Are Hooded Eyes Attractive? Or Do They Require Plastic Surgery?

Are Hooded Eyes Attractive?

I remember going to a friend’s birthday party, and then this guy walked up to me. His words, “your eyes are very unique and attractive.” Of course, the words meant a lot to me. I couldn’t ever forget his name, James. Why would I ever forget someone so instrumental in helping me see the beauty in my eyes? 

The compliment made me wonder if, indeed, my hooded eyes were attractive. Yes, they are. They are not only beautiful but also unique.  Perhaps you’re interested in this question; read till the end because I have some meaningful information here.

Are Hooded Eyes Attractive?
Are Hooded Eyes Attractive?

Are hooded eyes attractive?

Yes, they are! Although not everyone finds it attractive, it has its attractiveness. You’d be surprised to know that some of your favorite celebrities have hooded eyes and are still very attractive. The likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Brad Pitt, and even Tom Cruise all have hooded eyes, and I’m sure we agree that they all are beautiful. Even Miss World 2000, Priyanka Chopra also has hooded eyes. 

Let me tell you a secret; hooded eyes make you look sexy-little wonder why they are also known as bedroom eyes. Ladies also find men with squinty and hooded eyes more attractive than men with more space between their eyes and eyebrows. 

Although your eye makeup might get messed up because of your hooded eyes or your friend’s makeup might look better than yours. This problem should not be a cause of concern because hooded eyes have their issues and makeup problems like every other eye type. Also, not every makeup look is going to look good on everyone. Your hooded eyes are beautiful, and you only need to understand what works for your type of eyes.

What are hooded eyes?

Hooded eyes refer to a situation where a person has an extra skin fold, usually from the brow bone, sometimes extending to the lash line. If you’re wondering whether or not you have hooded eyes, a great way to find out is if your skin below your brow line touches your lash or comes close to it.

If you have hooded eyes, you will find that you don’t have ample eyelid space, and you’d not be able to see your crease with your eyes open. You should also bear in mind that hooded eyes have variations in their degree. Although they are all hooded eyes, some eyes are more hooded than others. 


What are the causes of hooded eyes?

1. Genetics

This is usually one of the primary causes of hooded eyes. I’m sure we all have some similarities we share with either of our parents. Hooded eyes are not left out. You find that for most people with hooded eyes, either of their parents usually has hooded eyes. You should not take this to mean that genetics is the cause of all hooded eyes. There are other reasons for hooded eyes, which you would see as we go on.

2. Low Eyebrows

Some people have their eyebrows considerably lower than others. This difference usually results in the extra skin being on the brow bone, making their eyes appear hooded.

3. Age and Lack of proper skin care habits

One of the significant aging skins is sagging skins, which generally results in your eyes becoming hooded. Also, frequent usage of high chemical-based makeup products can make your eyes hooded. 

4. Excess Skin

Excess skin is the most common reason for hooded eyes. It results when a person has excess skin on their upper lid.

Are hooded eyes and Droopy eyes the same?

It would be best to understand that although some hooded eyes may appear droopy, droopy eyes are not necessarily hooded. Droopy eyes are usually caused by aging when your skin begins to sag in your eye area. Droopy eyes usually result in eyes issues, so be sure to contact your doctor if this happens. 

Hooded eyes, on the other hand, are a natural eye shape. It is when your eyelids have a more extensive crease and a prominent brow bone. 

What are the other eye shapes types?

Having explained earlier that hooded eyes are a type of eye shape, it would be worth listing other eye shape types. They are;

  • Round eyes 
  • Almond eyes
  • Monolid eyes
  • Upturned eyes
  • Close-set eyes
  • Wide-set eyes
  • Deep-set eyes
  • Protruding eyes
  • Downturned eyes 
  • Hooded eyes
Are Hooded Eyes Attractive?
Are Hooded Eyes Attractive

How can I fix my hooded eyelids naturally?

Although people opt for plastic surgeries, you’d be pleased to know that there are natural ways of getting rid of your hooded eyelids. There are several options to get rid of your hooded eyes naturally. They range from exercises to DIY home treatments.

Home exercises for hooded eyes

There are a few exercises that you can try from the comfort of your home to get rid of your hooded eyes.

  • Muscle Stimulation-

Muscle stimulation is one of the ways to get rid of hooded eyes. The process involves a stimulating movement of the eyes or by using a stimulating device. Daily stimulation of the eyes can help tighten the skin and muscles on the eye region and reduce your hooded eyes.

