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Lash extensions are an amazing way to enhance the look of your natural lashes. They are also perfect for anyone who has difficulty applying mascara, or who just wants to spend less time getting ready in the morning.

They’re great for people who love the look of a full set of fake eyelashes without having to wear them all the time—just when you need them.


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Lash extensions are a popular beauty treatment, and you might be wondering what they are and how they work.


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What is lash Extension and How Do They Work?

A lash extension is a type of cosmetic procedure that involves applying individual synthetic hair strands to the natural lashes. These extensions can be applied using several different techniques, including semi-permanent and permanent methods.

Lash extensions can be used to enhance or create the appearance of thicker eyelashes, as well as add volume and length to existing lashes. The process begins with a consultation where you will discuss your desired look with your lash technician and decide on an application method that best suits your needs.

The first step in the application process is to cleanse your natural lashes with a sterile solution. Next, any excess makeup is removed with a makeup remover solution. This ensures that your natural lashes are free of oils, dirt, or any other debris that may impede the attachment process.

After cleansing your natural lashes, they are fully dried before moving on to attaching individual strands of synthetic hairs one by one using specialized glue that has been applied directly onto each lash line. 

Then use a small brush called an eyelash comb which helps ensure even distribution throughout all areas of your eyes without damaging delicate skin surrounding the eyes such as eyelids skin around eyes such as eyelids.

The extensions are usually made from human hair or mink fur, but can also be made from synthetic materials such as keratin or polyamide.

The procedure takes between 30 minutes and two hours depending on how many individual lashes are applied, and it’s important to take care of them so they don’t fall out prematurely.

Tips for DIY Eyelash Extensions

Are you ready to get your DIY beauty game on?

DIY lash extensions are a great option for those who want to add length and volume to their lashes but don’t have the time or money to make it happen at a salon. They’re also great for people who have sensitive eyes and can’t get lash extensions done professionally.

If you’ve been considering DIYing your lashes, here are some tips to help you get started.

  1. Choose your glue carefully. 

There are lots of options out there, but you don’t want to use one that’s too strong for your eyes or skin. You also want something that will hold up against water so the lashes don’t come off when you wash your face or take a shower (not that we’re suggesting you take baths while wearing them).

  1. Choose your extension kit wisely. 

You can buy kits online or at drug stores and beauty supply stores—but be sure to read reviews before making your purchase! Some kits work better than others, so it’s worth taking the time to do some research before you buy one.

  1. Remove them slowly and gently!

If they’re not coming off easily, stop trying immediately and go see a professional (or find someone else who has done this before)

What is the Best Way to Remove Eyelash Extension Glue?

Are you getting ready to remove your eyelash extension glue and you are not sure what the best way to do it is, here are a few recommendations.

There are a few different ways to remove eyelash extension glue, but one of the best is using baby oil. This method requires a few steps:

  • Clean your face with warm water and soap. Make sure all makeup is removed from your face, as well as any residue from the glue.
  • Liberally apply baby oil to your skin around the area where the glue was applied. This will loosen up the adhesive, making it easier for you to remove.
  • Use a cotton swab or makeup remover pad and gently wipe away any excess oil or residue left behind on your skin after removing the glue.

Another way to remove eyelash extension glue is by using a gentle oil-based makeup remover, or a special glue removal product.

If you choose to use an oil-based makeup remover, make sure it’s non-comedogenic and formulated for use around the eye area. Apply the oil-based makeup remover directly to the glue bond, wait a few minutes until it starts to soften, then gently wipe away any remaining residue with a cotton swab.

To remove them more quickly and easily, try using a special glue removal product also. These products are specially formulated for use on eyelash extensions, so they’ll be more effective than regular makeup removers. 

Simply apply the product directly to your lashes and wait for it to soften up before wiping off any remaining residue with a cotton swab or soft cloth (be careful not to rub too hard).

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What Happens if You Fail to Remove Eyelash Extension Glue Properly?

If you don’t remove eyelash extension glue properly, there are a few things that can happen.

First, you may experience discomfort or pain when removing your lashes. This may be because there is still glue on your skin and it is pulling at your natural lashes. You may also feel this pain if you have sensitive skin and the glue irritates your eye area.

Second, you may end up with puffy eyes and redness if you fail to remove the glue properly. This can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, so it’s important to take care of any irritation as soon as possible.

Third, you could end up with an infection in your eye if you fail to remove eyelash extension glue properly. If this happens, you should see a doctor immediately because this could lead to other problems with your sight.

Lastly, you could also cause damage to your natural lashes making them look thinner and sparse.  That would not be a great look.

