Testing Ohora Instant Gel Manicure Stickers

An at-home gel manicure involves a lot of time, products, and patience. Ohora wants to simplify the process with its gel-manicure stickers. Ohora is a nail company that makes semicured gel nail strips that work like stickers. You apply the strips to your nail, cut off the excess, and then cure the nail under a UV lamp. The stickers then harden for an instant gel manicure or pedicure.

Producer Nico Reyes tested the gel strips out for herself on her fingers and toes to see how easy the Ohora kit is to use and how long the strips actually last before chipping or peeling off.

Products in this video:
Ohora Semicured Gel in N Fairy Cake, $17
N Fairy Cake

Ohora Semicured Gel in P Newtro No.1, $14

Ohora Gel Lamp, $18
Gel Lamp

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Testing Ohora Instant Gel Manicure Stickers

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