Blast This 30-Minute Dua Lipa Workout Playlist During Your Next Sweaty Cardio Sesh

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We’re dubbing Dua Lipa the 2020 queen of retro workout tunes. Her stellar second studio album has inspired dance workouts, intense cardio routines, and even an ’80s-style “Physical” workout featuring Dua herself, with enough hip thrusters and leg kicks to make Jane Fonda proud. It only feels right to dedicate a full workout playlist to Dua’s greatest hits so far (cue “Physical” voice), don’t you agree?

Check out our energetic Dua Lipa workout playlist ahead, featuring all the cardio-ready tracks we can’t get enough of. Clocking in at exactly 30 minutes, it’s perfect for your next HIIT workout, morning run, or impromptu living room dance session. So come on, come on, come on — let’s get physical!

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