  • Resistance Workout-

Another great way to reduce your hooded eyes is through a resistant workout. This workout involves raising your eyebrows and placing a finder under it while trying to close it. Thus, it creates a replica of weightlifting, with the feeling on your eyelids. This resistance training can help tighten the eyelids area and get rid of the hooded eyes.

Home Treatments for Hooded Eyes

Several DIY home recipes can help resolve your hoody eyes. Some of these DIY ingredients include;

Egg whites:

Egg whites have gained much popularity as a skin tightening ingredient over the years. As such, regular application of egg white on your hooded eyes can help tighten your skin and ensure lasting effects. To use, separate the yolk from the egg whites and whisk the egg whites. Apply the whisked egg white on your eyelids and leave to dry. Then, rinse off with lukewarm water.

Charmoline tea-

Charmoline tea has a reputation for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. You can use this tea in two ways. First, you can dip cotton in a chilled Charmoline tea and apply it on your eyelids for 20 minutes. Another way to use it is by drinking it before bed. It also helps you sleep soundly through the night while the anti-inflammatory property kicks in to help tighten the skin.

Green Tea-

Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants that can help improve the overall health of your skin. It also helps deal with hooded eyes. Regular drinking of green tea can help improve the overall wellbeing of your skin, including your hooded eyes.


Have you ever wondered why people always put slices of cucumbers on their eyes? Well, you have your answer right here. Cucumber helps soothe the skin around the eyes, tighten the skin in the eye region, and, as a result, get rid of your hooded eyes. So please don’t be shy to leave some chilled cucumber slices on your eyes because it works.

Aloe Vera gel-

400;”>Aloe Vera gel has a soothing effect that helps calm the eye area and deal with hooded eyes. To get the best out of aloe Vera gel, massage aloe vera gel on your eyes in a circular motion and leave for about 20 minutes before rinsing.



What race have hooded eyes?

Hooded eyes are prevalent among Asians. However, this does not mean that it is rare. Hooded eyes are widespread, and many people are born with that eye shape. 

Does weight gain cause hooded eyes?

Although different factors can cause hooded eyes, however, it becomes more pronounced with weight gain. If you have a larger BMI, it is normal for fat deposits to accumulate under the eyelids causing it to appear puffed and Droopy. 

Are hooded eyes mysterious?

They are not mysterious. Unless you mean mysteriously sexy, then I would say yes. Hooded eyes are also known as bedroom eyes because of the sexy vibes that women find attractive.

Do hooded eyes get worse with age? 

With aging comes skin sagging, so you should expect the skin in your eye region would sag. If you’ve had hooded eyes before, when you age, it becomes saggier. It should not be something to fret about; instead, it is something to expect. Due to how droopy your eyes are after skin sagging, some people might experience some vision issues. Be sure to visit your doctor when you begin to notice any signs of vision loss.

Can hooded eyes wear winged eyeliner? 

I used to be anxious about eye makeup. This reason is that every makeup tutorial features only eyes where the crease is exposed. However, I realized that a perfect eyeliner look for my hooded eyes was the winged eyeliner look. You can start your application from the inner corner of your eyes along the lash line. Then, stop at the point where the crease folds. Finish up by widening your stroke as desired. 

Does weight loss reduce hooded eyes?

Although there are fats that accumulate under the eyelids, the eyelids tend not to be affected by weight loss. You would find this especially when the hooded eye is hereditary or caused by other reasons not associated with weight gain. In essence, weight loss would not, in most cases, reduce your hooded eyes. 

Are hooded eyes the same as double eyelids?

No, they are not. In contrast, monolid refers to a type of eyelid that has no crease separating it into two parts. Double eyelids have a noticeable separating crease. On the other hand, hooded eyes are a fold that covers or partially covers your eyelids. While the eyelids area is visible in the case of double eyelids, you cannot see your eyelids when looking in the mirror if you have hooded eyelids.

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Is there a need to be worried about being unique? That’s a question you should answer. Just like me and many others with hooded eyes, I have come to love how I look. And If you still have some worry about your hooded eyes, try out some DIY tips I shared. They sure would help. Your self-confidence is most important, after all. I’ll say love yourself and let no one pull you down by teasing your hooded eye. Stay beautiful with those eyes, and I’d love to hear your experiences!

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