Echinacea already used against cold flu could also help against covid?


Finding the right Covid 19 remedy can be very important, and recent reports suggest that using Echinacea has the potential to help a lot against this virus. One thing to note about Echinacea is the fact that it’s already used as a remedy against the regular flu. A study published in the Virology Journal at the beginning of September 2019 suggests that the Echinacea herbal extract is able to kill coronaviruses, albeit this was a study focused on cell cultures and it wasn’t fully tested on humans, which is something to keep in mind.

Is Echinacea efficient against the coronavirus?

The study in question states that the coronavirus was inactivated when it was exposed to Echinacea. However, the cell-line pre-treatment didn’t inhibit the infection. Even the post-infection treatment had a very minor effect on the virus propagation. One thing to consider here is the fact that there are protective effects for the respiratory cell culture system. The way this works is it exposes the pre-treated epithelium to Covid droplets. This feels similar to a natural infection, but it does have its fair share of unique differences.

Simply put, we can see some virucidal activities, and they worked great in the case of MERS or SARS, different coronavirus variants. During the study, the SARS CoV 2 virus was inactivated, so the potential to help against this pandemic is there. Obviously, more large scale studies are needed if you want to eliminate any sign of the coronavirus, but the initial results are promising.

How can you use Echinacea against the common cold or the coronavirus?

It seems that the Echinacea extracts are the ones that can deliver some very good results. The idea is to fully understand what you are getting into and the value that you can receive. The payoff is incredible and the quality itself is among some of the best. One thing to note is that Echinacea can indeed eliminate many coronaviruses, included SARS CoV2. That being said, more studies are required to ensure that we have the right information and solutions.

In the end, Echinacea can be a great solution against the Coronavirus pandemic. It already works very well against the common flu, so it might even be a great solution for the current pandemic. More studies are taking place at this time, but the potential brought by Echinacea is impressive, and we will most likely see it being used against most if not all coronaviruses in the future.

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