Get Your Cape Ready For a 10-Move Superhero Ab Workout With Brie Larson

Weight Loss

Brie Larson is a real-life superhero (after all, she starred in Captain Marvel!), and she’s got the strength to prove it. In a new Blogilates video with founder and Pilates instructor Cassey Ho, Larson does a 10-by-10 ab workout — 10 reps of 10 different ab exercises — sans any equipment.

The moves are some of Ho’s favorite Pilates exercises: roll-up, double leg lift, V-up, star abs, single leg lift on the right and left side, corkscrew, rollover, alternating single-legged jack knife, and eagle crunch. A bonus is that you get to see Ho’s fluffball of a dog, George, interfere with the session (so if you’re trying to follow along, know that they take a few breaks when George comes into frame). You’ll also get to hear Larson and Ho talk about their go-to desserts, tacos (because, duh), and TV shows they’re loving to binge.

For more workouts featuring Larson, check out her full-body home routine led by trainer Jason Walsh. You don’t need weights for that session either. Now go get your workout on — it’ll fly by!

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