5 Safety Steps To Remove Eyelash Extensions [2022]


Lash extensions are fantastic because they provide a natural look while also boosting your confidence and how you feel. Lash extensions transform your entire look, so don’t be surprised if people start to compare their natural eyelash situation to your stunning lash extensions!

Many people think lash extensions are just a way to spend extra money, but they will help you much more than you ever thought. Lash extensions can help your eyelashes look longer, fuller, and darker. They can help you look younger and even give you a new awesome look.

What are eyelash extensions?

If you’re looking for thicker, longer, fuller lashes that are naturally curled, then lash extensions are the perfect beauty treatment to suit your needs. The treatment is ideal if you want lush eyelashes, are looking to doll up your look, or perhaps if your everyday mascara isn’t quite cutting it.

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent faux, mink, synthetic cosmetic fibres attached to your natural lashes to enhance the length, fullness, and thickness.

Lash extensions are a cosmetic procedure that involves applying individual synthetic lashes to the natural lash line. It’s a popular treatment because it can make your eyes look bigger, fuller, and more dramatic.


eyelash extentions
Eyelash Extensions

Myths and facts about eyelash extensions

Everyone knows that eyelash extensions look amazing when they are done right, but the application process, the cost, and the commitment required to keep up long and healthy eyelashes can be a deal-breaker for many people.

Here, we hope to dispel some of the myths about eyelash extensions and create a clearer picture of what is really involved in getting eyelash extensions. Hopefully, through this article, you will develop an appreciation for these gorgeous lashes.

Myth – It has been often said that eyelash extensions damage your natural eyelashes. Fact- The truth is that eyelash extensions do not damage your eyelashes. They are also very comfortable and easy to handle. Rather, eyelash extensions are a good way to give your lashes more life and a more integrated look.

What could be responsible for this is when you make use of too much glue, it can cause your natural lashes to fall out. 

Myth – When people say, “you can pick them off whenever you want to.”

Fact – No. You do not pick off your lash extension anytime you want. It can cause damage to your hair follicles. Lash extensions have due process in removing them. You have to follow the removal process to keep your natural lashes healthy and safe.

Myth – Some people say that eyelash extension is an uncomfortable and painful procedure.

Fact – The process is quite long but not a bit painful or uncomfortable when done properly. Some people even take a nap during their lash extensions procedure at the salon.

Myth – “I can’t wash my face around my lashes because of lash extensions.”

Fact – It is recommended to actually wash your face to keep your extensions clean and healthy. However, you must be mindful of the product on your face. Choose extension-friendly cosmetic products that do not use oil-based makeup removers or cleansers. 

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Are Long Eyelashes in Men Attractive?

Why do people still wear lash extensions?

Lashes are the ultimate accessory. They can help you create the perfect cat-eye, make your eyes look bigger and brighter, or even give you that extra confidence boost. It’s no wonder that people are constantly looking for ways to get fuller, longer lashes.

Lash extensions are one of the most popular ways to do this—and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon! Here’s why:

The first and most obvious reason to wear lash extensions is that they look fabulous. Whether you’re going for a natural look or something more dramatic, lash extensions will help you achieve the exact look you want in a matter of

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minutes. No more worrying about whether your mascara is going to clump or if your eyeliner is too thick—just sit back and let the lashes do their thing!

Another great benefit of lash extensions is that they can last up to three weeks. That means that you don’t have to worry about spending lots of time on your makeup every morning or evening (assuming you wear makeup every day). You can wake up in the morning, throw on some mascara, and be out the door!

You’ll also save money by not having to spend as much time getting ready each day. You won’t have to buy as many products because they’ll last longer than usual. Plus, it takes less time for your makeup routine in general because you only need one coat of mascara instead of two or three coats like with traditional false lashes.

They can also help people who have lost their lashes due to chemotherapy or other medical conditions. Some people have not only had their eyelashes fall out but also their eyebrows, so lash extensions can fill in where there is no hair left.

The benefits of lash extensions are so great that it’s no wonder people are still wearing them!

Steps to safely remove your lash extensions at home


  1. Wash your face with warm water to soften the glue and make it easier to remove the lashes.
  2. Apply a cotton ball soaked in olive oil to your eyelids, ensuring that the oil doesn’t get anywhere else on your skin or your eyes. The oil will help loosen up the glue and make removing all the lashes easier without hurting yourself. or remove the extension glue from your eyelashes using a warm washcloth and apply baby oil to your lashes to soften the glue. Though the best option is to use a cream or gel remover.
  3. Use tweezers to gently pull out any remaining extensions that may be sticking out from under your natural lashes, or else you could end up pulling out some of your natural lashes too!
  4. Rinse any leftover glue with warm water and pat dry with a towel, so you don’t leave pieces behind when you sleep tonight!
  5. Wash your hands thoroughly after removing your lashes, so you don’t spread any leftover residue onto other areas of your face or body!

