EASIEST DIY American Ombré XXL Coffin Ballerina & Stiletto Acrylic Nails Tutorial Lace Butterfly

Houston Makeup Artist: https://www.instagram.com/prettygirl_jae/

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🍬 MAKARTT Bling Glue Gel Kit
Nail Art Rhinestone Glue Gel Kit

🍬 MAKARTT CANADA: https://bit.ly/30jX5bQ
🍬 MAKARTT EUROPE: https://bit.ly/2Dckfbt

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🎀 Cover Pink: https://www.jcbeautyconcepts.com/product/cover-blush-acrylic-powder?ref=femibeauty

🎀 Milky White Acrylic is a 50/50 mix of bright white and clear: https://www.jcbeautyconcepts.com/product/clear-acrylic-powder?ref=femibeauty

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💞 XXL Coffin 123go Nails

💞 Enail Couture Dazzling Darling Pink Lamp & Dust Collector

💞 Sailor Magic Acrylic Brush

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Pink ring 2: https://bit.ly/30ihhuy
Tennis bracelet: https://bit.ly/2XftoqE
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💕AlphaBrush! Acrylic nail brushes for beginners to advanced!🍬
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