Brown Eyeliner vs Black Eyeliner – The Best One For Your Eye?

 Brown Eyeliner Vs Black Eyeliner?
 Brown Eyeliner Vs Black Eyeliner?
Brown Eyeliner Vs Black Eyeliner

Brown eyeliner creates the illusion of thicker, bigger, and farther-away lashes by acting as a contour for your lashes. 

While black eyeliner can make your eyes appear bitter, brown eyeliner can add depth to your eyes, especially when muddled around the top and bottom of your lash line (almost like a smoky eye).

If you go into a woman’s maquillage purse, you’ll likely find black eyeliner instead of Brown. However, any makeup professional will tell you that tawny and chocolate hues can look less harsh and appealing in various eye colors.

While the debate over black vs. brown eyeliner will always exist, many people are now opting for brown eyeliner for a more modern look. This is because Brown eyeliner comes in an infinite number of hues, ranging from light to dark or neutral to dark, and it’s a lot less expensive than black eyeliner. 

According to Mario Dedivinovic, the founder and CEO of Makeup by Mario and Celebrity Makeup Artist, Brown eyeliner is more general and less intense than black.

 Brown Eyeliner Vs Black Eyeliner?

Brown eyeliner works across the board in pencil, gel, or liquid form to give you definition without making you seem chubby (or too intimidating for new eyeliner users). A brown liner also has the benefit of being adaptable. 

As a result, switching between more dramatic looks and subtle everyday appearances takes little to no work. Also, even if you don’t have the steadiest hand, the application is relatively user-friendly.

This may not be as exciting to you as the return of my faithful black eyeliner, but it turns out that brown eyeliner is still gorgeous black eyeliner, but quieter and more natural, and I may never go back to black.

I went to Kiekie Stanners and LochieStonehouse, two of New Zealand’s top machine artists, professionally down on Brown.

The breakdown

According to Stanners, a MAC-New Zealand Senior Artist, Brown eyeliner is “the ultimate softer eye lining alternative.” The brown liner creates the exact definition, shapes your eyes, and makes cloves look more complete – but in a more neutral tone.

“It can feel more every day with the brown than the hardness of a true black because it naturally sits on skin tones,” says the designer.

It works by fusing into the lash line as an “invisible” definition, and it’s ideal if you don’t want to appear overly make-up-ed.

“Anyone may use brown eyeliner,” Stanners explains, “if they want to enhance their eyes but don’t want to rock an obvious appearance or statements like a black fluid line.”

Expert Tip:

I like to apply a brown pencil directly to the top lashline using the #268 dual-fiber angle brush, then apply it a little thicker to the outer eyes. Drag the brush out to create a diffused feline cat eye, then apply the excess product to the bottom lash line to create a diffused feline cat-eye.

The eyeliner in brown ‘It should be a staple of extreme importance to all,’ says Stonehouse, YSL’s national makeup artist. Brown has a natural, smooth, and fashionable appearance and can form a thick, fluffy lash without being too obvious. A brown pencil is ‘office-appropriate,’ but it’s also fun to look at on the weekend.

In Summary

Another advantage is that the brown liner application may be “faulty.”

While brown usually means “a little less visible and more natural,” Stonehouse claims that the effects of any liner are more formal than color.  A sparing application of black eyeliner looks more natural than a brown winged outliner, so it all depends on the product.”

Watch Brown Eyeliner Vs Black Eyeliner Video

What’s the best way for me to wear it?

According to Stonehouse, the pencil is transferred to the outer side in the first half of the clog and the second half of the bottom clog. Work it on the latch line and use it as close to the roots as feasible. Before setting it, soften it with a blending brush or a cotton tip. Use only on the waterline. Use only on the waterline.

“It’s quick and easy, looks natural, stays put all day, and gives it a big, fluffy look.” The effect is completed with a black mascara lacquer.

Why Does Brown Eyeliner Appear to be More Appealing than Black Eyeliner?

If black is a bit too dramatic for you in some instances, I think the brown liner is fantastic, and you can even push it a little further into your deck to hide the fact that the liner you’re wearing has more shadow impact. 

I’ve discovered that a thick brown line appears odd with black cuts; however, thinner or mixed brown lines in a more delicately curved lace look great. Don’t make it too thick if you want a crisper look, as this can sometimes happen. Here are some more advantages of brown eyeliner:

1. You can still pull off outrageous outfits.

There are still occasions when I want to create a dramatic eye for nights out. Brown eyeliner also works well for this. It’s light but dark enough to add a seductive touch to your look.

