Target Your Abs, Arms, Legs, and Butt With Ashley Graham’s 5-Day Fitness Challenge

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Five days, five workouts, all less than 10 minutes long: all we can say is thank you, Ashley Graham, for an A+ fitness challenge! The supermodel released a 10-minutes-a-day plan as a part of her YouTube series, “Thank Bod,” which is all about getting strong and creating an accessible fitness routine, no matter where you are in your journey. And Graham, who’s seven months postpartum, isn’t just sharing the workouts — she’s doing each one with us, filming from her garage at her family home in Nebraska.

Ahead, check out each of the five at-home workouts, created by Graham’s trainer Kira Stokes, NASM. The circuits target abs, arms, lower body, and full body, and don’t require any dumbbells, kettlebells, or machines. (Booty bands are optional in the last workout if you want a little more resistance.) The workouts are great, Graham’s personality and humor are on full display, and we’re sweating just watching. Throw on your workout clothes and let’s get to work!

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