Before and After Tips to Prevent your false Lashes from Falling off 

Here are a few things you can do to help prevent them from falling out and make sure they stay in place longer.

  • Before application, make sure you remove any excess glue on the lash band before putting them on. You can do this by rubbing the glue off with a cotton swab or Q-Tip dipped in alcohol or baby oil.
  • Apply eye makeup remover or makeup remover wipes around the corner of your eye where the false lashes will go. The alcohol in these products will help loosen up any dried glue that may prevent them from sticking properly!
  • Use an eyelash curler before applying your false lashes so that they curl upwards and make it easier for them to stick onto the skin instead of just laying flat against it like regular ones might do if you skipped this step entirely!
  • After application, Use only lashes extension-friendly products. Not all beauty
  • products should be used with lash extensions. Be sure to avoid waterproof mascara and oil-based products or cosmetics. 
  • You will want to invest in an eyelash extension sealant. This product helps to prolong the lifespan of the adhesive used to attach the lash extension to your natural lashes.
  • Be gentle on your lash extensions. Do not pull, tug, rub or pluck on your lash extensions. This can make them fall off prematurely.

How Long Does It Take for Your Lashes to Grow & Recover After Getting a Lash Treatment?

Lash treatments are a popular way to get longer, thicker, and more voluminous lashes. But what happens when you get a lash treatment?

Your lashes will grow, but they’ll need some time to recover. How long it takes for them to recover depends on the type of treatment you had and how often you get them done, but here are some general guidelines:

If you had a semi-permanent treatment, like eyelash extensions or individual lash extensions, your recovery time might be anywhere from 3-6 weeks before they start growing again. If you want them back sooner than that, consider getting another treatment sooner rather than later!

If you had a permanent treatment like Latisse or Revitalash, which adds new growth over time, it may take 6 months or longer before your lashes start growing in again.

Overall, it can take about two weeks for your natural lashes to grow back, but it can take up to three months for them to get back to the way they used to be.

You may notice that your eyelashes are a little thinner and weaker than before, but they should continue growing back as normal over time.

Aftercare Tips for the Best Lash Extensions Experience

Lash extensions are fun, but they’re also a big commitment. You’ll want to take good care of them so you can keep your lashes looking fabulous for weeks and months to come. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

1. Avoid touching your eyes as much as possible during the first 24 hours after your appointment. This is when your lashes are most fragile and susceptible to damage.

2. Try not to use any eye makeup for at least 24 hours after getting your lashes done. The chemicals in mascara can be too harsh for new extensions and may cause them to fall out prematurely.

3. Wash your face regularly with warm water and a mild cleanser or baby shampoo—but don’t scrub too hard! You’ll want to make sure there’s no oil from cosmetics around your eyes, which can clog up the glue holding on each lash extension strand (and cause it to loosen). 

If you have oily skin, try using an oil-free moisturizer instead of traditional face lotion before washing off at night; this will help prevent breakouts while still delivering the hydration that dry skin needs!


There’s just no one way to get the most out of lash extensions. Whether you’re trying to pamper yourself, save time, or conserve energy, there’s a reason why more and more women are looking towards lash extensions as their preferred beauty regimen.

 So whether you live by yourself, have a big family, or just like to take things easy—don’t forget to pamper yourself once in a while. Lash extensions are an exceptional way to do that!


Why won’t my lashes stay on?

You should let the glue dry a little before attaching the lash extension. This helps to make them stick properly and stay longer.

Why do my false lashes droop?

It could be because they are too long. If your lash extensions are too long, they give a droopy expression. This is not so attractive. A quick tip: the lash extension at the outer corner of the eye should be longer while the lash in the inner corner of the eye should be shorter.  

Can you go blind from lash glue?

You cannot go blind from lash extension but be sure to close your eyes during the procedure. If the glue gets into your eyes, it could cause some irritations or eye damage depending on the glue type. 

Can you get eye infections from lash extensions?

Yes. As beautiful as lash extensions are, you could get allergic reactions, infection, or eye problems in some cases if not properly done.

Can eyelash extensions cause permanent lash loss?

It is possible, and this is due to improper application.

Does Vaseline help eyelashes grow?

Vaseline is used as a moisturizer on dry skin and lashes but it does not make your lashes grow longer or faster. 

What can I do instead of eyelash extensions?

You can make use of fiber mascara, do a lash lift or use a growth serum.

What is fiber mascara?

Fiber mascara is similar to regular mascara but differs in formula. It is filled with tiny nylons, silk, or rayon fibers that stick to your lashes making them look more voluminous.

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