I enjoy spreading the wing out before fusing it in the dark shade of my eyelid. Depending on where I go, I’ll top it off with several artificial eyelashes and mascara lashings.

2. It can make your lashes grow longer.

I’m astonished that the brown liner has made my lashes look thicker with just one application. Of course, when I say mascara, I don’t mean just any mascara. When I used the black liner to draw broad wings, my pins were hardly visible. If I wanted my falsifications to stand out, I would usually do two of them.

Now that they’re in full view, my eyes appear larger, and I can finally use my cum to shatter the adhesive.

3. It’s understated.

The use of a brown liner is thought to be more subtle than that of a black liner. Brown-black mascara eyeliner will draw attention to your pinching rather than the entire eye. The black/brown combination would be more appropriate for a day. 

Tell a story about a day at the park or the zoo where much makeup is out of place. Outside, somewhere. You can either blend a dark coal liner on your eye or leave the crisp line a little longer for less definition. In the instance of a liner, brown isn’t as bold as black, but it has depth.

4. It’s multipurpose.

As I grew older, I became increasingly hesitant to travel with large makeup suitcases to see a friend for a weekend. Much more critical topics must be discussed with me than a wide range of products. Take, for example, wine.

That is why I have a passenger bag that is smaller and more multipurpose. Brown Eyeliner is one of them. It can be used as an eye shadow when blended with water. If you have dark hair, it can also be used as a brow gel.

 Brown Eyeliner Vs Black Eyeliner?
Brown Eyeliner Vs Black Eyeliner

The Top Three Brown Eye Liners to Buy

While black eyeliner will always be popular, many people are now opting for brown eyeliner for a more youthful look. Brown eyeliner comes in an infinite number of hues, ranging from light to dark or neutral to dark, and it’s a lot less expensive than black eyeliner. 

According to Mario Dedivinovic, the founder and CEO of Makeup By Mario and Celebrity Makeup Artist, Brown eyeliner is more general and less intense than black.

Here’s a list of the most incredible brown eyeliners:

  1. Mad Max Brown Tattoo Eyeliner Kat Von D Cosmetics (Our Editor Pick)

This popular brown eyeliner is no longer a pointless “tattoo”—the formula lasts so that you can wear it from work to that Bumble date.

Pro Tip: Beginners should take note of this ultra-thin tip, which can work on both precise and smooth lines (even if you have a shaky hand).

  1. Dior Intense Brown Eyeliner, Water Resistant

  2. Pro Master Pigment Mario Master Eyeliner Pencil


What is the best eyeliner color?

Brown Eyes: Analogous colors (colors found on the wheel) like brown or black can’t go wrong, but the deep marine emphasizes brown eyes’ amber spots. Plum, grey slate and golden eyeliner are other complementary colors for brown eyes.

What is the best way for me to choose my eyeliner?

Take into account the hue of your eyes. If you have brown eyes, a light brown eyeliner tint will bring out the brightness of your eyes. Blue eyes are frequently paired with gold or rusty eyeliners. Green eyes, on the other hand, look great with reddish tones.

What eyeliner color do you use to make your eyes appear more prominent?

When it comes to eyeliner, black may be your color of choice, but a brown or colored eyeliner can also help to make your eyes appear larger and lighter. To broaden your eye appearance, choose a bright liner that reflects the natural color of your eyes!

Is it true that brown eyeliner looks better?

The browns bring out the color of your eyes, while the brighter colors brighten and shine them up. Colors like dark blue, cobalt, brilliant purple, sharp green, chilly, and grey coal will bring out the lighter Brown and golden specks in eyeliners.

Is it better to use brown or black eyeliner on green eyes?

Boring, rust, and other warm, reddish tones are best for green-eyed persons, but black and brown can also work. You can use navy, copper, dark brown, or yellow eyeliner if you have blue eyes. “When in doubt, consult a colour wheel,” Marie advises.


Brown eyeliners are noted for their universally attractive colors and lower strengths, and they may be used to create a variety of looks (unlike black eyeliners). Dior’s Eyeliner Waterproof is the best Brown eyeliner, even if it’s a touch pricey, with Clè de Peau’s Intensifying Liquid Eyeliner a close second. 

Try Maybelline’s Unstoppable Eyeliner in Cinnabar or NYX professional cosmetics epic liner in Brown if you want to spend less.

I hope you gained a thorough understanding of | Brown Eyeliner vs. Black Eyeliner – all your questions answered | after reading this post.


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