem except when you always wear lash extensions. The first thing to remember is when you cry with eyelashes extensions on or watery eyes. The worst is that many people tend to rub hard against their eyes when they cry. It shouldn’t be so, as you can accidentally pull off your eyelashes which can be very painful.

Also, crying weakens the root of the eyelids, leading to the tear glands working in disorder, which may cause the eyelashes to fall off. However, you can use vitamin E on the eyelids as it has proven functional in letting them thicken.

Lash extensions are waterproof. It is imperative not to weep during the process because weeping can spread the glue/vapour that irritates. Crying is also difficult for the glue to dry and bind the extension to your cloves during the process.

You should understand that water on its own doesn’t affect the eyelash. The real enemy here is salt and oil. This is why you should avoid crying.

How To Clean Your Eye After Crying With Eyelash On?

Can you cry with eyelash extensions?

Before going into the step-by-step procedure, you must understand the three below tips while crying with eyelashes on:

Three Most Important Tips to Know While Crying with Eyelash On

  • While crying, avoid rubbing your tug eyes or twisting your eyelids. This may damage your natural clogs, which is not pleasant.
  • Ensure you use an oil-resistant solvent to remove your lashes, go under the running tap, and pour cold water on your eyes after crying to wash away the salt, as it can weaken the adhesive.
  • Avoid pulling out your lashes to remove them. You may end up pulling your natural eyelashes together with them and have to wait for another to grow. Ensure you meet an expert to help you out.

The step-by-step procedure to clean your eyes after crying with eyelashes on:

The best way to clean your eyelashes after crying is to sprinkle cold tap water on your eyes and use a clean towel to completely dry above and below the eyes.

A.      Step 1

Use clean cotton pads to remove dirt around the eyelash extensions.

B.       Step 2

For daily cleaning of the cloves, use an oil-free make-up remover.

C.       Step 3

To clean up the eyelid extensions, wet your cloves with warm water.

D.      Step 4

Also, ensure you apply anti-bacterial solutions for eye and lash health. It can be: potential glycols, axial-specific cleansers, oils, and other safe lash extension removers often found in regular facial cleansers.

Avoid applying any solutions that contain oil near your eyes. These include moisturizers, pure oils, cleansers, spray-toners, aromatherapy oils, cocoa/rosé oils, creams for the eye, and shampoo. These solutions can weaken the eyelashes.

E.       Step 5

Get a soft cloth or facial towel and dry it gently above and below the eyelids; avoid applying the towel directly.

F.       Step 6

Brush the top of your pin to get rid of your tears. You can brush your lashes every morning or after a shower with a brush or spoolie.

Other Important Information

  • Avoid contact with steam getting an eyelash extension. The hazards of eyelash extensions are hidden, so you will not want to risk them.
  • Our tears are solvents that weaken the stick on our eyelashes. That is why it is essential to clean your clothes after crying!
  • Always ensure to clean your eyelashes. However, you are not to allow it after touching it in the first 24 hours; you can occasionally apply water to clean the lashes. Some ladies believe that keeping the lashes away from the water will keep them longer, but this is totally untrue. Because when you don’t clean your eyelashes, they will get coarse and die prematurely. Also, if you don’t clean your eyelashes, it can lead to possible infections, like poor lash health/growth, irritations, and lash mites.

Also, dead skin cells, dirt, make-up, and oil will quickly accumulate on your lash line when you don’t clean them. These deposits will gradually eat off the bond of your lava extension and break it down over time.

Furthermore, cleaning the eyelashes regularly makes your cloves look lush and full.


Frequently Asked Questions Relating to Can You Cry with Eyelash Extensions?

         I.            How to dry eyelash extensions after crying?

Sprinkle some cold water from the tap onto your eyes, and use a clean towel to clean above and beneath your eyes. You can also use oil-free solvents to dry your eyelash after crying.

       II.            How do you cry with eyelash extensions?

If you must cry, ensure you cry gently. Generally, your natural eyelashes will fall out if you cry a bucket. So you have to cry gently. Avoid rubbing your eyes, twisting them, or pulling the lashes while crying, because you weaken the adhesive and loose the extension from the cloves.

     III.            Do weeping affect the eyelash extensions?

Weeping affects eyelash extensions, making the glue fall out and stopping the extension from binding with the cloves. Eyelashes are water-resistant but not tears resistant. Also, weeping can cause irritations which may cause the eye to be sore.

     IV.            Why do my eyes sting when I cry with lash extensions? 

If the eyelash contains latex, and, you are allergic to latex, it might cause your eyes to sting. Sometimes, the glue is too strong for the person’s eyes and can cause stinging to the eye when it is wet or your eyes are closed.

      V.            What will happen to the eyelashes if it gets wet before 24 hours? 

If your eyelashes are exposed to water while still wet, it can cause premature falling of the eyelashes. It can also lead to severe irritations and allergies.

     VI.            Can you swim with eyelash extension?

You can swim with your eyelash extension, but you must wait enough time to ensure the adhesive is cured correctly. You should wait for at least 12 hours or more after you have done your eyelash extension before you can go swimming. It is not risky at all to swim with eyelash extensions. You can swim safely as long as your eyelash extensions are properly cured.

   VII.            How to shower with your eyelash extension 

You don’t need to cover your eyes while taking your shower with eyelash extensions on. All you have to do is wait for 12 to 24 hours before taking your shower. When it is properly cured, you can easily take your shower, whether it is a cold or hot shower, as it won’t affect it at all. But if it is not cured correctly and you expose it to water, steam, or heat, the adhesive will become loosened, and the extension will fall out.

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Ensure you apply all safety measures while getting the eyelash extension on. Do not allow water to come close to your eyes for the first 12 hours; ensure to follow all the aftercare instructions.

Eyelashes can be beautiful when all safe care measures are followed. Remember that eyelashes are waterproof, not sweatproof. If you must brush your eyelashes, do them in the first 12 hours to set them the way you want them to look. Because after 12 hours, the eyelashes will be dry, and it won’t be easy to configure them into a particular shape.

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