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Hi, Phebs here. Glad you decided to check out Beauty Alley despite the ocean of beauty blogs online. Well, I can guaranty that you will be more than satisfied as I share all and take you on a personal journey with each and every content on here.

So, are You…

Looking for beauty tips and tricks to enhance your look, top reviews, and excellent hacks that you can actually use?

Then if that’s your goal, then Beauty Alley is well equipped to meet and exceed your expectations perfectly.

Quite sure how hard it is to find good beauty content with good tips, tried tricks, and tested hacks that actually work online, and that’s why I took it as a life’s mission to share all I’ve tried by creating interactive and helpful articles for those who need it.


Beauty Alley is a complete dossier of all things beauty-related ranging from skin, hair, nails, makeup, etc. You name it, and I’m all over it.

It doesn’t matter your level of knowledge, I’m sure you’ll definitely learn a thing or two whether you’re a professional, a DIY newbie, or even a student, I’ve got something that you’d love on here.

My goal is to provide you with my honest opinion on tips, tricks, beauty hacks, and products that I have tried and worked for me.


Please do know that the recommendations from reviews are based on what I think will truly benefit or won’t do much good depending on the review.

So all product recommendations are listed after much comparison based on their durability, affordability, and effectiveness, etc.


And do feel free to drop me a comment if you’ve got questions or would love me to write about certain beauty concerns. I’d be glad to do just that for you and a host of others that might find it helpful.

If you’re new to Beauty Alley, I’d recommend you start off on the blog page. I’ve got loads waiting to be read by you.

To know more about me or if you need extra information, send me an email through the contact page or leave a comment in the comment section on any of the posts.

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