Learn How to do gel nails class for beginners

Step-by-step instructions.To prep the nail, use the buffer on 180 side of the buffer to buff the nail and remove the shine of the nail. Do not use anything too rough; you want the nail as smooth as possible for the polish goes clean. Wipe the dust particles off after you buff the nail. Lightly paint on the pH bond on the nail; use minimal amount on the nail, do not saturate the nail. The light used to cure the nail is a sanitizeable top LED light that has automatic setting and manual setting. Scrub the base coat foundation is on with circular motions and then is stroke out; then place the finger or the hand (if you are doing the whole hand) into the LED light for 5 seconds to be cured. Dry brush the foundation coat before the polish, it helps the gel polish to adhere well to the base coat foundation. The color on the nail is hot rod red; first coat needs to be applied thin and ugly; cap the free edge first. After curing it for 30 seconds in LED light, add another coat capping the free edge first and then applying neatly on the nail; cure for 30 seconds. Top it off with the topcoat gel polish and cure. Wipe the nail and add oil nourishment to the cuticle. This how to do gel nails video is for beginner manicurists, cosmetologists, beauty school students, nail salon manicurists, manicuring students; demo by Deana from Harmony Gelish, video by BeautyHealthTravel channel.
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