Are Long Eyelashes in Men Attractive?

Are Long Eyelashes in Men Attractive?


Do you have a male friend with long eyelashes, and you probably wonder; are long eyelashes in men attractive? I asked myself the same question, and I got my answer. You should know that medically, men contain more testosterone, responsible for producing hairs in the body. This is why men are hairier than women, and such can have longer eyelashes than females. In this article, I will show you all you need to know about long eyelashes in men.

Are Long eyelashes in Men Attractive?

Yes! Long eyelashes in men are attractive. Long eyelashes in men draw people’s attention to their eyebrows and even to their jawline. Both exert confidence and assertiveness, which are essential traits in a guy. Averagely, men have smaller eyes and more prominent brows; when this is spiced up with long eyelashes, it makes them look more attractive.

However, some people say that having longer eyelashes makes them appear feminine. But this is not so. Longer eyelashes are viewed by different persons differently depending on their perception and belief system.

Apart from Long eyelashes being a sign of beauty and biological attraction, it is also an indicator of health. Certain diseases, congenital disorders, and cancerous growth can lead to eyelash loss (together with general body hair loss). However, this is not to say that guys with shorter eyelashes are sick or abnormal.

Long Eyelashes As A Form Of Ocular Protection In Men

Eyelashes protect the eyes from dust, debris, and mechanical injury. Since the evolutional ages, a man’s eye has been at risk because the man is always out there working in harsh conditions and constantly exposed to dangers. As a result, his eyelashes are evolved to be lengthy and thick to provide ocular protection against various accidents.


Long Eyelashes As A Sign Of Fertility In Men

Funny, it sounds, but this is true. Long eyelashes are also signs of fertility in men. A saying states the darker and longer a man’s eyelashes. The more accentuated the sclera (whites of your eyes). Initially, the sclera stands as an excellent indicator of how healthy and young a person is.

Also, long eyelashes in men correlate to their limbal ring (the dark ring around the iris). This is one part that drives lady’s crazy in guys. The limbal ring is prominent during a guy’s most fertile years.

Is It True That Men’s Eyelashes Are Longer?

Yes. It has been biologically explained that men’s eyelashes are longer than women’s. Due to testosterone in men, they tend to be hairier than women, which may also contribute to having long eyelashes than ladies. This is not to say that you can’t see females with long eyelashes.

What Is The Typical Length Of A male eyelash?

Averagely, the male eyelash is about 6.99 centimetres, while the longest ever has been 2.75 inches. Also, some men’s eyelashes can reach approximately 10 millimetres, which is quite normal.

Biological Role: Longer Eyelashes, Bigger Eyes

One of the determining factors for a guy having longer eyelashes and a bigger eye can be biology and evolution.

According to some findings, one of the critical things about long eyelashes is that it makes the men’s eyes look more prominent, and you know that guys with big eyes are known for their babyface. It can make them appear very attractive.

Having longer eyelashes, a prominent forehead, large eyes, and a large brow makes them look ‘masculine’ and, at the same time, baby-ish. The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has found a direct and positive correlation between baby-faced men and perceptions of kindness, honesty, and exhibiting protecting and caretaking instincts in women.

Is It Acceptable For Men To Have Long Lashes?

Yes, it is because this is biologically enforced. Apart from long lashes being a beauty aid in men, they serve as protection to the men’s eyes against debris, dust, and dirt that can easily penetrate the eyes. However, this is subjective as some cultures and beliefs in some parts of the world may kick against it.

Longer Eyelashes Can Serve As Bedroom Eyes

Longer eyelashes can make the guy’s eyes appear extra sexy, which can be very appealing in the bedroom. It can serve as one component that can turn a lady up in the bedroom. It is lovely in the bedroom, so you are a hot cake as a guy with longer eyelashes.

Can You Lengthen Your Eyelashes?

Can You Lengthen Your Eyelashes?

Yes, you can lengthen your eyelashes if you desire to do so, and below are how you can go about it.

1.      Latisse

This is the only medicine approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to lengthen eyelashes and thicken them. According to the research findings, it was a glaucoma medicine named Lumigan, but this made the eyelashes have profound effects. Latisse is the only FDA-approved lash growth serum that can be used to lengthen your eyelashes, allowing them to grow continuously beyond their limit and avoid breakage.

To notice full effects, you have to apply the serum for about 4-16 weeks. This takes a long time because it is your natural lashes that it is working on. There has to be some biological modification beneath. However, most people don’t patronize this because they feel they can’t wait for that long. But if you can wait, this is the best decision.

When your doctor prescribes Latisse, you regularly apply it to the upper eyelid lash line (avoid applying it to the lower eyelid). When you use it continuously daily for at least two months, you will begin to see results. If you want to maintain the long eyelashes, you must dedicate yourself to using them daily, or else your lashes will revert to their original state.

Below are the possible side effects you may experience:

  • Sore and red eyes
  • Dry eyes
  • Darkened eyelids

2.      Beauty products

Mascara and cosmetics like eyeliners are the most popular beauty products to get longer, fuller, and darker lashes.

Mascara is suitable for making your eyelash appear longer. It helps to stretch it out. The Eyeliner is specifically good at making your eyes appear more prominent, and you know the saying goes, “bigger eyes equal longer lashes.”

Also, curling your lashes helps to make them appear longer. But you have to have expertise in curling lashes before doing it, or else you will make your lashes look smaller. Also, this method is cost-effective.

3.      Lash Extensions

If you want an immediate result, lashes extensions are the best options. However, lash extensions cannot be used for an extended period because they can harm your eyelashes to the extent of shortening them or making them fall off.


Please note that when using medication to lengthen your eyelashes, you should apply it correctly to the eyelids because if you don’t, it can cause hair growth on the face surrounding the eyes, which will not be pleasant.

Also, you must keep eyelash lengthening medicine away from your eyes. Your eyeballs are highly delicate, and the intrusion of any foreign object can screw it up and, in the worst case, lead to blindness which you don’t want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

        I. What race has straight eyelashes?

Asian and Spanish, including those of Eastern European descent, are known for their straight lashes. Apart from them, other races commonly have curlier lashes. Also, the absence of double eyelid creases can cause straight lashes.

      II.   Is it true that lengthy lashes are attractive?

Lengthy lashes are more attractive to both ladies and males. In the ladies, it makes them look more beautiful and cute. While for their males, it gives them that baby-ish look which is a great asset in the bedroom.

    III. How long should men’s eyelashes be?

Averagely, a man’s eyelash should be about one-fifth of the width of his eye. However, this can vary from one race to another.

    IV.   Do men’s eyelashes grow back?

Just like the hair on your head, eyelashes do grow, fall out, and can grow back again. It is just a natural cycle that can’t is inevitable. However, the speed at which your eyelash grow back is determined by various factors.

      V.  How can guys make their eyelashes longer?

As a guy, there are different ways to make your eyelash longer. There are both natural and artificial ways to do so. Biological methods involve using organic oil, like olive oil, castor oil, vitamin E, omega three fatty acids, coconut oil, Aleo vera, etc. For the artificial method, you can try using eyelash growth boosters such as biotin or go for permanent eyelash extension insertion.


Eyelashes aren’t a bad thing on guys, so when you see a guy with one, do appreciate it. It is a source of protection and excellent in intimacy by making the eye appear more intense and romantic.


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