Types of Eye Lash Extensions

There are different types of eyelash extensions that you can use: individual lashes, clusters, silk, faux mink, etc. Each comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. 

  • Individual Lashes

Individual lashes are the most common type of lash extensions and are made from synthetic material. They’re also the cheapest option available. However, they require a lot of maintenance because you have to remove them every three weeks or so to have them re-applied. 

The removal process isn’t very complicated but can be time-consuming depending on how many lashes you have on your eyes at one time (some people have more than others).

  • Clustered Lashes

Clustered lashes are made from real hair that has been cut into individual strands before being attached to each other by an adhesive at their ends. This means that they look just like natural eyelashes but with more volume than individual lashes would give you on their own. 

They aren’t as expensive as mink lashes but still require regular maintenance like other types of lash extensions. 

  • Strips 

Strips are long synthetic hair lengths applied to the natural lash line to create fullness in certain areas.

The size of eyelash extensions is measured in millimetres (mm). For example, a length of 10mm would be about 0.4 inches long. The smaller the number, the shorter the extension length; therefore, 3mm extensions will be shorter than 5mm extensions. 

Types of Lash Extension Curls

First, we have the subtle curls (I, J, B curls)

I curl lashes

They are almost square in shape and can be used for male clients who want the thickness and volume of their lashes without having them curled. They are less popular.

J curl lashes

This is said to be the most natural-looking curl. It is suitable for people with straight lashes pointing upwards. It is not suitable for people with naturally downward-looking eyes. It will give the eyes a small and heavy appearance. 

B curls lashes

They have a soft curl which is standard for a naturally enhanced and voluminous appearance with excellent retention. This will give a person with a straight natural lash more lift than a J curl does. B curls lashes have more curls than J curls and are also good for inner corner lashes. 

We have the dramatic curls (C, D, U curls)

C curl lashes 

This is one of the most popular curls worldwide. It is most recommended for people with a slight curl in their natural lash or those with a slightly downward angled lash to create an open-eye effect and give a satisfying lash lift. It is also recommended for people with horizontal angle lash to create a doll-like effect. 

D curl lashes (also known as CC curl)

D curl is a curlier version of the C curl. It is effective for people with downward angled lash to widen the eye and give a noticeable curled effect.

U curl Lashes (also known as DD curl)

U curl is the curliest lash extension and is suitable also for people with the downward angled lash to give a dramatic and doll-like appearance to your natural lashes.

Lift up curls (M, L, L+ curls)

M curl lashes

It is shaped with a small surface for the flat base and a dramatic curve upwards. It is designed to lift the downward angled natural lash because of the dramatic upward angle. It is recommended for people with upward angled natural lash or hooded eyes.

L and L+ curl lashes

These are similar to C or D curls. The difference is that they have a flat base. They are recommended for people with hooded eyes and older people with droopy eyelids. The L curl is slightly curlier than the L+ curl lash. 


Ultimately, eyelash extensions are a great option for any woman or man looking for a way to enhance their lashes. Whether you want length, volume, or thickness, the right technique will help you get the look you want and give you longer-lasting results than mascaras. 

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Now that you know how lash extensions work, consider setting up an appointment with a professional extension salon within your vicinity.


Can Vaseline remove eyelash extensions?

No. Vaseline does not remove eyelash extensions, they might create a slip between your lash and the adhesive but this can lead to damage and infection of your natural lashes. 

How do professionals remove eyelash extensions?

They remove lash extensions with the use of a cream remover. This is the safest way to remove lash extensions.

What happens if I pull out my lash extensions?

This will cause damage to your natural lashes and will eventually grow out. This will also affect the recovery rate of your natural lashes. 

Can eyelash glue damage your eye?

Yes. it can damage your eye if the glue gets into your eye, and it can lead to possible scarring of the eye. It can also cause burning and irritation of the eyes. 

Are lash extensions safe long-term?

You could be at risk of traction alopecia if your lash extensions are too long or heavy and carried for a long duration of time. Traction alopecia is triggered by the pulling of hair for a long time which eventually leads to hair loss. It can become permanent if not corrected on time.

How long should lash extensions last?

They should last for about six weeks.

How much is a full set of lash extensions?

The average price is between $80 to $120 for a full set of lashes.

How often do you need lash fills?

It should be done every two to three weeks.

What are weekend lashes?

They are similar to regular lash extensions, but they use thicker bundles of lashes to create a dramatic look for a fulfilled weekend. 



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