10 Best Bleaching Cream in Nigeria

best bleaching cream in nigeria

Looking for the best bleaching cream in Nigeria? If it’s a yes, this article is for you. In this article, we will list 10 of the best bleaching cream in Nigeria and the benefits of each of these products.

Ten years before now, people only cared about not having pimples and acne on their faces but fast forward to five years later, skincare experts in this part of the world arose and exposed people to the fact that their skin could be brighter, glow better and sunburns gotten rid of. This led to the demand for lightning cream skyrocketing.

Skin bleaching, also known as skin lightening, is a cosmetic procedure that aims to lighten dark areas of skin or achieve a generally paler skin tone.

It’s usually used to improve the appearance of blemishes such as birthmarks, dark patches, and Melasma.

When it comes to the safest skin-lightening creams in Nigeria, some say that lightening creams that don’t contain hydroquinone are the best. When getting creams, you must note the ingredients used and know what works for you. There are different skin types, and some lightening creams might not be good for sensitive skin.

Before getting a product, you should check out the ingredients; if mercury is part, that cream is a no-no. Using mercury on the skin is dangerous as it might accumulate and cause skin cancer. Selecting the best skin whitening creams without side effects in Nigeria is the best decision to make.

10 Best Bleaching Cream in Nigeria

Here are the best bleaching creams to use if you want a lighter skin tone. They are easily found in stores and are also affordable.

  1. Caro White Lightening Cream
  2. White Secret Body Lotion
  3. Carotone brightening cream
  4. BB Clear Whitening Body Cream
  5. Citroclear lotion
  6. Applevet lotion
  7. Ambi Fade Lightening Cream
  8. Clinic Clear Body cream
  9. Bioclear cream
  10. Lalala Face cream

1. Caro White Lightening Cream

Caro White Lightening cream is considered by many to be one of the best bleaching cream in Nigeria. It is formulated with beta-carotene, Vitamin A, and E to enhance your complexion, fade away dark areas of your skin, and give you an even and beautiful skin tone.

This cream will Intensively lighten and brighten your skin, clearing acne scars, blemishes, freckles, dark spots, melasma, blackheads, blemishes, and any other skin problems associated with the skin. Caro White is very common and easy to get in stores.

Caro White Cream can be used in curing a case of hyperpigmentation (a case where the skin appears darker than normal) Caro White Lightening Beauty Lotion hydrates and protects the epidermis leaving the skin soft and supple and radiant.

This cream can be used by people with oily or normal skin types.

This cream contains 2% hydroquinone which is the approved quantity for the skin by dermatologists. When using this cream you should avoid sunlight or only use this cream at night to prevent sunburn. A sunscreen cream can also be used to prevent this.

Caro white lightening cream is great if used moderately and for a short period. In fact, it is more like a treatment cream; you use it to solve your skin problems, then find a mild one to maintain the results. It is tagged as one of the best bleaching cream in Nigeria

Ingredients: Hydroquinone 2%, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Stearic Acid, Glycerin Methyl, Cetearyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Myristate, Propylparaben, Huile de Carotte, Vitamin E (0.2%), Aqua, Fragrance.

Price: It is priced within the range of #1500 – #3000

2. White Secret Body Lotion

White Secret Body Lotion is a wonder-working cream and, when used in accordance with the instructions on the container twice daily, will turn you into an albino in two weeks. If you are looking for an overnight skin lightening cream, search no more.

This cream is a very strong whitening lotion, and it is advisable to avoid the sun while using this cream or use it only at night. You can also dilute this cream with Shea butter or other natural oil like Olive oil or coconut oil to prevent adverse effects.

White Secret Body lotion helps to remove blackheads and spots. It also contains Vitamin E that treats pigmented skin and rashes. Prevent the reappearance of dark sports. It is suitable for all skin types. I’m guessing you know why its among the list of the best bleaching cream in Nigeria

Ingredients: Vaseline Oil, Carrot Oil, Silicone Oil, Petroleum Jelly, Stearic Acid, Vitamin E and A, AHA, BHT, Isopropyl Myristate, Lorol c16, Lorol c18, Aqua, and Fragrance.

Price: #1500 and up

3. Carotone brightening cream

Caroline’s brightening cream will brighten up your skin complexion in just 3 weeks. The cream rejuvenates dull and damaged skin and gives a uniform texture to the skin.

Also, it helps you get brighter skin with its concentrated natural extracts DSP 10- Collagen Formula (Light and Natural).

Caroline’s brightening cream is one of the best bleaching creams in Nigeria because It keeps the skin moisturized, and with its Formula rich in B-Carotene, it makes your skin lighter and clears out skin discoloration. The lotion is suitable for all skin types and protects the skin against UV and sun rays. It contains an active ingredient, 2% hydroquinone which is the approved quantity for the skin by dermatologists.

Ingredients: Aqua, 2% Hydroquinone, Stearic Acid, Carrot oil, Mineral oil, lanolin, Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Isopropyl Myristate, Collagen, and Fragrance.

4. BB Clear Whitening Body Cream

This whitening cream is the combination of depigmenting plant-based ingredients with exfoliating efficiency of fruity acids. This cream helps to improve the appearance of the skin and helps to repair dark spots and sun damage for younger-looking, silky skin.

It will lighten your skin while revitalizing and also make it smooth and beautiful radiance. Also suitable for all skin types.

AHA BB whitening body cream is specifically designed to give you a clearer and more even complexion rapidly. Its special formula enriched with antioxidant carrot extract effectively eliminates hyperpigmentation brown spots, making the skin soft and flexible.

The BB Whitening Body Cream, therefore, would help you get unified, bright, and beautiful skin if you have any pigmentation problems on your skin.

All you need to do is use the cream in accordance with the instructions on the container twice daily after your bath. People with darker pigmentation and a more uneven skin tone will need patience since the change will not take place overnight.

Ingredients: Glutathione, Argan Oil, Glycerin, Rosehip Oil

5. Citroclear lotion

Citroclear lotion is a lightening cream that is extremely affordable but lightens fast. No dark knuckles or dark spots. This cream helps to remove facial burns very fast, tone the skin, and remove dark elbows and armpits.

It is very mild but very effective. Citroclear lotion will brighten up your skin complexion in just 7 days. The lemon extract in this cream fights against acne and oily skin problems.  Vitamin C found in citrus plays more role in balancing Collagen and skin protection.

Citroclear clarifies skin tone and brightens its color while providing a smooth and healthy look. It is advisable to use sunscreen along sides this lotion, at least 30SPF above.

Ingredients: Propylene glycol, Lemon extracts, glycerin, sodium metabisulfite, Vitamin E, acid ascorbic, kojic acid, fragrance. (Kojic acid is a lightening agent).

6. Applevet Lightening Cream

Applet Lightening Cream is a brightening gel that reduces the appearance of dark spots, acne, pimples, wrinkles, melasma, and freckles and evens out the skin tone.

It contains vitamin C and vitamin E, which deeply nourishes and lightens your skin. Applet Lightening Cream keeps skin moisturized, thereby promoting healthy and youthful skin.

It also helps prevent premature aging, promoting a radiantly youthful complexion.

This tube cream is useful as a treatment for eczema, psoriasis, prurigo, acute dermatitis, allergic reactions, and local inflammatory conditions. It improves the skin’s cutaneous characteristics and restores its normal physiological tone. This cream can be mixed with other creams to boost its effect.

7. Ambi Fade Lightening Cream 

Ambi Fade is a skin discoloration cream targeted at those with uneven skin tones and acne scars. The cream is formulated to treat skin blemishes and discoloration caused by hyperpigmentation. It progressively fades dark spots and gives an overall even skin tone.

Ambi Fade Cream contains Vitamin E, which helps to smooth and soften skin, Alpha Hydroxy Acid to boost results, and sunscreen to prevent skin darkening. The Ambi fade cream’s affordability is a major advantage. It is readily available across many stores and retails for #4000-5000.

This cream is perfect for people with oily skin, so if you fall in this category, you don’t have to worry about a greasy feel while working toward a more beautiful even-looking skin tone. The outcome of the continuous use of this cream can be noticed within 2 weeks. It has what it takes to be on the list of the best bleaching cream in Nigeria

Active ingredients: Includes 2% hydroquinone (a dermatologist-recommended ingredient that safely fades dark spots to improve hyperpigmentation), Alpha Hydroxyl, and Vitamin E. It also has sunscreen to prevent darkening from recurring.

8. Clinic Clear Whitening Body cream

Clinic Clear Whitening Body cream is among the best bleaching cream in Nigeria. Its formula has been specially designed and adapted to meet the nature of African skins and their cosmetic needs. Clinic Clear Whitening Body cream is a multi-function whitening body care that unifies, corrects, protects, hydrates, and brightens your skin in one step.

It keeps your skin looking radiant and unified while being protected against premature signs of aging. It is an effective cream that quickly lightens the body and brightens the skin’s complexion.

It is gentle to the skin; it moisturizes, protects, and allows your skin to preserve its elasticity without leaving any greasy film. Another advantage of using the Clinic Clear set is that it gets rid of unwanted skin spots and other skin discomforts. It can be used as an exfoliating pigment erasing solution; used for the whitening of dark pigmentation of the skin. Particularly, knuckles, feet, knees, and elbows.

Ingredients: Demineralized Water, Petroleum Jelly, Stearic Acid, Kojic Acid, Citric Acid, Mineral Oil, Coconut Oil, Carrot Oil, Cetiol, Parabens, Sodium Sulfite, Ethyl Diglycol, Sorbitol, HN white, BHT, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, C16-C18 and Fragrance.

9. Bioclear cream

Bioclear Cream is also one of the best bleaching cream in Nigeria. Utilizes a powerful combination of Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Azelaic Acid to prevent the skin from acne and acne discoloration to the appearance of texture/fine lines, wrinkles, skin discoloration from sun damage, acne scars, and enlarged hair follicles.

Bioclear Cream provides dramatic resurfacing and retexturizing benefits on any skin type resulting in measurably smoother, clearer, and younger-looking skin.

The Emollient formula leaves the skin with a silky, soft, brighter, and glowing finish. Bio Claire stimulates the lightening process in a natural way, ensuring complete elimination of cutaneous defects and making your complexion clean & even with no mess.

It is advisable to avoid long sunlight exposure while using this cream. To avoid further pigmentation, always follow up with an SPF 30 or higher during and after the brightening treatment.

To get the desired effect of this cream, repeat the application three times a day for the first week, then twice a day afterward.

10. Lalala Face cream

Lalala Face cream is one of the best bleaching cream in Nigeria. This cream is used to lighten dark areas around the body; it is safe to use as all the ingredients are natural. Lalala face cream removes dark circles, acne, wrinkles, freckles, and other signs of aging.

It moisturizes the skin to make the skin soft, smooth, and young. It also helps to neutralize discoloration with visible results in a few days.

This cream is highly recommended if you want to get rid of stubborn dark spots or any form of hyperpigmentation. It is suitable for all skin types.

Ingredients: Essential oils, Fruit Acids, Vitamin E, C, Collagen Elastin


well, that’s the list of Best Bleaching Cream in Nigeria. For better results when you begin your journey to lighten your skin, we recommend exfoliating at least 2 times a week to get rid of the dead skin cells and to follow the complete skin care regimen of a particular product for faster results.

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